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Gerard and Harper have coffee while Mikey has his hands full

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"So, let's get to know eachother better" Gerard said to Harper as he brought the coffee's over to their table.

"Ok, what d'ya wanna know?" Harper asked, blowing the steam away from her cup.

Gerard took a sip of his, "Everything"

"Well..." she said trying to think of what to tell him, "My favourite colour is yellow, I have one older brother and two younger sisters, My biggest fear is spiders, I like horse-riding, My favourite food is pasta and I can't drive"

"Haha, you sound like one of those contestants on a dating show" Gerard said mocking them, "I love long walks on the beach and riding off into the sunset with my white stallion"

Harper laughed, "C'mon we need to get back soon, you don't have long left" she said drinking down more of her coffee.

"Yeah we better get going, c'mon" Gerard said, taking Harper's hand and walking out the door towards the car.

It had just started to rain as they got in and Gerard turned the heater on.

"We need to do this more often" Harper said as she put her seatbelt on.

Gerard agreed, "Can you do me a favour?" he asked her leaning over.


"Warm my lips up" he said grinning.

Go on Harper, you know you want too

She smiled back and leaned over, placing her hand on his cheek and kissed him.

"Thanks" he said when she pulled away, "Can't drive with cold lips"

She shook her head laughing, "You don't need my permission to kiss me. Be spontanious"

"Spontanious. I like the sound of that" he said as he started the engine and drove out of the street.


"Frank! Were starting to get ready I think you..." he trailed off as he burst out laughing.

"Ray, Bob, get out here quick" he called, "Frank's show make-up has gone slightly OTT"

They both came running in and laughed at him too.

"We should wake him up, we need to get ready soon" Ray said through his laughter.

Bob threw a pillow off his head, "Get up"

Frank shook his head and rubbed his eyes, "What the hell is this" he asked looking at his hands.

"Oh Frankie, you smudged your mascara!" Bob said.

Frank looked confused, "Mascara?"

"Just go get a wash" Ray told him as he picked up the make-up that was scattered on the floor.

"Oh great, more mess" Mikey said as he pulled Charli out from underneath the table. She was covered almost head to toe in lipstick.

He took her into the bathroom and put the shower on, taking her clothes off and throwing them on the floor he stuck her in the tub.

"Yey" she said as she splashed in the water.

Mikey grabbed the sponge and soap and scrubbed her arms, legs and face until she was remotley presentable.

He took her out of the tub and put her down on the floor as he turned to get a towel. By the time he had grabbed one from the shelf she had already sped out of the bathroom and was running around the sitting room naked as the day she was born.


"Right, let's go and see what chaos they have caused" Gerard said as they pulled up next to the bus and got out.

"Im sure there all fine" Harper said, although she was mistaken.

They opened the bus door to find Mikey running after a naked Charli, Ray tidying up the floor that was scattered with make-up and Frank scrubbing his blusher off with baby wipes.

"Not even gunna ask" Gerard said as he stepped over all the mess, "I'm gunna get ready for the show, you coming to watch?" he asked Harper who nodded and took off her coat.

"Wont be long" he said as he retreated to his bunk.

"Charli, come here sweety" Harper said

Charli toddled over to Harper who caught the towel Mikey tossed at her. Wrapping it around her she rubbed her arms and legs dry.

"Right let's go get you dressed" she said as she carried her into the bathroom.

"Thanks Harper" Mikey smiled as she passed him.


Gerard came out in his show clothes and pack of smokes, "Anyone joining me?"

"Yeah I'll come" said Frank.

Gerard tossed him a ciggarette and they both stepped outside of the bus.

"Light me up Gee"

He lit both the sticks and they started puffing away.

"So, you really like Harper don't you?" Frank asked.

Gerard nodded as he blew out some smoke, "She's great and she loves Charli too which is awesome"

"Please tell me your not only doing this so Charli has some sort of female attention"

"Oh god, of course not I do honestly like her" Gerard said taking in a long drag.

"Good cause she seems like a nice girl, don't mess it up and you got a steady relationship going" Frank said as he stubbed out his ciggarette and threw it on the ground.

Gerard agreed and threw his to the ground too, "Think I should ask her to be my girlfriend?"

"Wait for the right moment my friend" Frank told him as they went back inside.

The right moment. How the hell am I meant to know when that is? Gerard thought to himself.

A/N- Sorry about the lack of length, Im real tired. More soon I promise!

dondon xo.
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