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The side of my face collided with the little shards of glass while the cold corpse lay on the floor.

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Okay, so yeah, finally back, no lame excuses, 'cause last time I updated was October. Really, I just didn't want to write it anymore. This is a short preview, I need reviews on this to see if I should go with this start or a different one. There will be some serious editing going on with this story, with most chapters, some lines will have changed and I'm taking the last couple of lines out of the chapter before this. But I'm back and I will finish this story, soon. And it WILL get interesting. Thank you!

ATTENTION: I'm sorry, but to get this chapter a little bit more I suggest you read 'Interview With A Vampire' once more. I edited it alot. Infact, I edited all the 'EDITED' chapters. ALOT. So, please, if you would read them again. Thanks.

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Ray’s P.O.V
I instantly recognized the street; Harton Park. Why so familiar? I walked silently down the street until I reached the number forty-four. I stared at the house, Frank. The guy was right. This used to be Frank’s moms house. Well is Frank’s moms house. I leaped over Frank’s moms/Grace’s moms gate leading into the backyard, that way I can get into the house without looking weird and like I’m trying to break in. Now at the back door, I stare at it, concentrating hard, not blinking, until the glass shattered into pieces. I carefully put my hand through the half glass shattered door and put my hand inside and opened it. Gliding around the house until my sharp hearing heard very soft sounding snores.
I tip-toe up the stairs and went straight on to the middle bedroom. There I saw them, sleeping peacefully. I’m so glad they’re safe.

“Mikey” I thump him, “dude wake up!”
“Mhm, wham?” He mutters sleep fully.
“Get up now. Get dressed, ready. Now.” I growl.
“Grace!” I shake her softly while Mikey is shuffling around. Unlike Mikey, she responses humanly.
“Yes?” Her eyes flutter open. “You need to get ready, I need to get you two out of here” I urge.

“What is it? Why do we need to get out of here? We’re safe!” Grace shouted at me.
“You’ll find you both, somehow. They need Mikey, we’re not sure why yet. Now I have some friends who are may be willing to take you two in.” Not daring to tell Grace about her back door, I usher them out the door and onto the dark street.
“Here’s the plan; I get you two somewhere safe where they won’t find you, hopefully while the guys and I…”
“Hopefully don’t get killed?” Mikey interrupted.

Fumbling with Graces phone, trying to punch in Dougie’s phone number, he’ll help.
“Grace, your damn phone won’t work!” I screamed in frustration.

“Now, now Ray, no need to get angry” Joey sniggered.

“I…J-Joey?” I threw up a bit in my mouth.
“Need to watch your back more, never know who’s following you in this place” Joey said in his Australian accent.

“M-ikey, Ray, I-, run!” I heard Grace scream before Joey snags her up by her jacket.
“What the hell!? LET GO OF ME! YOU-” Grace shouts in anger.
“Fucking shut that bitch up!” Joey yelled, letting go of Grace. I see Grace clinging to Mikey, this can’t be good.
I suddenly felt dizzy and sick.
I could no longer keep my eyes open.

I rubbed my forehead as I stood up, damn it was sore. Looking around I saw…basically nothing. Everything was grey. Hard stone walls, from what I saw, no door, just walls. The cold floor, grey. A grey like clay, like stone. In the far corner of the room was a sink, and a toilet, like the type you see in a jail cell.
The grey room, I’ve heard of it. it’s where they put vamps in when they don’t exactly see eye-to-eye with Sconall. I stared at the walls, narrowing my eyes. Concentrate. Nothing happened. I couldn’t do any damage to the walls. Well hell, was my last thought before I welcomed the darkness.

Frank’s P.O.V
The side of my face collided with the little shards of glass while the cold corpse lay on the floor.
My mother screams as Shaun forced the gun into her mouth.

I try desperately to force the gun out of his hand with my mind but Craig was on the other side of me whispering into my ear and I couldn’t concentrate. The sweat is dripping from my forehead as I wriggle about on the chair with my hands chained behind my back. I look over at Grace, she’s crying and shaking. I try to shake Craig’s words out of my head and concentrate on the gun, but I couldn’t.

“Frank, Grace, you wanna save your mom?” Shaun laughed. “This slut doesn’t know-”
The handgun began to shake. “Craig do something he’s controlling it with his mind!” Shaun shouted.
I tried to get it out of his hand, it didn’t work. The sound of the gun went off and Grace and I’s mother fell to the fall, dead. I cried. I felt someone fiddle with the chains behind me and then they loosened and fell. I saw Grace try to stand up. I lifted the gun with my mind, out of anger I threw it against the window and it smashed. Shaun and Craig started to scream words at each other and Craig threw me onto the floor. They quickly ran out of the small cottage and disappeared.

