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This Is Real, This Is Me

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Everyone's face showed a look of complete and utter surprise.

"And the father doesn't even know she's his," I continued, the tears falling as I ran my finger down Niquole's soft, rosey cheek.

"Why did you keep this from me?" Patrick whispered, not caring that everyone was about to find out about our relationship.

"Did you really think that me saying 'yes Patrick, I'd love to go out with you, but I have to stay home and look after my daughter whose father is one of your best friends' would go down well?" I was almost screaming from frustration, until Pete stepped in.

"I was the only one other than her doctor and the nurses who knew that she was expecting. Oh and Mom, Dad, Hailey and Andrew know too. But that's it, and she had only just been able to tell them without anything major happening."

"We respect that you refrained from announcing anything to us, even though we feel like family to you. But please, can you answer me this one question? Who is the father?" Asked Ryan from his seat on the floor, picking his head up from Brendon's shoulder. I reached for the doorhandle, letting the door swing open as I stepped into the open doorway.

"He won't remember when, where or how it happened, let alone the fact that he impregnated me before touring pretty much non-stop for a year and a half. Niquole's father is William Beckett," I choked out before I left Ashlee's room, running away from all the people in there, heading for the one place no-one would think of finding me - the local garden show. Yes, somewhere in Boston, in the beginning of winter, someone was holding a garden show.


As soon as I reached the garden show, I found a building where water features were being held, and sat down with little Niquole in amongst the soothing music lifting from the water. By that time, my tears had dried and she was awake. I unwrapped her from her blanket, slipping it into the baby bag I had with me, hugging her tiny body close to mine. I felt her eyelids flutter against my bare neck, so I kissed the top of her dark brown curls before lifting her tiny shirt up and blowing a raspberry on her stomach. The sound of her giggling was music to my depressed ears.

Music's in my soul
I can hear it everyday, everynight
It's the one thing on my mind
Music's got control
And I'm never letting go, no no
I just want to play my music

"Hey Pete," I answered, trying to sound cheery so big brother didn't get worried. And yes, I have the Jonas Brother's as my ringtone for him - they are fantastic musicians, even better friends, and pretty damn hit if you don't mind me saying. But I had a feeling they wouldn't want to be friends with me now that the media would get a leak that Pete Wentz's youngest sister and his label mate William Beckett had a child together when she was in college and dating Patrick Stump.

"Hi yourself little missy. Where the hell are you?" He shouted down the phone. Niquole started crying from hearing his angry voice through the phone. I started rocking her in my arms, the phone wedged between my shoulder and neck, trying to calm her down.

"Look, please do not yell down the phone again; you made Niq cry. Was there a point to this phonecall? Cause I was actually having fun here."

"Well, I would like to know where you are so me and Patty can pick you up, take you back to Ashlee's room where the four of us can talk through this a little more. I promise no one else will be there, and if you want to keep everything said in the room confidential, we'll do that too."

"Okay," I sighed. "I'm at the Royal Boston Garden Show, come pick me up. I'll be waiting outside the water feature building."

Fifteen minutes later, Pete and Patty were waiting in the rental for me and Niquole. We took a seat in the back of the car, turning away so no-one could hear us, me starting to sing Niquole's favourite song.

"This is real, this is me, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, now. Gonna let the light, shine on me. Now I've found, who I am, There's no way to hold it in. No more hiding who I want to be. This is me"

By the time I finished the chorus to one of the cutest songs Disney has come up with, Niq was asleep and we were back at the hospital. I didn't want to move, because that meant I was getting closer to my impending doom, so I stayed frozen to the seat, Niquole tucked in among my arms. Pete came over to my door, opening it and taking my precious little girl from my arms, as Patrick unbuckled my seatbelt and lifted me into his. I promptly went on to sobbing into his chest as I was carried into the hospital, past all the staring patients and staff, and into Ashlee's private room, to be deposited gently on the spare bed and tucked into the starched, pristine white sheets that donned the crappy mattress.

"Get some sleep honey, you've had a long day," Patrick whispered, moving away from the bed. I quickly grasped his hand with the arm that was not holding onto Niquole.

"Please, don't leave me," I sobbed out, referring both to the present and the future. Patrick climbed down on the bed next to me, wrapping his arms around both me and my daughter.

"I will never leave you, no matter what skeletons may come out of your closet." I snuggled into his chest and Niq snuggled into mine, and promptly fell asleep.


When I was roughly awakened in the morning, I had trouble remembering where I was. The the distinct cry of Niquole entered my ears, and I jumped up, heading into the adjoining bathroom to bathe and change her, before sneaking up to the nurses station without anyone seeing me, getting a bottle of formula and heading back to the room. I found out I was woken by Patrick rolling over in his sleep, him laying directly where Niquole was sleeping peacefully. No wonder she was crying her little lungs out.

"Axelle, can I talk to you?" The sound of his voice whispering in my ear froze me to the spot.

"O...okay," I spoke with shakey breath, as William took my free hand and led me out of the hospital room, into the gardens surrounding the hospital. "What's up?"

"Look, I'm sorry for all that I put you through with impregnating you, especially while you were seeing Patrick. But you should have called me. I would have been there for you; helped you raise her." I looked into Williams eyes, and I could see the pain I had been causing him since my announcement.

"I'm sorry," I choked out, as a few stray tears fell down my cheeks, landing on Niquole's head with a slight /splash/. William lifted my chin up with his finger and thumb, letting me gaze deep into his eyes, deep into his soul.

"It's okay, I forgive you. Just please, let me be in her life now. There is nothing I want to do more than to raise my daughter." At the end of William's speech, I leaned in the short inch between us and kissed him with all my might. From the corner of my closed eye I saw a flash going off, but I thought nothing of it.
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