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The Truth Hurts

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A few days passed easily. Everyone was okay with me having a daughter, Patrick and I were... decent, and William and I forgot about our kiss at the hospital. We were all back in sunny Chicago to look after the newborns and to introduce Niquole to Mom, Dad, Hills and Andrew. They adored her upon first sight, and said they could see a lot of me in her.

Two weeks after the newborns came to Chicago, Chloe and I were hanging out in her room, flicking through random entertainment magazines, when she suddenly squealed.

"What's up Stumpy?"

"OMC, look at this!" She exclaimed, spreading out the newest issue of Ok! and flaunting it to me. Splattered across the double page spread were pictures of myself, Niquole and William, including the kiss at the hospital, an article depicting things as our affair, him being the father of my one-year-old baby, and me being with Patrick in secret.

"H-h-how d-did they..." I whispered out, the tears already flowing down my cheeks. I curled up in a small ball, hiding myself from Chloe as I cried out all my sorrows.

"Please come here, she's so upset, I don't know what to do. Please Pete, she's beginning to scare me. She's been crying for the past two hours, and won't even notice I'm here trying to help. Please come," I heard her beg into the phone. Have I really been crying for hours?"Thank you so much Pete."

Calling in Pete would be one of the most stupid things to do, because no-one could contain me when I was upset, least of all Pete. I had only found one person who had managed it, but when he found out about the latest thing to strike down the Wentz family, he would never talk to me. I'd be lucky to even have him pick up his phone. I've made more enemies of myself in the past three weeks back from school than I did in my entire life before hand. I was broken out of my internal monologue as my cell rang from inside my pocket.

"Hello?" I shakily breathed, forgetting to check caller I.D.

"X, I just read all the news, are you okay?"

"Why are you even talking to me? Surely you would hate me now!" I sobbed, surprised that my true friend was pulling through for me.

"I could never hate you, and don't call me 'Surely'!" I couldn't help but release a giggle into the phone. That line was a classic.

"Okay, I'll scratch that off the list of nicknames. So... I'm okay, I mean, considering... but I really need you here. Stumpy called Pete, and remember how that went down last time he 'saved' me?"

"It ended up with the four of us with bruises over our bodies, him with a nice black eye, and you threatening not to talk to him again. But tell me where you are now, and we'll be by as soon as we can." I rattled off the address to him, and he said they'd be no longer than twenty minutes... therefore should arrive here just before Pete, unless dear big brother broke speed laws... again. I sat up as Chloe looked on in confusion, wanting to know not only who I had talked to, but also thinking about the nickname quip.


Within five minutes, there was a buzz at the door; Chloe getting to answer it.

"Just tell X that the guys are here," was the reply, and she buzzed them in as she looked quizzically at me, a small smile gracing my lips. As soon as the butler let the boys into her bedroom, I ran over to them, pulling them into the biggest hug as my tears started up once more.

"Group hug!!!" The oldest said, causing the other four of us to giggle. As I pulled away from the comforting embraces, I could head a gasp be let out from behind me.

"You're the..."

"Jonas Brothers. Yep, that's us," Nick finished for her as I was pulled back into Joe's arms. Chloe suddenly launched herself at Nick and Kevin, without even thinking, and began showering them with praise and hugs and kisses.

"I approve of your friends Axe," she said once she was done with the brothers, ripping Joe from me and repeating the process with him. I just looked on in complete humor, loving every minute of my crazy friends interacting. Soon we were sitting in a circle on the floor of Chloe's room, Joe sitting with his back to the bed, me in between his legs with my back against his chest, his arms around me; Kevin was sitting against the dresser with Chloe pretty much in his lap, and Nick was laying down between us, my fingers running through his curly hair.

"So what was with the news article?" Nick asked, and I tensed.

"It's all true... well, most of it anyway. Yes, I do have a daughter... but she was the product of an encounter I do not want to relive. I couldn't end a life that had barely begun, so I kept her, and I'm so happy I did. The thing with William was a mistake, through and through. And yes, Patrick and I have been having a secret relationship for the past two years, but I have a feeling it's all going to be over soon. He's either going to break up with me over the whole William thing, or I am, because I'm no longer in love with him... because I've fallen for my best friend," I cried out, burying my face in my hands as the sobs wracked my body, tears flowing quickly down my cheeks.

"You are one fucked up kid," I heard coming from the doorway. My head snapped up and I saw the last person who needed to hear the words I just uttered - Pete.

"Don't you dare talk to me about what's fucked up, Mr. I intentionally OD'd on Ativan. My life has been a living misery, but you were always my sunshine, there to help me through the bad patches. But when those things happened to me, you laughed like the bastard you truly are. When I said I wanted to keep her, you tried talking me out of it. Hell, you were the one who wanted me to break up with Patrick after the first date. It was your entire fault that I ran away almost two years ago. You are far too controlling. That's when and why I met the guys. They helped me love myself again. Shit, they were the ones that saved me from jumping off the fucking bridge. They're the ones who convinced me that I am worth something to somebody, other than your band. They took me to get help. And I know who did it to me, I kept it secret from you, because it would only hurt in pain for Ashlee, but it was you. My so-called brother raped me almost two years ago, and beat me to a bloody pulp, impregnating me and leaving me on the streets to rot. I lied when I told everyone that Niq was his; not a complete false statement, we had slept together that month, but I had to lie to cover your ass. Well lets wait until the media gets ahold of this information. Can you imagine it, top article on Perez Hilton's website - "Pete Wentz rapes sister; baby girl born as a result" - how good does that sound? Thank you so much for ruining my life Pete, and I'm sorry I just ruined yours Ashlee," I replied, noticing the figure of the woman who I was closest to standing behind the monster who I used to call family.
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