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Gerard gets interviewed and Jade makes a decision

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After the band had finished the last song, they all headed backstage. Charli wriggled down out of Worm's grip and toddled towards the five sweaty men.

"Not so fast little monster" said Ray as he scooped her up. Gerard had been stopped with an interview for NME so Ray carried Charli over towards the sofa's when she threw her teddy bear on the floor over his shoulder. He put her down to go pick it up when she turned and ran over to Gerard who was still being interviewed. He picked her up and looked at the interviewer, encouraging her to continue. She lost interest in the previous question and turned her attention to the little girl Gerard was holding.

"So this is the infamous Charli way?" she asked, "I didn't realise she was on tour with you, does her mom not mind?"

Gerard didn't want to slate Jade in front of Charli so he just said, "Me and the guy's are the only family Charli needs, and my mom of course."

Charli was getting fidegty so Ray came over and took her back stage and let Gerard finish the live interview.

"Before I forget would you please remind the viewers of the up coming event on friday" she said pointing towards the camera. Gerard nodded and faced it.

"As you all know it's halloween on friday which means Frank's birthday too. We are having a special halloween show, so get your tickets and come along" he told the viewers, "Oh and don't forget it's a costume party, no costume no entry I'm afraid"

"Well thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us Gerard, and good luck with parent hood" said the interviewer as she shook his hand and headed the opposite direction.


"Just my fucking luck that I swichted over to that" said Jade as she finished watching the live interview just done with Gerard

Rick scooted over next to her and put his arm around her, "Dont worry about it, we can do whatever we want now he has the brat"

Jade wriggled away from him and stood up.

"That's the problem" she said

"I don't understand" said Rick, looking confused

Jade sighed, "I want her back"


"Okay so Frank what colour balloon's do you want?" said Harper, the guy's stylist who was helping out with the party/show on Friday.

He shrugged and pointed to his closed mouth, trying to tell her he couldn't speak. She looked at him as if he was crazy but luckily Bob explained that he couldn't talk for the rest of the night.

She grinned at him, "Pink it is then"

He smacked his hand into his forehead and flopped down onto the sofa


"Your kidding right?" said Rick as he stood up too

Jade just silently shook her head. Rick was about to scream and shout, telling her how stupid she was but then it dawned on him that if Charli was taken away from Gerard he would be upset, and Rick was all for that.

"Okay, let's do it" he said, much to Jade's amazment


Rick nodded, "We can go to the show on Friday, Charli is sure to be back stage and with costumes nobody will notice us"

"So were just going to take her?"

Rick nodded again, "Only if your sure"

"Friday it is then" she said smiling


Back on the bus Frank and Mikey were both in their bunks while Gerard was drawing in the living room and Bob, Ray and Charli were watching TV. Well it was more like Ray and Bob were being made to watch cartoons.

"Well I'm beat after the show, see you guy's in the morning" said Bob as he headed to his bed.

"Same" yawned Ray "Night Gee, Night monster" he said as he kissed Charli on the head.

"Just me and you kiddo" said Gerard as he moved over to Charli and pulled her onto his lap. She snuggled her head into his chest and he started humming 'Disenchanted' to her.

"Im so lucky to have you, I promise whatever it takes I'm never going to have you taken away from me" he said playing with her hair, "Anyone who tries can think again"

Soon Charli was asleep and Gerard was close too "Love you" he whispered before finally letting sleep take him.

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