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Chapter 007: I Wanna Be Together

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Chapter 007

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Chapter 007: I Wanna Be Together

Early December

My Chemical Romance was now winding down their Asia Tour while The Used stormed the stages of Europe. Mina, however, stayed stationary at NYU except the two days she'd spent Thanksgiving break with her cousin. And even though our little couple parted in August, and haven't seen each other since, they've been staying strong with cutesie voice mails and daily text messages.

"I looooove yoouuu." Frank bubbled into his cell phone, hearing his girlfriend giggle at those words.

"I love you moooore!" Mina replied, trying to Trump him.

"Nooooo, I love yoooouuuu more!" Frank continued to express his feelings, much to his hotel room mate's displeasure.

'Okay... I love you from here to... INFINITY!" Mina crowed, knowing she'd won the 'love you' match.

"Fine. But I miss you from here to infinity." laughed Frank into his cell, taking the 'miss you' trophy for himself.

"If I hear one more Tristan and Isolde, I will break your cell phone!" Ray yelled from his bed.

"Ah you're just jealous 'cause I'm loved and you're not." Frank teased, yet moved a safe distance away from the fiery ball of hair to carry on with his conversation, "So, whatcha wearin'?"

"Frank Iero, I will not reply to that." Mina replied, very serious.

"Oh come on, its an innocent question Just so I can imagine what you look like right now. Gosh my brain is not in the gutter... most of the time."

Mina scoffed yet assented to answer, believing fully that what she was currently studying in would drive Frank completely out of any gutter, "I'm lounging around in the dorm in some sweat pants a shirt." and thought to herself, 'So un-sexy.'

There was silence on the line and Mina thought that Frank had actually hung up on her. Then, out of no where, came a funny sputtering sound.

"What wrong with you? Its just sweat pants." she said matter-of-factly, waiting for Frank to cease his cackling.

"If you don't want this conversation to get dirty, never mention sweat or pants in the same sentence ever again." Frank gasped still trying to hold in his mirth. "It's just too damn kinky for me."

Mina shook her head even though she could help but laugh along at this revelation, "You get turned on by sweats?"

"You have no idea." Frank replied, smirking as he continued, "But enough about what makes me tick. I'm counting the days until I come back for Christmas!"

At this Mina smiled, being that Christmas meant that she would be seeing her boyfriend again. Both bands had agreed to spend the holidays in Jersey at My Chem's large 'band home.'

"Me too. You realize that we've been together for nearly six months and we've only seen each other for a little over a month?" She wondered aloud.

"Its weird how that works out. But, you understand right?"

"Of course, Bert and the boys were almost never home. It comes with the business, I guess."

Soon after, they spoke of other things and said a few more "I love you"s before hanging up.

Frank turned to find Ray putting on his coat and getting ready to set out.

"Where are you going?" Frank asked cautiously, know all too well where his friend was heading.

"Geisha hunting." Ray shrugged, trying to make it out the door that Frank was guarding, "Because, unlike you, I appreciate Asian women."

"You do much more than appreciate them, Ray."

"Hey, its not my fault I like chinky eyes!"


Christmas Eve Morning brought Mina, Bert, Jepha, Quinn, and Branden to the My Chem's doorstep.

"Welcome to our humble abode!" Bob greeted them as he took Mina's bags.

"Its so--", but what it was, Bob never found out as an unfamiliar woman came running in, shrieking Mina's name.
"OH MAH GAWD, MINAAAA!." she was definitely very goth-like, with long black hair, pale skin, and dark eye make up. The unnamed female pounced a very preppy dressed Mina excitedly. "You are too cute for words!" She continued to gush over the young blonde's features before Gerard pulled her away.

"Jesus, Lanie, you scared the crap outta her!" he said faux reprimandingly as an amused expression took over his face. "Sorry, Mina, this is my hyper girlfriend, Lane."

"Its okay, um hi!", she said, though she still looked quite shell shocked.

"Frankie's told me so much about you!" Lane continued to bounce in place as the men dispersed to the kitchen. "He even showed me some pictures but you look even more adorable in person!"

"Thank you, you're very pretty too." Mina replied graciously.

"No way. But thanks, c'mon I'll show you to your room. Frankie just went out to pick up some stuff with Mikey, they'll be back soon." She said, reading Mina's questioning look correctly.

Lane dragged Mina up the stairs to the second floor, "I'm rooming with Gerard right next door, so you two better keep your Sex Olympics to a minimum." she joked.

"Um, Frank and I haven't... you know..." Mina blushed under Lane's stare.

"What? Oh, OOOOHHHH." the older girl nodded slowly, realizing what the other meant. "In that case, d'you wanna have a separate room from him? We have an extra."

"If its not a bother, sure." Mina said, breathing easily once more as Lane led her into a comfortable guest room.

"For some reason Mikey always insists on rooming with Quinn even though we have enough rooms." Lane mused as Mina unpacked her things into the closet and drawers, "Those two are pretty suspicious if you ask me."

"The same thing happened when they were at my house over the summer." Mina added to the discussion quietly.

"Hmm, lessee then, if both of them are bi and they like to room together,"Lane wiggled her eye brows suggestively at Mina then concluded, "They're having hot, wild, man sex."

Mina laughed in agreement, "Maybe they'll finally tell us soon." Lane sat on the bed, with Mina still putting away various items in the bathroom, she spoke up, "Can I ask why?"

"Why what?" Mina padded out of the towards the bed and sat opposite of Lane.

"Why you and Frank aren't spanking the monkey yet, I mean you guys have been together since late June right?"

The blonde wrung her hands nervously, she never expected for this to come up so bluntly, "Well, um, he's been away and I've been at school before we even hit two months."

"I get it." Lane winked, "Might hop to it tonight, huh?"

"Not--", Mina began before a knock on the door interrupted them.

"Mina, are you hiding from me?", Frank's voice floated through the wood.

Forgetting what was being discussed, she threw open the door and launched herself into her boyfriend's arms.

Mina squealed as Frank hugged her back, wrapped in an impromptu kiss.

"Hello, yeah, still here!" Lane called waving at them, but left as she saw they weren't listening.


The day's events consisted of cooking and eating Christmas Eve Dinner with many pairs passing under the mistletoe resulting in a new route to the kitchen.

"Alrighty kids! Time for bed!" Ray stretched as he helped up a tired looking Branden.

"Yeah! Santa's coming tonight!" cheered Jepha.

"Aren't you a little too old for that, Jeph?" Bob said, making the tattooed man blow a raspberry at him.

"No one's too old for Santa." Frank countered as he and Mina placed cookies and milk in front of the fire for Saint Nick.

The group trooped up the stairs chatting amicably about the holiday and bid each other goodnight as they all disappeared into their respective rooms. Mina intentionally lingered in the back with Frank so as to have a word with him.

"Well, this really is a merry Christmas huh? All of under the same roof?" Frank said smiling at down at Mina who nodded.

"Frankie, would it be ok if I could spend the night with you?" she blurted out the words she had been mulling over the whole day.

Frank's eyes widened in the dim hall light, "Like a sleep over or..?" He trailed off, seeing the fire in Mina's eyes, knowing what she meant. "What about Bert? I don't think he'd like this."
"He can say what he wants to, but right now, I don't care about that." Mina said earnestly, placing all of her trust in Frank's hands. "Because, I love you."

"I love you too." he replied and with that they, too, left the hall for Frank's room.

Come one baby we ain't gonna live forever,
Let me show you all the things that we could do.
You know I wanna be together
I wanna spend the night with you, with you.
Come with me tonight,
We could make the night last forever.

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