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Chapter 8

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"Meet the guys." Only PG for language, I believe. Hehe

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"Uh, OK then. Where are they?" I asked. He smiled, then frowned, then smiled again.

"Through there," and he pointed to the door he had come in. I stared. Wasn't that where those men had beaten me? I hoped not. Still worrying over those simple facts, I followed Bob through the doorway.

In the room, which was once again almost completely pitch black, stood the silhouettes of three men. I turned to Damien, and he just shrugged. So I decided to just ignore my gut feeling of running away.

"Gerard, Frank, Ray, Mikey?" Bob called out. The silhouettes raised their hands. The lights turned on. Surprisingly though, they didn't hurt my eyes this time. I instantly studied the three people in front of me.

Bob walked up to a guy that was my height. He had almost shoulder-length straight black hair, and tan skin. He was dressed all black except for his shirt; skinny jeans, converse (black and white), and a whitish shirt that had a sort of horse on it(I think it was a unicorn) and the name Lyn-Z across the front. It was pretty cool.

"Gerard, this is Damien," he pointed to Damine, "and James." He pointed to me.

"Holy shit! Dude, I'm so sorry about earlier man, totally didn't mean to give you that fat lip," came a husky-ish reply. But it wasn't from this Gerard guy.

"That would be Frank, James. And fuck man! I can't believe you got all into the cop shit. How many fuckin' times do I have to tell you to lay off the caffeine?!"

"Sorry Bob. Totally didn't mean it though, kid."

"Eh, its OK. I probably would have done the same dude. If it was my friends' kid," I said, shrugging.

"James and Damien, this of course is Frank," Bob introduced. Frank also had almost shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes, and whitish/tan skin. Hm, maybe he was Italian? Or Mexican? I don't know. He was also dressed in all black. Sort of. Black and white long sleeved striped shirt, black skinnies, and black and white converse. His lip was pierced.

"Hey, nice to meet you," Damien said. Hm. Actually, it turns out Gerard is taller than me. And I'm about Frank's height. Strange.

"And I'm Ray," a tall man with a brownish fro type thing. It looked pretty cool. He was also wearing mostly black. Tight black shirt, loose black pants, vans.

"Hey, how you doin'?" he asked, shaking my hand.

"Uh, pretty good, actually. You?"

"Eh so-so. You must be Damien?"

"Yeah, hehe I am."

"So where's Mikey? I thought he was with you guys," Bob said, nodding towards Gerard and Frank.

"Uh, I think he went to the bathroom," answered Frank.

"I see. Well, hopefully he'll be back-"

"Hey guys! Oh, hey, what did I miss?" asked another tall man. I took him to be Mikey, seeing as he was the only one that had toilet paper stuck to his shoe. Ha ha funny.

"Oh hey Mikes. You didn't really miss that much. Just these two. Yea, this is James, and this is Damien."

"How do you do," we both said at once. We shared a smile.

"I'm good. Bob, where did these guys come from?" Mikey asked. He had ear length blondish brown hair, kind of sandy blond like Damien, and blueish green eyes. He was sporting a black Mikey Fucken Way shirt, and black skinnies. Hm, something tells me his last name is Way. Ooh and all black converse. Damn this guy is black, hehe.

"Oh uh...these are the boys that Frank was interrogating earlier. As you can see, you missed out on his Good Cop Bad Cop routine. It was pretty believable.

"And hurt like hell," I mumbled, wincing as I remembered the blows.

"Once again, sorry bout that kid."

"For the love of God, will you stop calling me kid! I'm almost seventeen for fucks' sake!" I couldn't help it. I've been getting called 'kid' all fucking day! You try it for a change.

They all went silent. And then started laughing.

"We were wondering when you would say something," Frank laughed. I frowned. Had that been a test, then? A weird sort of test?

"So Mikey, I was sitting in that room with James here, talking about stuff, and then Damien comes up, and you know what I realized?" Bob asked, looking at Mikey.

Mikey looked puzzled. "No, what did you realize?"

"You two look almost exactly alike!"

We all turned to look at Damien. Then back to Mikey. And then right back to Damien. I could definitely see it. Except for the fact that Damien was an inch or so taller, they did look almost exactly alike. Weird.

"Holy shit Mikes! What did you do, have a kid without us realizing it?" joked Gerard.

Nobody spoke. Nobody even moved. We were all thinking about it. Me especially. I mean, the same eyes. Sort of. The same height. The same scruffy hair. It all fit. But I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't. It was implausible.

Mwahahahaha! I have done it again, Miss ClareBear. Cliff hanger!!
But this time I really am done for the night, I'm afraid. Three chapters in one night..ugh. And you're like the only one who reviews them! Gah. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

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