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Gerard and Harper talk. Charli tries a spot of 'reading'

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Gerard sighed slightly annoyed, girls were way to sensitive for his liking sometimes.

"I didn't mean it like that"

"Oh really? So what did you mean Gerard? Cause to be honest I don't even know what went on last night. Care to enlighten me?"

He stared akwardly into the living room where Frank had now been joined by Mikey, they were both looking at the TV but listening to the conversation between Harper and Gerard.

"Fine, but not here" he said taking her by the wrist and leading her into the bathroom.


"Well? I'm waiting" Harper said, folding her arms.

Gerard scratched the back of his neck, "Well..nothing major happened.."

"Cut the crap and get to the point Gerard" she said sitting on the toilet seat.

He rolled his eyes and sat on the side of the bath, "Well I was on the phone and you stumbled in all giggly and basically sat on me, whispered an obscene comment in my ear, and started getting rather frisky with my crotch area"

Harper cringed but encouraged him to go on.

"Then when I got off the phone you kissed me, I kissed you and when things started to get heated I pushed you away, which you didn't approve of"

"So if you pushed me away it must of been a mistake or am I missing something here?"

"I only pushed you away because I didn't want to take advantadge of you while you were drunk" Gerard admitted.

Harper couldn't help but smile at this, at least she knew the kiss was genuine, which gave her major butterflies. Gerard squatted down infront of the toilet and looked at her.

"I would love to get to know you better, y'know take things slow see how they work out?" he said hopefully.

Harper thought for a moment, "I like the sound of that" she said nodding her head and smiling.


"Bob, scary dream"

Charli was having difficulty reaching Bob's bunk as it was too high for her and the bottom bunk's which belonged to Gerard and Frank were empty.

"Bob, up time" she whined, standing on her tip-toes and pulling the edge of his quilt that was hanging out of the bed.

She heard a small grunt and felt him rolling over. His head popped out of the side and looked down at her. She looked back and stretched her arms up towards him, "Up, up"

He reached down and pulled her up into his bunk, "What's up squirt" he said yawning and rubbing his eyes.

"Scary dream"

"Don't worry, Uncle Bob is here now" he said laying her at the side nearest the wall so she didn't fall out.

"Story, story" she said clapping her hands.

"Not now, it's sleep time" he said.

She stuck her tounge out at him when he turned away but decided she was still tired and went to sleep too.


Gerard stood up and stuck his hand out for Harper, she took it and got up off the seat.

"How about we start with breakfast?" he said, opening the bathroom door.

"Sure why not" she said.

Before she walked out Gerard kissed her quickly on the lips and grinned.

"Hey, I thought we weren't going fast" she joked nudging him in the arm.

"Well if you want fast I could always slip my tounge in next time" he joked, dodging a dig in the ribs from her.

She laughed and playfully pushed him out of the bathroom door.


Back in the bunk Charli couldn't get to sleep because Bob constantly wriggled around. She climbed over him and took the quilt off him, throwing it to the floor below. She swung her legs over the side of the bunk so she was just dangling by her arms, dropped down and landed safely on the soft quilt. For a two year old she was pretty smart.

"Goodnight Moon" she said outloud, it was a book she wanted to find. She looked down by Bob's belongings and couldn't seem to find it so she had to settle with a magazine that was lying face down next to his shoes.

She toddled down into the living area holding her toy rabbit and the magazine.

"Morning sweety" Gerard said as she walked past him.

She went over to the couch and pulled herself onto it, squeezing between Mikey and Frank.

"Hey kiddo, what you got there?" said Frank turning the magazine over to read the cover.

"Erm, Mikey...where the fuck did this come from?" Frank whispered nudging him and showing him the cover.

Playboy Girls Strip Special

Mikey couldn't help but cringe and laugh at the same time, "I have no idea but I'm not telling Gerard she found it" he whispered back.

Frank agreed and they both decided what Gerard didn't know wouldn't hurt him.


"So what's for breakfast" Harper said hopping on the kitchen counter beside Gerard.

"Well we have..." he said looking through the cupboards, "Golden Nuggets or Coco Pops"

"Wow, Don't overload me with choices" she joked, "Coco Pops will have to do"

He poured two bowls out and put them at the table were they sat down to eat.

"We have a couple of hours free today, you wanna take Charli somewhere?" Gerard asked her.

"Yeah, but I don't think we can all fit in one car can we?"

He put his hand in Harper's free one and smiled, "Just the three of us"

A/N- Sorry Moonshyne, I know I pinched the book from your story but I couldn't think of any more American ones =S

thanks to all the R&R's :D

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