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The day begins. Secrets and Sugar.

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Why the fuck is it so cold

Was the first thing Bob thought when he woke up, then he realised it was cause he was lying on his bed in his boxers with no quilt. He hopped out of his bunk, finding his quilt and putting it back on the bed. He yawned and stuck a t-shirt on and headed into the living room.

Everyone seemed normal, Mikey and Frank were watching TV, Gerard and Harper were having breakfast and Charli was looking out the window at all the other buses.

"Morning people" Bob said as he slumped over to the couch next to Frank and Mikey.

"Hold on a minute, what is Harper doing here?" Bob whispered, nudging Frank.

"From what I heard something went on between them last night and he asked her to stay for breakfast" he replied quietly.

Bob nodded and picked up the magazine that was lying face down on the table. As soon as he did his face went a crimson shade and he placed it back on the table.

Mikey sniggered, "So I'm guessing that's yours Bob"

"No" he said almost straight away.

Frank raised his eyebrow, "Dude, whatever you jerk off to in your own bunk is none of our business"

"As long as it is in your own bunk" Mikey added, smirking.

Bob frowned and headed to the studio out back.


"So were do you wanna take Charli?" Harper asked putting her and Gerard's bowls in the sink.

He shrugged, "Wherever we want to, but we only have a couple of hours"

"Well Im gunna go grab a change of clothes and come back. Is it alright if I shower here?" she asked getting up to put her shoes on.

He nodded and tossed her his hoodie to put on.

She headed out of the bus wearing boxers, a misfits shirt, hoodie and the black high heels from the night before.


Frank and Mikey decided to quiz Gerard now while he was alone.

"Let's try the slow and subtle approach" Mikey said to Frank as they approached the table.

Frank nodded and sat down.

"So Gerard are you and Harper getting it on?" he said.

Mikey slapped his forehead into his hand, "So much for subtle" he muttered.

Gerard laughed slightly at Frank's forwardness but shook his head.

"No Frank, we are not 'getting it on' we are taking things slow, call it mild dating for now"

"Mild dating? What the fuck is that?"

"Were getting to know eachother first before we start properly dating"

Frank shook his head smiling, "Your way to thoughtful towards girls Gerard"

"And that my friend, is why I don't get half as many slaps across the face as you do" Gerard replied grinning.

"Meh, can't deny that" Frank said shrugging his shoulders.

Gerard left the table and headed back towards his bedroom where he passed Ray just coming out of the bunk area.


"Longest I have slept in ages" Ray said sitting down beside Frank and Mikey who were talking amongst themselves.

"Sup Ray, listen in" Frank said, scooting closer.

"Gerard and Harper are 'mild dating' and were gunna try and move them along a bit faster"

Ray didn't bother asking questions but just nodded, "So how you gunna do that. Wont Gerard take Charli everywhere after the whole Jade incident?"

"That's the problem were trying to resolve" Mikey told him.

"Were gunna try and get her to pretend to be sick, Gerard will ask us to look after her, him and Harper go out alone. Bam plan works!"

Ray thought it over for a moment and then nodded, "Frank I think you may be right for once"

"Thanks...Hey?! For once? Im always right"


Harper re-entered the bus and saw Frank, Ray and Mikey sitting around the table.

She chuckled, "Heh, it's the three witches of eastwick"

They were so deep in discussion they didn't hear or see her go through into the back of the bus.

"Hey squirt, c'mere" Frank said to Charli.

She hopped down from the windowsill and went over to him.

"You know how your Dad and Harper were going to take you out today?"

Charli nodded.

"Well could you pretend you don't wanna go, please. For Uncle Frank"

She thought about it, she really did wanna go out with Harper and her dad. But she nodded in the end.

"Adda girl! said Frank as he high fived her.

Minutes later Gerard came into the living room, freshly showered and dressed.

"Come on Charli you need to get dressed, were going soon"

She shook her head, "Me's not comin"

"What? Why not"

"Me's got a tummy ache"

"Aww. Well we can all just stay here today then" Gerard said, slightly dissapointed they weren't going out.

"Nah Gee, we will look after her here, you and Harper go out" Mikey said, trying not to give anything away.

"Hmmm, Okay, but don't let her out your sight" he said as he pulled on his boots.