I rose from the floor and looked around, patting the side of my face to make sure I wasn’t bleeding badly.
Grace stared at our mom, then continued to weep beside her.
“We’ll have to burn her” I told her, dusting myself off.
Grace stared at me in disbelief, “B-burn her? What - what just happened, no, no, no, no, Frank, what?” Grace half screamed and sobbed. It must have been from the shock of what just happened. I haven’t been in these situations before, but I knew days like this would come.

“Grace, they’re playing with our heads, that’s why, well, our mother didn’t deserve this, that is all they’re doing, punishing. Fucking with our heads, trying to get to us. Remember that” I said coldly, I wanted to burst into tears and scream. I wanted to rip the heads of Craig and Shaun, I wanted everything to be normal again, I didn’t want to act as cold as I had, I just have to. Because that is all they are doing, playing trick with our minds, trying to destroy us. Yet I had no fucking idea what actually was going on. Great Frank, just peachy.
I’ve heard things like this have before, it happens a lot down here. Humans just don’t know it, they aren’t the only ones fighting. I looked around the little cottage they dumped us in. It has beds, food, Tvs, it has all the normal things a person would need. An open fire in the room we were in, a wooden table with a TV, chairs and two beds. The three other rooms looked a bit similar. The ceilings were high and on the outside most of it was blocked by trees. How cliché this all seems.
They’re making it seem normal, like everything is all right, as I said before, playing with our heads.
You’re can’t even understand half of the things you’re saying.
I can pretend, can’t I.
What happens when the times come when you can’t pretend, hide yourself? What is going to happen then?
Shut up.
I ended the quarrel I was having with myself inside my head.
I know something’s not right. I want to know if Ray, Mikey and Bob is okay. What is happening to them? I sighed and turned back to the horrible reality I had to face.

Grace’s P.O.V
I cried, my mother’s dead. Dead. I can’t take this all in, I - no, I don’t understand. I don’t understand anything at this moment.
I followed Frank out of the house and up to the field at the back of the house. He carried my mother as I refused to help carry her. I couldn’t. ‘We’ll have to burn her’ Frank told me. I decided not to ask why, as I already have a clue. They’re vampires, they could bring her back as a vampire, couldn’t they? Carrying the supplies we needed, walked up to Frank’s side as he began to prepare to cremate her. Everyone has to die, this is her death, maybe not the funeral she would have wanted, but she’s getting cremated, that’s all. She’ll go to heaven, or hell, or wherever you go when you die. I smiled to myself, as I saw the flames burn her, she’ll be safe, she will be okay. Then again, I didn’t know whether to cry or smile.
The flames began to subside, as they reached the soil around the body so they wouldn’t burn on.

I have no idea where Mikey is, or Ray and Bob. Would he hate me now? I got them all into this mess, I began to smile, I felt happy. Everything feels amazing. What is happening to me?
I shook my head and nipped myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, as stupid as that was. I remember feeling sick and dizzy and then blacking out before I was brought here. One minute I was hanging onto Mikey, then I woke up on a chair, with my hands chained behind me. Then all this. I looked up at the dark sky, seeing all the stars. You don’t get to see them like this in the city.

“Ireland” Frank stated.
“What?” I asked.
“We’re in Ireland” Frank said bluntly. He’s lost his mind.
I scoffed, “you must think this is hilarious don’t you! I loose my mother and now you’re trying to - to…hurt me even more by saying that! How do I know you’re not the one fucking with my mind!”
“If you haven’t forgotten, she was my mother too! I think you need to take it in that she is dead. Dead. I’m not trying to god damn hurt you! I’m not fucking with your mind! I’m trying to help you Grace, you could have been dead by now, they could have killed you when they wanted, I heard them, when you were unconscious. What do you think I was doing, painting my nails and making daisy bracelets?! How do you think you got here?! They took me away from Bob and Ray, they couldn’t do anything to my mind, I can block them out. I pretended to fall unconscious. Vampires we may be, but we can't run across the ocean. They shoved us into the back of a van, I heard them talking, quietly. But our hearing is sharp, I heard them say something about Ireland, but I thought ‘no way, they’d never bring us there’. But once they carried us out of the van, I knew. I knew.” Frank bellowed. I looked at his eyes, his nostrils flaring and eyes wide. He began to throw his arms around.
Surely, they wouldn’t bring us here. Ireland, I’m home. I felt like fainting, my mind couldn’t process any of this.

Frank’s P.O.V
They’ve separated us, they went to far this time. I don’t understand. What is happening? Why would they mess our minds up so much like this. It’s working.
There has to be a catch somewhere, there’s so much freedom. We could go back.

Sitting on the chair in front of the lit fire while Grace was sleeping, I tried to work it all out. Everything feels so humble and normal, yet creepy. It looks like I won’t be getting any sleep for as long as we stay here. I can’t let anything happen to Grace, even if it does look like she has lost her mind. Wait. Lost her mind, that’s it!

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