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Wait Another Week.

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Grace’s P.O.V

Its been a week since they took Bob, Ray, Frank and Matt away from Mikey and me. We can’t go no were or do nothing, we’re too scared of getting caught I don’t know what they look like so I have to stay with Mikey at all times.

I’m scared, I’m worried I have so many mixed emoticons now I don’t know what to think. What are they doing with them? What if I don’t see Bob again?
This is all my fault everything is, why am I such a failure in life? I finally find some people that I can reach out to and understand and for them to love me and they get took away.

So its just me and Mikey now.

“Grace! We Gotta Go Now!” Mikey shouted.

“Why? Whats Wrong?” I questioned.

“Nows Not A Time For Questions Grace We HAVE To Get Out OF Here!” Mikey had a petrified look on his face.

We luckily escaped from the secret bathroom escape which leads up onto the other side of the graveyard, we haven’t heard since of any of them. I’m getting worried for Mikey I don’t think he has drank in a long time and loosing his brother and now his friends I can’t bare to loose Mikey.
He getting very pale and quiet hes not strong enough and we both know it.

Our home for the past week has been just my house, it just not the same though.

“Mikey you need to drink” I pleaded

“Grace I can’t I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me” Mikey looked at me

“Mikey please! Its seriously okay!” I pleaded once more hoping he’d give in.

“Fine, but I do expect you to be in bed by the time I get back!” Mikey joked. Even though we knew that this was no time for joking.


"Night Grace" I heard a soft voice as I was falling asleep, Mikey must have came in.

No! don’t do this! You can’t! Why?! Please, please don’t hurt me no! Gerard save me! Please…Don’t let this happen you know it doesn’t have to happen you can stop this, why won’t you stop this? GERARD!

“Grace wake up! Grace!”

“Gerard…” I was sobbing

“Its okay its all just a dream, it was just a nightmare Shh” Mikey tried calming me down.

“It felt all to r-real, Mikey I d-don’t… It just didn’t feel like a dream it couldn’t have been, it was Bob on the ground with a guy standing over him stabbing him over and over again, there was blood everywhere. Frank was there, Ray was there, You were there…Gerard was there, he could help he just wouldn’t. Then they dragged me out into some wood it was dark and frosty and they were hurting me but Gerard was there again and he wouldn’t help! Why Mikey why wouldn’t he help?” I sobbed out again

“You see it too?”

“What do you mean?”

“Grace, I’ve been having these dreams too, maybe not like yours but there about Gee and I think, I think there for a reason I donno, it weird tonight when I went out well I went to see my dad”

“Your dad? But I thought that, you know what happen you wouldn’t see him again”

“You see that was my step-dad well apparently, not my real one anyway its just I don’t remember about all the beatings and stuff Gerard remembers most of it, I guess its normal that he would but you would think I would remember something, anything but I don’t”

“What? Mikey, your bound to remember something things like that don’t fade” I said finding it very strange.

“Well I don’t care anyway I’m the lucky one not to remember it”

“Mikey I’m just thinking, maybe Gerard imaged it all, I’m not saying on purpose maybe it was in his head”

“God…I’ve never thought of it like that, maybe it was, but why? Why would something as sick as that…why would he even think of that?” Mikey said

“Mikey Gerard was sick, in the head I mean, wait I mean he was…not right in the head I mean he committed suicide and now this, that’s bad maybe that’s why he did it. But it still doesn’t answer why I, we are having these dreams.”

“I donno Grace maybe they’ll go away in time all we need to worry about is getting the guys back, I don’t know how yet, but we will, now come on get some sleep” whispered Mikey.

Oh my God this couldn’t be it, I mean why would Gerard think like that what has these dreams got to do with anything? But them it all doesn’t make sense because when Mikey and Gerard turned vampire Mikey ran into the cemetery because Gerard told him to, but if it never happened then what did? And I thought my life was screwed up.

Ray’s P.O.V

“Ahh!” I couldn’t take this anymore.

“Ray just leave it we’re not getting out!” Bob said softly because it was round about the 50th time today he has said it

“They have to let us out sometime! They just can’t do this! Just because one normal person stayed with us, fucking twats!” I screamed
I am so fucking pissed at these people, Mikey and Grace got out thankfully they took us to the caves were they torture you, whip you and feed you less than 3 times a week.

I got put in a cell like thing alone because they said I was to aggressive, aggressive my ass. I have to get out of here and do something, among all 6 of us before Gerard passed I was the strongest physically and I guess mentally, Bob is a very strong guy he just doesn’t show it but its just I have a very short temper. There are 4 guards outside this ‘cell’ just to make sure I don’t do anything.

I heard some guards talking, they said about finding Mikey and Grace but mainly Mikey, I was confused they have the three of us so why do they want to hurt Mikey so bad?

“Your up next then Toro” Bob said through the space in the wall we have between our ‘Cells’. Bob was dragged out as Frank came back in, As Bob and Frank share a cell.

“Ray, dude I think they’ve found Mikey! I heard Corey talking about them saying when Mikey comes hes gonna have some sort of surprise waiting for him and that they need Grace for something I don’t get it though. Ray I need to tell you something…I think me and Grace are related last night in the kitchen we were talking and it just came that her mothers name is the same and look I don’t need to tell you details but I think shes my half sister” Frank finished before Bob came in.

This all makes no sense to me at all not, if Frank and Grace were related then, they would need Frank well that’s if they found out that they are related because I think that Grace means something to them, I have a strong feeling they won’t find Mikey and Grace anytime soon.


“So like do you guys enjoy torturing people?” Frank asked Shaun one of the guards.

“You know I don’t think that would bring fun into my life at anytime, in fact I would take it as a very disturbing job” said Frank picking at his nails

As I slowly walked out of my cell as the guards left it open when they were going to take me out, I had a plan that I would escape, Frank distracts them while I get out it isn’t a very good plan but I do plan to get out somehow.

I was running down the hall; “He Out! Corey hes out!” I heard Shaun shouting, “RUN RAY RUN! RUN LIKE A FAT BOY WHO LIKES HIS COOKIES!” I heard Frank sniggering.
I got out not so safely because my face felt like it was going to set me on fire it was burning like mad and I was coughing like a 3 year old trying to smoke.

Where would they go? I need to find them. I remember Grace telling me before where she lived but I have no idea if they’d go there, where was it…34 Harton Park or something of the other, ah wait! It was 44 Harton Park, I remember the key sitting on the kitchen table with the number on it.

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