Harper had gotten out of the shower and dressed in the bathroom. She looked in the mirror as she applied a little bit of eye make-up.

"Done" she said as she zipped up her bag and opened the door.

"I'm ready to go" she said to Gerard who was just putting his coat on.

"Okay, Charli isn't feeling well so it's just the two of us" he said.

Harper went over to Charli and squatted in front of her, "You could still come if you want. If you feel ill we could come back" she said.

Charli looked over at Frank who tried to shake his head without being noticed.

"Me's too poorly" she said to Harper.

"Okay sweetie, feel better and I'll see you soon" she said as she kissed Charli on the head.

"Hope you feel better soon kiddo, I wont be gone long. Ask Uncle Mikey to call my cell if you wanna speak to me" Gerard said as he hugged Charli.

She put her hands on both his cheeks and kissed his nose, "Love you daddy"

"Love you too"


"It's a shame Charli isn't well" Harper said as she and Gerard walked through the buses.

"I think she was fine. The guys propbably had something to do with it" he told her.

"Why would they not want her to come out and have fun?"

"They will be doing it so we can be alone, oh and don't worry, they will spoil her rotten while I'm not there"

She laughed, "She is so lucky, it's like she has five dad's who love her to pieces"

"Oh yeah the guys are brilliant with her, I'm so grateful. Although it took Frank a while to accept the fact she was going to be around a lot"

"Why's that? He seems to love her like his own"

Gerard and Harper got to the band's car and slid inside.

"Something that happened a while ago to him, made the situation difficult" Gerard said as he started up the engine, "You see Frank was dating this girl, Alex. They hadn't been going out

long when she told him that she was pregnant. She wouldn't get an abortion so Frank left her, he abandoned her and his baby. He has regretted it ever since"

Harper felt glad Gerard trusted her so much to tell her this, but felt sad for Frank, "So why didn't he try and see the baby when he started to regret it?"

"He tried loads of times but Alex told him to stay away. She was with someone else and didn't need Frank" Gerard said, remembering it as though it were yesterday.

"I can't even imagine how that must feel. Poor Frank"

"I know, I would be crushed if it were me. So now his son calls somebody else dad, I bet she hasn't and wont ever tell him about Frank"

"Frank, a father. To a son. Now I understand why he is so protective and loving towards Charli"

"Yeah, I guess he feels as though he has already failed one child so by taking care of Charli it masks some of the guilt he feels"

Harper smiled at this, although she wanted to cry. It was heart rendering hearing this for the first time and she wished so bad she could help Frank.

"Anyway enough about sad subjects. Where do youy wanna go cause I'm driving round in circles here" Gerard laughed.

"I don't mind" Harper said quietly "Anywhere you want"

She couldn't stop thinking about how bad Frank must feel, and how he has a son who would never know about him.


Charli screeched at the top of her lungs as she bounced on the couch. She had been given some skittles by Frank and was now on a major sugar hype.

"Why did you give her sweets this early, numnuts!" Mikey said as he pulled Charli off the couch for the fourth time.

"Hey! I felt bad for her not getting to go out so I gave her some candy, no biggie"

"Oh yeah, no biggie" Mikey said as he rolled his eyes and pointed at Charli who was now banging two cups together, making an awful sound.

"Well I'm going to go and catch some more Z's before we play later" Ray said as he went to the back of the bus.

"Yeah me too, Frank you gave her the sweets you sort it out" said Mikey as he headed towards his bunk aswell.

Frank sighed and slumped on the couch, "It's not as hard as you all think it is" he yawned.

Soon Charli was bored and Frank had fallen asleep moments ago so she wandered into the bathroom, finding Harper's make-up bag and taking it into the living room. She sat in the middle of the floor and drew on her arm with lipstick. Once that was almost covered she moved onto her leg, then Frank's face.

Her tounge stuck out the corner of her mouth as she concentrated on completing her first ever make-over.


Harper and Gerard had stopped in a little town and were walking round looking for a coffee shop. Without thinking Gerard slipped his hand into Harper's as they walked around. She was beaming and her sad mood quickly dissapeared.

"This is nice. Walking around together, just us" Gerard said as he looked over the road at a small cafe.

"Just us" Harper repeated. She liked the sound of that.

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