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I Feel It Slipping Through My Fingers

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This chapter gets very jumpy I'm afraid, but there is reasoning behind it. This chapter is dedicated to my best friend in the whole world, Chloe! Love you babe!!!

Within the hour, we were ushered out of Ashlee's hospital room, seeing as visiting hours were over, and they would only let Pete stay, seeing as he was her husband. They were reluctant at first, but after some eyelash batting from me, and a bit of smiling from all the celebs in the room, the nurses agreed through their swooning gestures that Pete could stay, as long as they could get everyones autographs. They even asked for mine and Chloe's.

Before we left - Patrick Chloe and I being the last ones - Pete pulled me into a side room to have a brotherly chat with me. This could only end badly, cause the last time we had a sibling talk like this, he was filling me in on the finer details of sex, including various positions. It scarred my memory and I was scared to have sex for a long while.

"Hey Axe, how are you doing?" He asked, concern laced into his voice as he pulled me close to his body.

"Fine." It came out sounding like I was lying, so Pete pressed the matter.

"You are nowhere near fine Axelle. This has to be hard for you," he continued, and I let the few stray tears that were building behind my eyes fall.

"I haven't seen her in so long," I sobbed, pulling Pete towards me and burying my head in his shirt as he rubbed soothing circles on my back. "I want to bring her back."

"Do you know where she is? Last thing I knew is that you said they were moving around a lot." I pulled away from Pete's chest, rubbing my eyes dry of all fallen and unshed tears, a smile beginning to form on my face.

"She's here in Boston, only five minutes away from the hotel. But I want you to come with me. I haven't told Patrick... or anyone else for that matter, and I think it'll be easier once I have her back in my arms. The last time I got to visit was a month ago, and I told them I wanted her back. They said it was okay, as long as I would take care of her, and send them e-mails and photos regarding her growth." Pete knew about my relationship with Patrick, but kept it a secret for the both of us. He told us he was happy for us, as long as we wouldn't get in the way of the band, and that Patty didn't break my heart.

"How about we go get her tomorrow morning, bright and early. Ash won't be awake til at least 10, and we can always have Andy or William stay with her and the twins while I come with you, and then in the afternoon, we'll meet in Ash's room, and you come clean to everyone. If you need help talking about it, I'll be there, but until then, I want you to tell them all on your own. How does that sound?"

"Perfect. Now I'm gonna go now, before Chloe or Patrick hunt me down from worry. Go be happy with Ashlee, and I'll meet you here with Andy and William at 8am, bearing in mind I can wake them," I left with a giggle, meeting up with Patrick and Chloe before heading to the hotel.


The next morning, as planned, William, Andy and I left for the hospital, arriving there just before 8am. We made our way to Ashlee's room, where she was out cold, and Pete was slipping on his vans. Andy and William left the room while Pete and I had a quick heart to heart, something I was greatful for.

"I see you dressed appropriately today," Pete smirked, giving me a once over.

"Yeah, well I thought I'd impress them by being a bit more normal, seeing as the last time I went, they couldn't work out who I was underneath all the black," I admitted with a blush. Pete just took my hand and led me to the car we came in, driving us to our destination.


By 11:30, we were in Ashlee's overcrowded hospital room, ready to tell everyone the biggest secret of my life, other than my relatioship with Patrick. I had my back turned to everyone, hiding my secret whilst trying to keep everyone away. Soon though, far too soon for my liking, everyone went quiet, finding a spot to sit or crouch down, leaving a wide space in front for the person to talk. Gabe had drawn all the blinds to the room, so we could have maximum privacy, and the twins were settled in their parents arms.

"I've been keeping a huge secret from everyone for two years now," I started, my back still towards my friends and family, tears starting to trickle down my paling cheeks.

"It started a few months into my Junior year at NYU, it's why I was really distant, and most of the reason for my change over the past few years from my bubbly self into this... gothic monstrosity before you." I was openly sobbing by this point, my breathing reduced to ragged gasps as I tried to hold my composure.

"Is everything okay Squirt?" Gabe asked me.

"I want you guys to meet someone," I said, turning round and letting them see the small bundle in my arms. "This is Niquole Emmi Wentz, my one year old daughter."
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