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rated for language.

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I promised juicy drama, you have no idea! Sometimes I eve impress myself.

Katie woke up with a jackhammer pounding away inside her skull. She opened her eyes, but the light hurt too much, and she squeezed them closed. She tried to bring her hand up to rub her forehead, but it got stuck on something. She looked down to see the ring that had been around her neck was on her finger, and the chain was all tangled around her arm and the bedpost. “That’s weird.” She mumbled to herself, unwrapping it and clasping it around her neck. She peeked under the blankets to see that her clothes were missing. “How much did I drink last night?” This wasn’t her hotel room, but it looked oddly familiar. She froze, her eyes widening as there was a groan from the opposite side of the king sized bed. ‘Please don’t be who I think you are.’ She thought to herself, craning her neck over the mountain of pillows and blankets.
“Morning.” Gabe yawned. Katie ducked back on her side and hid her face.
“Fuck. Please tell me you’re wearing pants.” He lifted the blanket.
“Nope…hey, you’re not either!” He smirked.
“Do you remember what happened last night?” She pulled the sheet with her, shuffling across the room to retrieve her dress that was lying crumpled on the floor, pulling it over her head.
“No, but I have a wicked hangover.” Gabe rolled over, going back to sleep.
“How are you so calm about…oh shit!” She rushed over to the bed. “Wake up.” She smacked him in the back of the head.
“What?” He whined.
“Look at this.” She handed him two pieces of paper. One was an official looking document with two very sloppy signatures on the bottom, and the other was a photo of the two of them and a guy dressed as Elvis in front of a wall covered in very tacky fake flowers in the shape of a heart. Katie and Gabe were attached to each other in a very sloppy, very inappropriate kiss.
“What did we do last night?” She looked at him sternly.
“I don’t remember, maybe we were goofing off.” He rubbed his hand across his face.
“Oh my god!” She shrieked, pointing at his hand, and the ring that was on it. “Oh my god, oh my god!”
“Fuck. It’s probably a fake marriage.”
“Didn’t you see the Cameron Diaz movie? Do you not remember Britney Spears?! It’s not fake. What are we going to do?”
“Oh, shit.”
“My dad’s going to freak out.”
“He’s going to freak out? I’M going to freak out.” Gabe gasped.
“We have to get it undone.”
“We have to fix this.” Gabe jumped out of bed. “First put clothes on, then fix it.” He ran into the bathroom.
“I have to call my dad.” Katie rushed out of the room.

Katie scrolled through her phone’s contact list with shaking fingers. Pacing the room, she pressed a few buttons and waited for it to ring. “Katie! Sweetheart, we miss you.” Her father picked up on the first ring. His voice sounded crackly and far away.
“Hi, Daddy. Where are you guys now?”
“We’ve just left Greece yesterday, and we’re on our way to Turkey. Can you hear me alright, there’s horrible reception on the boat.”
“I can hear you fine. I need your help with something.” She bit her nails, nervously.
“You’re not in trouble, are you?”
“Um…you could say that.”
“Did you get arrested again?”
“I never officially got arrested the last time.”
“Should I call the lawyer?”
“Well, I don’t know.”
“What do you mean?” He sounded concerned.
“Well.” She paused, trying to think of the best way to phrase what she had to say. “You like Gabe, don’t you?”
“Of course, he’s one of your best friends. Why?”
“The thing is, I think we might have accidentally got married last night.” There was silence on the other end of the line. “Are you still there?”
“Are you pregnant?”
“NO! Daddy!”
“Because you don’t HAVE to get married. Your mother and I will support you.”
“No. We’re in Vegas, and we got really drunk, and neither of us even remember what happened, so it might be nothing. But we woke up this morning and we had rings and pictures and a marriage certificate.”
“Is it a legal marriage?”
“I don’t know. It was Elvis.” She started tearing up. “I don’t know what to do. Is there any way to cancel it? These things should be able to be taken back.”
“I’ll call the family lawyers and see what you need to do. Were your TV cameras with you?”
“No, I ditched them in New York.”
“Good. Don’t mention anything about it around them. You don’t want this hitting the media. We’ll fix it, Sweetie.”
“Thank you, Daddy.”

