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Worm and Charli watch the show the guy's have been getting ready for

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One gas station stop, two smoke breaks and five dirty nappies later they had arrived at the venue. Frank was still sworn to silence and Charli was annoying the hell out of him, Gerard said she could have some sweets if she 'made Uncle Frank talk' and he was close to breaking point.

Once the van had been unloaded the guys were given the keys to their bus so they could go and relax for a while before the show.

"Fwank, Fwank" Charli called as she toddled along to his bunk. He quickly dived in and pretended to be sleeping. Charli may have been young, but she wasn't stupid. She climbed up into his bunk and sat on his stomach.

"Rawrrrr!" she said as she pretended to claw at his hair and arms. He tried his hardest not to move, but couldn't help it when Charli started tickling him and poking her fingers in his eyes. He grinned and wrapped her up in his blanket and carried her out into the living room. He placed her on the sofa on Mikey's knee and bolted back down to his bunk, locking the door behind him. Charli ran down, shaking off the blanket and was banging on the door, trying to unlock it. she was determined to get those sweets.

"It's no use sweety, Uncle Frank wont come out for a while" said Mikey, laughing at her attempt.

"Me will make him speak" she said, wagging her finger at the locked door. Mikey just laughed and turned on the TV.


A little later on Gerard was making Charli some quick food as she was playing with her toys. He called her over when he was done and she ran over to him at the table.

"Hey guys, only me" said Worm as he stepped onto the bus. He tried to avoid Charli's toys but tripped on her my little pony doll and fell onto the floor.

"Fuck...I mean...gumballs?" he said as he corrected his cussing.

"Sorry man" said Gerard as he picked up Charli's toys, "There lethal these things" he said, putting them in the box.

Charli was watching the two men carefully as she ate her dinner, Gerard noticred this and thought she was glaring at them

"Charli, you okay?"

She snapped her head up and smiled, "Yes daddy" she said as she went back to her dinner


The guys were starting to get ready for the show they had and Frank peeked his head around the door, making sure the coast was clear. He saw nobody was in the living room so he quickly darted out to grab his socks when he noticed Charli sitting under the table, playing with something. He went over to the radiator and saw it was empty. Bending down to look under the table he saw Charli and her 'puppets' which were actually his socks. He reached out to grab them and she pulled them away. He sighed and yanked her out from under the table and started to tickle her till she dropped the socks. He grabbed them and she tugged his trouser leg as he was about to walk away. Bending down to her level he nodded for her to carry on.

"Shitter" she giggled as she blew a rasperry in his face and ran behind the couch. Frank shook his head and wagged his finger at her, trying to be stern without slipping up and talking but Charli just laughed even louder.


"Okay lets go" said Gerard as the were all ready to head off the bus and onto the stage.

"C'mon Charli" he said

She shook her head and ran over to Bob, placing her hand in his. He smiled down at her and picked her up onto his shoulders.

"Let's go squirt"

She played with his hair the whole walk there and by the time they were ready to go on stage he looked like he had been dragged through a thorn bush backwards.

"Thanks squirt" he joked as he passed her over to Worm and attempted to flatten his hair.

"See you soon baby" Gerard said as he kissed Charli and ran out onto the stage.

She and Worm were standing at the side watching the show. Worm smiled as he saw how much Charli was watching Gerard parade around on stage. He knew she was so amazed by her dad, and loved him very much. And of course vice versa.

They were watching when a guitar tech wandered over and stood next to them.

"Gerard's really on form tonight" she said to Worm, who nodded his head towards Charli.

"Cause he has her with him"

Charli noticed the woman watching the band on stage and she tapped her on the shoulder. the woman turned to her and smiled, "Yes sweety?"

Charli pointed to Gerard out on the stage, "That's my daddy" she beamed.

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