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Chapter 38

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I sat on my luggage and tried to zip the luggage shut. "Fuck you, you whore!" I mumbled and jumped on it to pressure my belongings down so it can be zipped close.

After 5 minutes of trying I gave up. I just slumped on my luggage and stared into space. I wondered for a moment as to why my belongings didn't fit into the luggage then I remembered that I stuffed every shit into it so that was probably the reason.

"Mary help!!" Dylan ran into my room in an instance which totally got me falling off the luggage.

"What?" I yelled and I stumbled up.

He ran behind me when we heard running footsteps. "They're trying to rip our plane tickets apart!" he squealed.

I rolled my eyes. "Be a man."

Frank, Bob, Mikey and Ray ran into my room and tried to grab Dylan's tickets.

Frank kept giggling and laughing.

I knew they were just having plain fun, they wouldn't actually rip Dylan's tickets.

I laughed and tried to shield Dylan, "You will never touch the damn tickets!"

"Oh yes we will!"

I laughed and jumped on Frank who started spinning me around.

Ray then abruptly grabbed the tickets off Dylan and started jumping around. "I got the tickets, now you can't go!!"

We all stopped moving when Gerard walked into the room with his dull lit face.

He grabbed the tickets out of Ray's hands and gave it to Dylan. He turned on his heels, "They want to go home, they don't belong here," and with that he exited the room.

"What the fuck?" Bob frowned, "What the fuck is his problem?"

I suddenly felt guity...

Hey dudes.
Sorry for the serious shortness, I'm in the middle of my exams.
Can't wait til Nov 6 I'm free! No school! No exams! Hahahhahahahha
Anyways I feel really claustrophobic and controlled atm.
I mean for my 3 week exams mum told me to stay at dads for the weekdays and so I can come back home on the weekends.
And now she doesn't want me back home and I'm fucking tortured here at dads...
I'm in the urge of just running away or something.
Blah blah

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