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Halloween Special

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Only chapter with more than a one word title me thinks

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31st October. The day of the halloween show and Frank's party. Unfortunatley for Frank he didn't quite manage to keep his vow of silence, but fortunatley for everyone else this meant he had to agree to the quite embarrasing dare Gerard had given him.

"Looks like you could use some help there" said Harper as she laughed at Gerard trying to dress Charli.

So far he had managed to get her top half dressed but she had removed her socks and shoes and was now jumping up and down on the sofa. They didn't have much time left before the show and Gerard still wasn't ready either.

"Would you mind?" he asked hopefully

Harper shook her head, "But where's her halloween outfit?" she said

"Well, I didnt really have time to look for one" he said scratching the back of his head

She smiled and shook her head, "No worries, leave it to me" she said as she shooed him out of the room

"Right missy, let's get you dressed" she said as she turned to Charli


"You missed the freakin turn in, were gunna be late if you keep driving like this!" Rick shouted as Jade drove past another road sign.

"Sor-ee!" she said as she did a sharp U-turn and went into the correct road, "Why do you care if we get there anyway? You don't even like Charli"

"Yeah, but taking her from Gerard will make him upset, and I'm all for that" said Rick, grinning

Jade sighed and carried on driving towards the show.


Gerard just put the finishing touches on his outfit and headed into the living room where everyone but Frank and Ray were waiting for him.

"So how do I look?" he said as he walked out

"Awesome, it looks real" said Mikey. Gerard had gone for the flesh eating zombie look, Mikey was a skeleton and Bob had opted to be a werewolf.

"Raarghhhh!" Gerard picked Charli up and tickled her, but she burst into tears. Harper took her off Gerard and hugged her.

"Jesus, give the kid a heart attack why don't you" she said as she wiped the tears from Charli's little cheeks.

Gerard took his mask off, "It's just me silly" he said to Charli as he kissed her on the forehead

"By the way, great job on her costume" said Gerard as he noticed Charli had been transformed into a witch.

"C'mon then, it's show time" said Bob as they all followed Worm out of the bus. Gerard went over and stuck out his hand for Charli but she reached over for Harper's instead.

"Hey, why am I getting the cold shoulder here?" he joked

"It's a girl thing" said Harper as she and Charli walked ahead with Bob.


"Yes!! This is it, this is the place" said Jade excitedley as they pulled into the parking lot. They both got out, already in their costumes and headed towards the set. Once they were inside Rick headed for the VIP area but Jade stopped him.

"I know what Gerard is like, he will stay with Charli right until they go on which is only five minutes so just hold on"

Rick huffily agreed and held back, waiting.

"Alright guy's this is it" said Ray as they finished their rounds of high-fiving. They all fanned on stage and were met by a huge cheer, followed by a quick gasp and then an uproar of laughter. Yes, they were laughing at Frank's outfit. Gerard had dared him, well more like made him, dress up as a fairy princess and he had. Frank went into the centre of the stage and did a twirl, a curtsey and then retreated back to his guitar.

"Okay guys, thanks all for coming tonight, let's have an awesome show in honour of Frank's birthday!" shouted Gerard as Bob drummed the opening beat of Cemetary drive.

Harper had gladly taken up the role of babysitter for Charli as Worm needed a break from 'motherhood'. He could handle just about anything, but give him a slobbering baby and he was all over the place.

The two of them were watching from the side for a while but Charli got hungry so they decided to go and look for some food.


As soon as the band were on stage Rick almost leapt into the VIP area. Not many people knew about Jade and Gerard splitting up so it was quite easy for them to get past the first security guard.

"The second one will be even easier, usually Worm is on the front one but he must be having a night off so were pretty much in" said Jade as they headed towards the last set of doors. As usual when things are going so well there is always something to bring you back down to earth with a thud, and for Jade it was Worm, guarding the last set of doors. Her heart nearly leapt out of her chest and she quickly turned around, not fast enought though.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Worm hissed over to Jade, "If Gerard see's you he will have a fit"

"Well there's always hope" smirked Rick

"Just get the fuck out of here, both of you!" he said, shooing them away.

They both reluctantly turned away and headed back to the car, empty handed.

Worm made sure they were out of site and then sent someone to tell Gerard to keep a very close eye on Charli.


"Okay you guys are brilliant, but we gotta take a five minute break while we sort something out backstage" said Ray as he followed Gerard back stage.

"" panted Gerard as he tried to catch his breath

"Jade was here, sniffing around the back stage area trying to get in" said Harper who had been told to deliver the news

Gerard bolted up, "Is she still here?"

Harper shook her head, "Worm kicked her and some dude out"

Ray and Gerard looked at each other, "Rick"

"Look, I'm not risking it so she comes with me" said Gerard

"Your kidding right?" said Ray, but Gerard shook his head. By the look on his face Ray knew Gerard was deadly serious.

"Okay, Charli is our newest and youngest member of MCR" joked Bob as he heard the news


"Well that was a fucking waste of time" said Rick as he slammed his car door shut

"We aint giving up that easily" said Jade as she too slammed her door


The guys lined up again, ready to go back on, but this time Charli was with them too, Gerard kneeled down to her level, "Daddy is gunna sing some songs for these nice people, just like he does for you okay?"

She nodded, "Otay daddy"

"And I want you to sit there real still and be good for me and Uncle Mikey, Bob, Ray and Princess Frank over there okay?"

Again Charli nodded and Gerard got up and carried her on stage, sitting her down next to his microphone.

"Okay guys" he said adressing the crowd, "This is my daughter, as most of you know, and she is gunna be on stage with us tonight, is that okay?" he shouted

The crowd let out a giant 'awwww; then cheered loud, "I take that as a yes" he said.

As they started the first song Charli clapped her hands to the beat and watched Gerard, not once taking her eyes off him.

Harper and Worm were watching from the side-lines, "He loves her so much doesn't he?" she said

Worm nodded and pointed to Charli, "And she is the proudest two year old I have ever met"

A/N- Happy Halloween Guys!! And Happy Birthday to Frank of course! Got my laptop back :D

Sorry I gotta cut this A/N short, my friends are banging on my door as we speak. Love to you all, will post more soon!

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