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Chapter 3

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Getting to know each other. Officially.

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Frank's POV

When the bell rang, I got my stuff and got ready to go to my English class. As I passed through the door, I felt a hand on

my shoulder and turned around. A pair of beautiful hazel eyes blinked back at me sleepily, and I tried to think of

something to say.

"Uh, hey..." I said, realizing I didn't know his name. Brilliant, Frank. Now the new kid thinks you're a freak.

"Hey," he said coolly, flicking his hair out of his eyes. "I sit behind you in homeroom." As if I didn't know.

"Yeah," I replied. What was he doing?

"Do you have a name?" Oh, that's what he wanted.

"Yeah, it's Frank. Frank Iero," I said.

"Yeah, I knew the Iero part, seeing as how the teacher kept calling you to raise your hand so I could find my seat," he

returned. There was that pretty smirk again. I hesatated; hopefully he didn't assume anything about my sexuality. I

shook it off. "Daydreamer?" he asked, noting my silence.

"Yeah," I answered quickly, relieved. I am straight. I'm not gay. "What's yours?" I asked him, meaning his name.

"Gerard. Gerard Way."

"Nice." I kicked myself mentally for not being more of a conversationalist.

"So, where the hell is my next class? Room 203, the art room?"

"Oh, that's near my next class. I'll walk with you." I told him.

Why the hell did I say that? My next class is on the other side of the school from room 203!

Gerard's POV

So, the Iero kid has a name, Frank. That might be useful to know later on. On our way to our classes, we talked about

music, which we had alike tastes in (considering our coincidentially matching t-shirts); movies (I was more of the horror

movie kind of person, while he was into the Sci-Fi genre), and other stuff. All in all, Frank and I weren't so different.

There was one thing he asked me, though, that got my attention:

"Do you have a girlfriend or something?" That was random. Should I tell him?

"Are you trying to ask me out?" I replied, causing him to laugh quietly. "Because if you are, I'd consider." I was only

joking for that last part, but considering his sudden face change and abrupt silence, I don't think he thought I was. "Hey,

I'm kidding," I confirmed, looking him in the eyes to show my sincerity. And my, weren't they stunning. About the color

of chocolate, his eyes had to be the most beautiful I'd ever seen. Much different from the all the hazel-eyed Ways in my


He laughed nervously. "Yeah, I know," he said quietly. His laugh: another adorable thing that caught my attention.

Should I tell him? I decided to go for it.

"But, to answer your question, no, I don't have a girlfriend. I had someone, but it didn't work out." I tried to work my

way around the main base of the question's answer.

"Oh. Sorry."

"Don't be; it's been a while. I still miss him sometimes, though."


I was hesitant to continue. What if he was a homophobe? Not like I cared what the homophobes did to me; each school

was different. "Yeah, 'him.' I'm gay," I took the chance and told him. I don't really know why I did; I hadn't told anyone

about my sexuality but my grandmother and brother, and God knows Mikey didn't take it very well. Why was I telling a


He looked at his feet as we neared the art room. "Oh. That's cool," he said. I could tell he felt awkward about the

whole conversation. Why did I even tell him? I thought to myself as we said goodbye and he walked to his class.

Whatever, it's not like I was going to have many friends here anyway.
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