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Harper gets drunk and Gerard calls his mom

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"Shit Harper what have you done" she said to herself as the cab drove along.

She stared out the window almost the whole journey, wondering what woud have happened if she had kissed him. Would she like it? Would he like it? Did he even want to kiss her as much as she wanted to kiss him? Harper was so lost in thought she didn't even notice the cab had stopped.

"Um, were here" said the driver as he unlocked her door.

She payed him and got out, wishing she had put on a coat as soon as the wind flew up her dress. Rummaging around in her purse she found the pass and showed the bouncer who let her in. The music was blasting and everyone was dancing. Harper went to find her friend who had invited her.

"Hey you" said Sarah as she handed Harper a drink.

"Thanks, Ive been dying for a fix" said Harper as she downed the shot.

"Adda girl" Sarah said patting her on the back, "Now lets go dance" she said dragging her into the centre of the floor.

"Help me to do one thing tonight" Harper said.

"What's that?"

"To get wasted!" she shouted over the loud music.

Sarah grinned and nodded, taking Harpers hands and dragging her further into the dance floor.

They danced and accepted any drink offered to them, as long as it was alcoholic they would drink it. They were both on there way to getting smashed and Harper was feeling un-stable so she and Sarah went to sit down.

"These heels are killing meeee" she whined as she took them off and rubbed her feet.

"Haha, were both really drunk!" she giggled.

"I know, and I love it!" said Harper throwing her hands dramtically in the air, "But I gotta get going now before they lock the venue gates"

Sarah handed her another shot, "For old times sake" she said as they clinked their glasses together and downed the vodka.

"Come see me soon" said Sarah as she hugged Harper and watched her stumble out of the door.


Gerard had gotten back to the bus about half an hour ago. He had decided to go for a long walk and clear his head after his incident with Harper but it wasn't working, his head was now crammed full of un answered questions.

The guys had left him a note on the counter.

Gerard, gone for some food as your taking too long.
Took Charli with us. Be back in a few hours.

He threw his coat on the floor and flipped his cell open. It was 10:40pm and he had nothing to do so he decided to call his mom.

"Hey ma it's me"

"Ohh Gerard, Im so sorry I haven't called. I forgot all about it"

"No worries ma, you having a good time?"

"It's wonderful here. Anything much happened there?"

"Nope, nothing at all" he lied.


After staggering for a cab and reaching her stop, Harper walked towards the venue gates which much to her misfortune had already been locked.

"Fucking hell" she said as she whipped off her heels again and threw them over the fence along with her purse and cell phone. They landed safely on the grass at the other side. She hitched up her dress and tackled the big iron fence, just managing to drag herself over it and land on her feet with no damage. She picked up her things and headed off through all the buses.

"La la la I'm so wasted!" she sang as she trailed around in the dark.

She decided to stop off at the MCR bus and see Gerard. If she was sobre this would never have even crossed her mind.

After finding their bus she wiggled the door handle and finding it was open she stumbled up the stairs into the dim lit living area.


Gerard squinted his eyes just to make sure he wasn't seeing things. He wasn't. There was Harper stumbling onto the bus in her little black dress. He knew he had to get off the phone quick without his mom finding out what was going on.

Harper got up onto her feet and waved at Gerard giggling. She skipped over to him and because he was lying down on his back, she straddled him quite easily. He tried to push her off but she wouldn't budge.

"C'mon Gee-gee, play with me" she teased as she tugged at his belt buckle.

He shook his head and pointed to the phone but she took no notice.

She leaned down to his free ear and whispered something in it. Gerard's eyes widened and he swallowed hard trying to concentrate on his phone call, but Harper was making it difficult especially when she started kissing his neck.

He tried to keep his lips tightly shut but a moan escaped them.

"You alright son?" his mom asked on the other side.

He nodded although she couldn't see him, "Stubbed toe" was all he managed to say.

"I, er, I gotta go run it under some cold water bye ma"

He flipped his cell shut and wriggled from underneath Harper so he could stand.

"Your drunk aren't you?" he asked.

"Maybe a little" she said trying to stand but swaying slightly. She walked towards him again and put her arms around his neck, forcing her lips onto his. At first he kissed her back but when things started to heat up he pushed her away.

"What's wrong?" she asked him

"I can't do this"

She frowned slightly, "Fine, I'll just go then"

"No, I mean when your drunk, it's not fair to take advantadge of you like this"

"It's not taking advantage but if you don't feel comfortable kissing me when I'm wasted that's fine" she said, sitting down to put her shoes back on.

"Where are you going?" he asked, sitting down beside her.

"Back to my trailer where else?"

"No your not" he said, taking her shoes out of her hands, "Your not sleeping alone while your drunk"

"But where will I sleep" she said, yawning.

"Here" Gerard said, wrapping his arms around her, "With me"


"Me full" said Charli as she swallowed the last bite of her pancake.

"Actually me too" said Frank pushing his plate away and burping really loudly which made Charli laugh.

"Shit we better get back, it's 11 and Gerard will be going insane" said Ray as he put his coat on.

"I love the venue catering" said Mikey as he finished his last mouthful too.

"C'mon then squirt let's get you back" said Bob as he picked Charli up and they headed for their bus.


"Harper, Harper" Gerard whispered into her ear, "C'mon we better get you into the bunks before the guys come back with Charli"

She nodded and got up, taking Gerard's hand as he lead her into his bunk.

"I can't sleep in this" she said looking down at her dress.

"Hold on, I'll get you something" said Gerard as he dissapeared into another room. He came back moments later with some boxer shorts and a misfits shirt, he gave them to Harper who just took her dress off in front of him and was about to drop her panties, but Gerard decided to be a gentleman and look away.

"I'm done now you can turn around" she said smiling at his gesture.

He turned around and looked at the ground akwardly, hands in pockets. Harper put her arms around his back and hugged him. He returned the hug and smiled when she rested her head on his chest.

"Your heart is beating really fast" she whispered, pressing her ear to listen.

He kissed the top of her head, "It's time for you to sleep" he said, guiding her into his bunk.

She yawned and nodded, sliding in and closing her eyes. Falling alseep almost straight away.

A/N- Eeeeeee long one this isnt it? I shalt update soon if I get inspiring reviews ;)

dondon xo.
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