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Chapter 008: Way Too Fast

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Chapter 008

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"Learning to Trust"



Chapter 008: Way Too Fast

"Oh my gosh its HUGE!"

"Tell me about it!"

Lane was showing Mina her engagement ring, which Gerard had given her in the early hours of the New Year. The days after Christmas Eve were spent vegged out in front of the tube or doing lethargic activities such as tea parties for the boys and video games for the girls. But New Year's Eve was spent dolled up and full of surprises for Lane as Mina and Frank were back onto their "sneaking around" routine. Not that anyone knew... well except for Lane... and Gerard.

"That's love." Mina sighed, giving Lane a hug as they had coffee in the kitchen, New Year's Day.

The dark haired woman grinned as she replied, "What about you and Frank, what's that?"

Mina shrugged, "...Its love, like completely meaningful love. Just not as much commitment as yours, yet."

"Sis, " Lane began, using her nickname for Mina, "You've got a great guy. If Frankie gets his way, you guys will be 'committed' like Gee and me soon enough."

"That's what I'm kinda worried about. Do you think Frankie and I are moving too fast?" she asked.

Lane took a sip of her coffee before saying anything, "Nope and I'm not saying this 'cause I like you. But I can see it, you two are gonna go far. I've never been wrong about relationships, you'll see." She gave Mine one of her patented mysterious smile before dragging her off to Bob's afternoon tea.

The rest of Mina's holidays passed like a brief breeze and soon she found herself back in her dorm at NYU once more. Only a month and a half back into school, she found herself sick, with the flu, more than likely.

'Note to self; no more late night cram sessions.' Mina thought to herself as she worshiped the porcelain God late one night. She padded back to bed with some medicine in her system, for some more sleep.

But it felt as though she did not even get a wink of it as she was up with the sun, clutching her stomach on the bathroom floor.

'Ugh... Saturday, good no school.' She mused as coherently as possible in her current state, 'This is definitely a nasty flu, doctor time.'

With that, she managed to make it out of the dorms in one piece an hour later, for her immediate appointment.


"...So you've been regular on your menstruation?" inquired her female gynecologist, marking various thing on her chart.

"Yes, except for this month, I'm a little late." Mina responded fidgeting in the thin dressing down provided. "But its probably because of this huh?"

The doctor observed Mina over her spectacles and nodded, "It could be a number of things, but I'll just get your urine results to make sure." She left the room, allowing Mina time to think a bit.

'I hate being sick, grr. This stinks, now she'll probably restrict me from studying.' But her thoughts were interrupted with Dr. Schultz entering the room, a smile on her face.

"So, what antibiotics will I be needing?" Mina asked, as a soft wave of nausea washed over her.

"Antibiotics? Oh no, hun, you'll be needing some pre-natal supplements and preggie pops-"

"WHAT?!" Mina practically howled. 'This must mean...'

"Mina, you're pregnant."

And somehow, her breakfast ended up on the floor.
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