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An incident leaves Gerard speechless and Mikey traumatised. First MCR story so please be nice. Credit to IeroMyHero for her awesome beta-ness! Not slash, for the record.

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Chapter One: Sunsets

One experience in your life can change everything you've ever known and believed in. In the case of five men, of whom the world seemed to know as if they lived next door, this day occurred on the most common of occasions.

The day was a common one for My Chemical Romance: three hours performing in front of an audience of five thousand, then signing a few autographs and posing for several pictures on the account of numerous screaming fan girls. The five young men headed back to their tour bus, too exhausted to congratulate each other on a job well done. All that was exchanged between them were encouraging pats on the back and smiles. Actions, at times, can speak so much louder than words.

It was the next morning, as the five headed to the nearest Starbucks for their ritual coffee, however, that the event that would change their lives took place.
The first shot was merely a warning that echoed off a nearby wall, but that was all it took to invoke a response. Gerard Way, being the first to exit the Starbucks café, froze immediately on the spot when he heard the sound. Upon seeing the gun, his paper cup dropped from his hands, spilling its contents to the cement below his feet. His mind shrieked at him to run, get back inside, anything. Though he wanted to get away from what he considered his own death staring him in the face from a metre away, his legs simply would not move. The girl smiled and fired the gun again, deliberately missing the target, taking her time in messing with his mind. She didn't know it, but he was already beyond scared. He stood there with his breath coming in ragged gasps, his heart beating a mile a minute, a million thoughts racing through his head at once.

She's playing with me. Dammit if you're gonna do it, just do it! Just don't let Mikey see don't--

Gerard had never in his life believed death to be something he would fear, but he never thought it would creep up on him until he was old and gray and had children of his own, who would begin a new generation after he was gone.Suddenly Gerard's 'obsession' with death didn't seem so comic any more.

Don't let Mikey hear, oh god no, don't let him hear it! I knew this was gonna happen, she's gonna kill me, I'm gonna die alone and Mikey--

At the sound of the second gunshot, all the thoughts in bassist Mikey Way's head were forgotten, excepting that of his brother. He slammed his Starbucks cup down on the counter and sprinted outside.

Dammit, Mikey GET BACK INSIDE!


He never finished the sentence. There was a third gunshot, and Mikey fell onto the pavement,
clutching one arm. The girl advanced slowly towards the both of them, still grinning, and suddenly Gerard could move again, thanks to the brotherly instincts screaming at him.

Help him, help him, help him, help him!

He crouched in front of Mikey, asking over his shoulder "You okay?" and making sure he got a consoling answer before turning to face her.

"Leave him alone!"

She began humming a tune he did not recognise, loading several more bullets into the pistol, perhaps ignorant of what he had just said. She stooped to his level and waved the gun's barrel in a multitude of directions in front of his face, giggling like a child before she jammed it against Gerard's temple. Immediately he squeezed his eyes shut, remembering that familiar coolness on his skin that he had once put there himself; remembering the waste of a man he had once been. He had almost pulled the trigger, had it not been for the thought of Mikey and the rest of the band clouding his other thoughts. They had always been there for him, whether he wanted them to be or not.
Now it was his turn, as cliche as the notion appeared to him.

"Leave him alone," he repeated, more forcefully.

Damn, this is turning into a scene from a melodrama.

The woman giggled again, then crashed her mouth against his, biting his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood.
It was far from a kiss, but when she pulled back, the gun did too.
She got up and turned to walk away, and Gerard saw this when he finally dared himself to open his eyes. He felt Mikey hug him from behind and he smiled nervously.

"You should get that arm checked out y'know," he offered, his voice trembling slightly.

"Doesn't hurt that much," the bassist argued, but he pulled out his cellphone anyway.

Suddenly the woman whipped around and fired twice at the two offguard musicians. The first
bullet missed them completely and shattered the window behind them, but the second shot caught Gerard in the throat.

When someone is shot, there is supposed to be numbness before the pain sets in, but whoever had told Gerard this was sorely mistaken as he was hit with the full merciless force of pure agony. He fell back onto the pavement, his hands clutching at his throat, trying desperately to breathe but not getting any air.

He heard Mikey yell once--"No!"--and then frantic voices as more eyes found the stricken frontman. He could not make out what they were saying. Then Mikey's blurring figure was leaning over him, gently easing his hands away from his throat only to be replaced by something cottony with a slight pressure applied to it As it turned out, Mikey had sacrificed the shirt he'd been using to tend to his own wound. Gerard blinked hard, trying to make his brother's features clearer. If he was going to die right there and then he wanted Mikey's face to be the last thing he saw, and noticed tears streaming down the younger man's face. The bassist turned away briefly and brushed at his tears, as if he'd noticed that Gerard had seen him crying and was embarrassed about it. He grasped one of Gerard's blood-stained hands in his own because he always knew that Gerard didn't want to die alone.

He can't die, he's my brother and the ambulance should be here any minute. Don't die Gerard, please don't die. I love you, please don't die--

The frontman managed to squeeze that hand feebly, and his senses began to fail him, he heard his brother talking to him, and concentrated as hard as he could on his voice until his weakening grip on Mikey's hand fell slack. Then his heart wasn't beating so fast anymore, and the world became edged in grey and that intense feeling of breathlessness was almost pleasant.

"It should be here any second now, Gee. C'mon, don't give up on me. You're not a quitter, dammit, I know that, you're a fighter and help's coming and... Gerard I can't do this alone please don't die...Gerard? Can you hear me? Gee? Oh shit, FRANKIE, HE'S NOT―"

He heard four more gunshots and sirens in the distance before the sun set on his vision.

"We' againnn...don't know where...don't know whennn..."
He recognised that song.
"But I know we'll meet againnn...some sun-ny dayy..."
He recognised that voice, but he couldn't see.
"Gerard, dear, I've been expecting you,"
"What? Who is that?
The sun rose again, and Gerard saw the woman singing standing before him.
Elena smiled warmly at her grandson, as if confirming her own identity, then embraced him in a hug. He felt tears sting his eyes but for once he did not fight them.
"I missed you," she said.
He drew a deep breath and welcomed the gesture. Dear lord he could [/breathe!

"I missed you, too."
They held each other for a moment, enraptured in the fact that they had been reunited after so long, and then Elena gently eased Gerard away, but still held his shoulders.
"Gerard, I need you to do something for me."
"Tell Mikey I said hi."
Gerard opened his mouth to reply, but the familiar, choking agony seized him once again and he watched as Elena faded from sight, singing her funeral song.
"We' againnn...don't know where...don't know whennn...But I know we'll meet againnn...some sun-ny dayy..."
He collapsed, and the sun set on him once again./]
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