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Harper gets ready but forgets something

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BTW I'm adding in a few italic lines, that's the characters thoughts just so y'know :)

"You alright in there" Bob shouted into the bathroom were Harper was.

She came out moments after, "Yeah I'm fine" she said laying her cell phone down on the table. She sat on the couch next to Frank who was watching some documentary on the TV. She had hung around with the guys a few times so it didn't feel to akward.

"There is nothing to eat on this stinking bus" Gerard said as he slammed yet another cupboard, "I'm gunna go get some food from inside okay"

"I'll come with you" said Harper "I should get back anyway so I'll walk with you"

"Okay lets go then" said Gerard grabbing another hoodie.

As they headed towards the door Charli started to whine, "Stay" she said pulling on Harper's trouser leg.

"Oh sweety I can't, I'll come back tomorow okay?" she said as she squatted down to her level.

This pleased Charli and she smiled. Harper hugged her and said goodbye to the rest of the guys as she and Gerard left the bus.


"She really likes you y'know" Gerard said as they walked along through the buses.

"Who Charli?"

"Yeah, she loves it when you come over"

"She's a sweet kid. You raised her good" Harper said, stopping as she had reached where she needed to be.

"Well this is my stop, I'll see you later"

"Wait" Gerard said, not exactly sure why he wanted her to wait "I, er, I need my hoodie back"

Dammit you fool, that was lame

"Ok..." Harper said looking slightly confused. She lifted it over her head, just revealing a little bit of her stomach. Gerard blushed when he saw it.

"Thanks" he said when she handed him the hoodie, "Have fun at the party"

She smiled and headed inside. As soon as she left Gerard mocked himself, "I need my hoodie back. Gerard your an idiot sometimes" he mumbled as he headed to get some food.


Harper giggled as she had heard Gerard talking to himself outside. She ignored the fact her heart was racing just because she had walked alone with him and started to get ready for the party.

She put on her brand new dress that was black and had sequins on the bottom half and was tied in the middle with a light peach bow. She slipped on her black zipper heels and set away doing her hair.

Her brown hair was a little bit longer than a shoulder length bob. She curled it slightly and then decided she didn't like it so she straightend it over again. Once she was happy with her make-up too she grabbed her purse but couldn't find her cell phone. She called it from the phone inside and was suprised when Ray answered it.

"Ray? What are you doing with my phone"

"You must of left it on the bus"

"Oh shit, I'll be right over"

She hung up and set off towards the MCR bus.


"Harper's on her way over she forgot her phone" Ray said as he put it back down on the table.

"Isn't she getting ready for a party?" Mikey said

"Sounded like she was just heading out" Ray said

There was a knock at the door and Frank got up to answer it.

"Wooo, you look fucking hot" he said as Harper stepped onto the bus.

"Such a gentleman" she said rolling her eyes.

Ray handed her cellphone to her, "You do look really nice Harper" he said

"I second that" said Bob while Mikey thirded it.

"Aw thanks guys but I better get going or I'll be late"

Gerard came and saw Harper was there, he was amazed at how beautiful she looked so he stared at her.

"Jeez stop gawking Gerard" Mikey joked

Gerard frowned, "I was not" although he smiled when Harper giggled. "I'll walk you" he said grabbing his coat and putting it on.

"Okay, see you guy's later" she waved as they stepped off the bus.


"You look real nice" Gerard said as they walked along. It was just getting dark but he could still make out that she was blushing, "Thanks. I try"

"So you meant what you said to Charli?"

"What did I say?"

"About coming over tomorow"

"Well if that's okay, I don't see why not"

Gerard smiled, "It's fine"

Harper reached her cab and turned to face Gerard, "Thanks for walking me. Your really sweet"

He ignored this and started into her eyes, she stared back. He leaned in slightly and hesitated. Harper nodded and leaned in too, she could feel his warm breath as their lips almost touched but her cell phone started ringing.

"Fuck" she said as she snapped her head back and rejected the call.

"I gotta go" he said as she rushed into the cab and shut the door.

Dress and shoes if anyone wants to know what they looked like lol.

A/N Sorry guys I would write more but I gotta go to bed. Stupid college in the morning and it's like 11:30pm

more soon!

dondon xo.
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