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Have You Ever Had A Friend That Let You Down So

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Everyone looked on in silence as Ashlee made her way into the room, crouching down beside me and taking my hand in hers.

"I'm so sorry for what you've been through," she whispered as I broke down into tears again, Joe holding me closer to his body. She stood up and marched over to her husband, a scowl painting her otherwise beautiful features.

"How could you?! To your sister of all people, and while we were together. Did our relationship mean nothing to you?" Pete tried to answer, but Ashlee cut him off with the wave of her hand. "Wasn't I giving you enough? Hell, wasn't Patrick giving you enough?"

"You were sleeping with my boyfriend, after you screwed around with me and your wife? I cannot believe you Peter. Just as well I found out who my real parents are, so I can take myself out of the equation that is your fucked up life, and forget I ever loved you. Thank god I have someone who I can live with. At least Hayley won't try to rape me, and Joe and the other eight guys will keep you away from me," I screamed out, thoroughly outraged as I ran out the door and the Stump's house. I continued running until I got home, where I hurriedly packed a bag of vital things for both myself and Niquole, grabbing all my items that I could not live without, and whisking Niquole from her crib. I scribbled out a quick note to "Momma Wentz" and left, tears streaming down my cheeks as I held Niquole close to my chest. Once I reached the outskirts of Glenview, I pulled out my cell whilst sitting down on the sidewalk, Niquole now sleeping peacfully in my arms.

"H-Hayley, can you come get me?"

"Sure thing Axelle. Where are you honey? I'll send Josh to pick you up."

"I'm by Glenview Park, east side. The bro's are going to come later once they've done damage control with everyone... They'll never forgive me," I choked out, tears streaming again. I was surprised that I even had any left to shed.

"Okay, well Joshy will be about ten minutes, can you hold on?" Just to fill you in now so I remember, and it doesn't come as a huge shock later, Hayley and Josh of Paramore are dating, and he's planning to propose in a few days.

"Yeah, thanks Hayls." As I hung up the phone, I thought back to how much my life had changed over the past month. I returned to my family; I became FOB's new assistant/tour manager/ PR girl; I introduced all my closest friends to my daughter; Ashlee gave birth to her twins; I kissed William; I fought constantly with Patrick; the media caught wind of my catastrophic life; I told everyone about my real past and how Pete had influenced most of it; and I ran away from home, leaving the only family I ever knew, broken hearted and numb from the pain of my torment. I didn't even notice I was crying until I felt a pair of strong arms lift both myself and Niquole into an awaiting car, where a friendly arm was holding me close to a body, letting me soak their shirt with my tears. After a few minutes, and a persistent cry from Niquole, I removed myself from said persons body, and looked up to see Zac cradling me gently against his chest, Josh driving the SUV. I blushed at the almost intimate position, and slid to the far side of the backseat where I could... comfortably feed Niquole. I unbuttoned my shirt, turning my back to the guys, and coaxed her up to my breasts, where she greedily latched on and drank til her heart was content - Yes, she is over a year old and I breast feed her. I missed out on the intial opportunity and want to have as many motherhood experiences as possible.

When we reached our destination, Zac helped me into the huge house while Josh collected my bags, and I was instantly pulled into a hug by Hayley.

"I'm so glad you're safe. I cannot believe you stood up to him after all this time of knowing," Hayley gushed, stroking my head lightly. See, when I eralier mentioned that only two people other than direct family and medial personnel knew about Niquole, Hayley was the other one. She'd stuck by me during my harsh months of pregnancy, and through my teary nights after I gave my bundle of joy up.

We sat around chatting for what seemed like hours, when the door opened and in strutted five guys, all looking as bad as I did, but you could tell they were glad to be there.

"It's all sorted X. He won't bother you anymore," Joe said as he pulled me into a hug.

"What Pete did was wrong, especially when he involved Patrick. We had to tell him exactly what we thought, along with Ashlee," the afroed Joe spoke. Only then did I realise the other two guys made up one half of FOB.

"As of this day, Fall Out Boy no longer exist. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is getting divorced from her criminal husband, and Pete is going on trial. Patrick said he never wanted to see anyone that could bring up memories of the past seven years in the band, and Joe and I are now stuck without a job," Andy continued, and I felt genuinly sorry for their losses.

"You, my dear brothers, can join our band. We need a new drummer, and you can never have too many guitar players," Nick said, truly meaning that Andy and Joe were considered as brothers to the Jonas boys.

"So, what's going to happen next?" I whispered quietly from the arms of my Jonas Brother.

"That, my dear Axelle, is for us to decide as we go along," Zac, Kevin, Andy and Hayley said in perfect unison.

And that my dear readers, is the end of Like Only FOB Can. It took a different turn to what I wanted, but I still managed to get a funny fic out. I chose to stop it here, because it's now turning into a JB/Paramore fanfic, and thought that I could continue that in a separate plot line.

I hope you liked, and I didn't get you too confused with the plot.

Sorry I haven't been working on this too well, but I've been back at school, and it's been really hard, and I've been working on my other fanfics, one Camp Rock, one Gilmore Girls and one Twilight fic, which can be found now/soon at my account on

Thanks for reading guys, I really appreciate it.

xox Emmi
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