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Morning after the night before

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"Gerard, Gerard, wake up"

Frank was trying to wake him up but just saying his name wasn't working. He went over to the sink and filled a cup with cold water.

"GERARD!" he shouted as he flung the water over his face.

The water had barely touched his face and he leapt up, eyes shooting open, "What the fuck Frank?" he said wiping his eyes dry.

"What are you doing sleeping on the couch? You weren't there when we came in last night" Frank asked sitting down on the dry part of the sofa.

"Well, I came for some coffee and fell asleep waiting for the kettle" he lied.

Frank raised his eyebrow, "O...k. Whatever."


Harper slowly opened her eyes, trying to ignore the searing pain in her head. She sat up and then realised she wasn't in her own bed, or wearing her own pyjamas. Getting out the bunk she almost passed out, not just because of the headache she had. She was in Gerard's bed.

"What the fuck happened last night" she asked herself as she sneaked into the bathroom.

Why am I in his bed and clothes? Did we kiss? Fuck, did we have sex?!

She looked at herself in the mirror, hair sticking up and make-up slightly smugded. She couldn't remember anything from last night after hopping over the fence to get in.

Guess I better show my face

She walked into the living room where she found Frank watching TV.

"Morning Harper" he said as she walked in. He looked back at the TV then straight back at her, "Harper?! What are you doing here?"

She scoffed slightly, "I was hoping you could tell me"

"Rough night then?" he asked.

"I wish I could remember" she said, sitting down beside him on the couch, "Ow. My head hurts so bad" she said clutching the side of it.

"Aw, come here" said Frank as she lay her head down on his lap and he put his arm around her shoulder, "Hangovers suck. Big time"

"That's why I stopped drinking. It messes with your mind...and emotions" Gerard said as he appeared at the bus door. He was carrying a tray of coffee which he slammed down on the table and went to the back of the bus.


Fuck Gerard, calm down. She isn't even your girlfriend so how can you be jealous of her lying with Frank?

He cursed himself as he was in the bathroom, zipping up his pants he looked in the mirror, tracing the outline of his face with his fingers, "It was a mistake. A drunken mistake ok?" he told himself.


"Just ask him ok?" Frank whispered to Harper.

She nodded and headed to the bathroom, knocking on the door.

"Gerard, you in there?"


"Haha." she said sarcastically, "Can I talk to you?"

He poked his head around the door, "What?"

"About last night..." she started

Gerard cut in, "Just forget it, call it a mistake" he said shutting the door.

Harper panicked, a mistake? So did that mean we had sex? Oh shit.

She rushed into the bedroom she woke up in and found her clothes. She picked them up and stuffed them under her arm, she had to get out of there and clear her head. Quick.


Stop being a jerk to her, tell her how you feel

Gerard took a deep breath and stepped out of the bathroom, hitting someone with the door.

"Ow" Harper said as she stumbled backwards.

"Oh, sorry"

"Whatever" she said shaking her head and walking past him.

"Harper wait. About last night..."

She cut in before he could finish, "A mistake. Yeah I heard you the first time"
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