Katie jumped at the sudden pounding on the door. She shut the water off in the shower and climbed out, wrapping a towel around herself. She’d spent the past 20 minutes scrubbing any traces of last night off of her. She looked out the peephole to see Gabe pacing the hallway, running his hands through his hair. She opened the door and he pushed his way through.
“Shit! Shit, shit, shit.” He flitted nervously through the room, finally collapsing on the bed. “This is a disaster.”
“Can I get dressed before we start this?”
“If you think it’ll make it go better.” He smirked.
“Don’t look at me like that.” She tightened her grip on the towel.
“Like what?”
“Like you’ve seen me naked.”
“But I did…an hour ago.” She shook her head and retreated into the bathroom.
“You’re really not helping.” She called around the corner. She came out in skinny jeans and a Glamour Kills tee shirt, wringing the water out of her hair. “What did you find out?” She twisted her hair up in a messy bun to keep the back of her shirt dry.
“Well I went and found the chapel. They remembered me, apparently we were very…touchy-feely, is how they put it.” He cleared his throat, stalling for time. “I talked to Elvis. The paperwork has already been filed with the city. You’re Mrs. Saporta.”
“Don’t call me that.”
“The only way to get out of this is to get a divorce.”
“How long will that take?” Katie’s eyes widened.
“If we wanted to pay a whole lot extra, we could make it a high priority, and speed it up. But that would also draw a lot of attention. If we want to stay under the radar, it’ll take a few weeks.”
“How many is a few?”
“Two months. I got the papers, you just have to sign here.” He handed her a stapled packet and a pen.
“Fuck. And I have to go home and act like nothing’s happened on TV.”
“What about me? I have to go play shows every night.” Gabe raised his eyebrows. “The fans will ask about you. They always do, especially now that you have your show.”
“Just pretend that everything’s fine. Forget about it. Two months will go by before you know it.”
“When does your flight leave?”
“Three hours, I’ll call you when I get home. I have to start packing.”
“Yeah, me too. Come say goodbye before you leave.” He stood up, giving her a quick hug.

Gabe checked his phone again as he walked through the airport, heading to the terminal where he would get on a plane, that would take him to L.A., where he would get on a bus to start the tour. “Dude, relax. We’re not that late.” Ryland clapped him on the shoulder.
“Katie said she’d call last night when she got in.” Gabe’s eyebrows wrinkled. “What if something happened?”
“She probably forgot. Or her battery died.” Victoria shrugged.
“She never forgets. And she’s not answering.”
“Maybe she lost her phone. I do it all the time.” Nate said. Just as they sat down in the airport lounge, Gabe’s phone rang. He snatched it up, before he first ring even ended.
“Hello? Katie, is that you?”
“Um…Gabe?” A quiet voice crackled down the line. It sounded far away.
“Kay? Where are you?”
“No, actually it’s Dylan.”
“Oh, um hi.” He scratched the back of his neck. “Is everything alright?”
“I don’t know. I don’t think so.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Have you heard from Katie?”
“Not since yesterday. She was supposed to call me when her plane landed, but she’s not picking up.”
“Oh. That’s not good.”
“Why? What happened?”
“Well, she never showed up for her taping this morning, and no one’s heard from her. There’s no answer at the apartment.”
“Did she get off the plane?”
“Yeah. The driver took her home, and watched her go in the building. That’s the last anyone’s seen of her. Your neighbors said there were no sounds coming from the apartment when they knocked on the door. They don’t think anyone’s home. I don’t know if I should call the cops.” Gabe nervously glanced down at his messenger bag. There was a piece of paper sticking out of the front pocket. He pulled it out and unfolded it. Some greasy businessman walked in to him when he was getting off the elevator and dropped a folder full of papers. Maybe one of them got caught in his bag.
“Oh, shit. You should definitely call the cops. Now.” He hung up, re-reading the typed note.


“Guys, postpone the tour. I have to go home.” Gabe jumped out of his seat. Suddenly he remembered the creep that had been harassing her in the club, he looked an awful lot like the guy that knocked into him that morning.
“What are you talking about?” Alex looked at him like he was crazy. “It starts tomorrow.”
“Katie’s gone.” He held up the note.

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