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Meet and Greet

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Ray strummed the last chord of Famous Last Words and they were done. Gerard picked Charli up as the rest of the guys headed off stage.

"Thank you guys for being amazing!" he called to the crowd into the microphone before dissapearing back stage.

"Phew, glad that's over, now someone get this fucking thing off me" said Frank as he wriggled in his sparkly outfit.

Charli toddled over to him, noticing they had similar outfits. She pointed to his, "Pwincess"

Frank squatted down to her level and rested his hands on her shoulders, dead serious look on his face, "Not princess, it's Frank" he said encouraging her to repeat but instead she shook her head, "Pwincess"



Bob butted in laughing slightly, "Frank I can't believe your arguing with a two year old about whether or not you are a princess, I mean c'mon look at what your wearing" he said pointing to his outfit. Frank got up and dramatically threw his hands in the air, tutting and left the room. Bob chuckled and noticed Charli yawning so he picked her up and took her over to where Gerard was talking to Worm.

"We have a tired little girl here Gee" he said hadning her over. Almost immediatley Charli closed her eyes and rested her head on Gerard's shoulder.

"Shit" he whispered "I can't take her to the meet and greet with us can I?" he said looking at Worm

"I dunno man, she'll never get any sleep there" he said

As if on cue Harper joined the little discussion, "Hey guy's great show" she said. She saw Charli sleeping in Gerard's arms and realised what their problem was.

"You want me to take her back to the bus and stay with her till your done?" she asked Gerard. He looked at Worm who nodded in approval.

"That would be great, you sure you don't mind?"

Harper shook her head as Gerard handed Charli over, "Course not, she's no trouble"

He thanked her once again and they rushed off to the meet and greet.


As Harper was taking Charli back to the bus it started to rain quite badly so she moved Charli so she could wrap her inside the coat she was wearing. She started running towards the bus but when she got there she realised she didn't have a key to get on. The two were already drenched and Charli was waking up. She opened her eyes and when she saw Harper she smiled, but then she realised she was soaked and began to shiver.

"Aw come here" said Harper as she put Charli down and took off her coat "There we go, nice and warm" she said as she put her coat on Charli, although it was way too big.

"Right, we gotta run back to find daddy okay?" Harper said taking Charli's hand and setting off towards the building.


The meet and greet was going well and they were already about half way through. Gerard reached into his pocket to get another pen and realised he still had the bus keys.

"Fuck, I didn't give Harper the keys" he said leaning over to Frank

"So? She can come and get them" he said

"Dude, have you seen the rain?"

Frank looked outside, "Ha, your in trouble" he laughed.

Just then Harper and Charli appeared at the side door. Harper was waving trying to get their attention, she was soaked right through, her clothes were sticking to her and her hair was dripping. Charli wasn't as bad but she was still shivering.

Mikey eventually looked over and saw them. He mouthed something to Harper and then tapped Gerard on the shoulder, "Harper want's the keys" he said pointing towards the door. Gerard quickly got up, totally abandoning the meet and greet and rushed over to them. He bent down and hugged Charli but noticed she wasn't to wet. He got up and pulled off his hoodie, giving it to Harper.

"Here put this on, you must be freezing" he said handing it to her

She blushed slightly as she took it, "T-t-thanks" she said as her teeth were chattering. Without thinking Gerard pulled her into a hug and rubbed his hands on her back in attempt to warm her up. He realised what he was doing and quickly pulled away, running his hand through his hair.

"I, er, um.."

Harper laughed slightly, "Gerard it's okay, it was just a hug"

He smiled and relaxed a little, "Well I better get back" he said turning away.

Harper grabbed his hand and he turned back to face her, "Thanks for the hoodie" she said smiling

"No problem" he said moving away quickly so she didn't see him grinning. She was pleased he left because she was grinning too.
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