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Chapter 02

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"Fuck it, Frank thought and instead of getting his guitar, he climbed over the speaker, which separated him from Gerard and headed for him."

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enjoy chapter two (well, lisa - you know this already ;-))


Chapter 02

“So tonight you have the show and then a few days rest again. We’ll keep driving west and the next stop…” Frank soon stopped listening to Jerry, who was telling them about their tour plan, while they all sat around the table in their bus, getting breakfast. He still felt embarrassed about last night’s happenings. He never wanted Gerard to see him like this.
Frank didn’t notice the comic book lying in front of him on the desk, surrounded by coffee cups, but he stared at it, lost in thought, until the letters became blurred. His fingers drummed a rhythm on the table to music only he could hear. He never noticed that the others were trying to get his attention, until Bob poked him in his side with his elbow.

“What?” he looked at Bob, who just grinned and took a sip of his coffee. Frank turned to look at the others, noticing their smirks.

“What? Sorry… just got…” Just got what? He looked at the table and remembered the comic book in front of him, which he quickly pointed at, letting the others know what had distracted him.

“You’re practicing your upside down reading?” Ray asked, amused.
Frank looked at him confused, so Ray nodded at the comic and he looked down at it and… Damn. It was upside down.

This really had to stop; he was becoming too suspicious. After he answered the question they wanted to ask him, he turned back to his own thoughts, every once in a while letting his eyes flicker towards Gerard, who fortunately didn’t notice. At least he thought so.
He needed him so badly. Every time he thought of him or saw him, he felt his body react towards him. And not just in a sexual way. And he did not just feel only shaking, if he couldn’t get near him for a day. He was sure that this must be what an addiction felt like. And what would addicts do to not feel this weak? They got their dose. He just needed to take advantage of their normal flirting and maybe he would feel better. At least he persuaded himself to think that it would work.

Jerry got up and the others followed him out of the bus. Gerard stayed behind, letting the others go first and cutting off Frank’s chance to escape. When they were alone, Gerard turned around to face Frank, who looked anywhere but at his face.

“I was…”

“Listen, about last night,” Frank cut him short, which didn’t seem to annoy Gerard. He closed his mouth and looked at him attentively.

“I was just… It was… Eh… You know, didn’t feel too good… had a bad day…” Alright, there was no fucking chance that Gerard would be satisfied and believe his babble. He looked up at the dark haired boy and he was right. Gerard looked at him sceptically and was apparently waiting for more.
But Frank didn’t say more. Well, what the hell should he tell him?
‘Gerard, thing is, I’m in love with you and you don’t seem to have the same feelings for me, so I’ll just go jump into Mount Doom, if that’s alright with you.’ Well, maybe it would work.

Oops. Dreamland again. He had to stop doing this!

“Sorry, zoned out there.”
And no wonder: he looked at those beautiful lips, they were… moving! Fuck, Gerard was saying something. What? Listen!

“…can talk to me, okay? If you feel like it…”
Ah yeah, he would not, but thank you for the offer.

“Yeah, alright, dude. Thanks. We have to go; I think Ray called.” Frank jumped passed Gerard, who looked after Frank. He knew nobody had called and felt badly that Frank did not trust him. He stood there for a moment, thinking about anything that might have happened in the past that would explain Frank’s behaviour, but he came up blank. He sighed again and grabbed his coffee mug, leaving for the others. After all, they had to prepare for the show tonight.


He wanted to fucking kiss him; he thought he would go insane, if he weren’t able to do so soon. And, as stupid as it may sound, now was the perfect chance. They were on stage, making the audience go wild, and Gerard had just animated them to jump up and down with him to the rhythm of the music.

Frank needed a kick; he could feel the adrenaline pump in his veins and was getting more aroused with every second that passed. He needed to distract himself, so he striped out of his guitar, ran to the end of the stage and dived in. He could hear girls screaming out loud, when they realized who they were touching. And let’s not talk about where they were touching too.

When he was handed back on stage after a few seconds, by one of the security men, right in front of Gerard - he saw him grin at him and it clicked. Fuck it, Frank thought and instead of getting his guitar, he climbed over the speaker, which separated him from Gerard and headed for him. Gerard had just turned around, singing to Bob and Mikey behind him, so Frank grabbed Gerard by the shoulder and turned him around, crashing his lips down onto his, opening his slightly after a few seconds. The crowd went wild once more and before he could let his tongue flicker across Gerard’s lips, he was being pushed back, tripping over the foot Gerard had put behind his, to let him fall down. He landed on the ground, uninjured, as he still had a good grip on Gerard, who went down with him and had his hand clutched to Frank’s shirt.
As soon as he was down, Gerard let go of his microphone, grabbed Frank’s hair and started kissing him wildly. Ray had started on his solo and when the girls started screaming like there was no tomorrow, he felt Gerard grin into the kiss. This time he let his tongue run along Gerard’s lips and when Gerard opened his mouth, theirs met. Frank forgot all about the show, the stage they were on; he couldn’t hear any of the music or the wild audience. Nothing. It was just the very pleasant feeling of Gerard lying on top of him, their lips connected, tongues playing and the psychotic feeling in his stomach. He wished for the moment to last forever or at least go slow motion as in those movies he hated. But, alas…
As soon as it had started, it ended again. Gerard pulled his head back, grinned at Frank and got back up, picking up his microphone, and left Frank on the floor. Abruptly, it all came back to him, he felt the music vibrate through the floor, the sound of screams started to fill his ears again and he remembered were he was. He turned around and crawled back on his hands and knees to where he had left his guitar.
Gerard was singing again and the fans were out of it, screaming, singing and jumping around, obviously delighted by the show.
Frank played the rest of the song sitting on his knees, not trusting his legs to carry him yet.


He needed a cold shower. They had just entered their backstage room, and while the others collapsed on the couch, he could only think of finally getting under the water to cool himself off. He grabbed a towel and headed for the bathroom, soon standing under the cold water.

“Ah, fuck!” Too cold. He held his breath until he had found a warmer temperature. Better, he thought, but nevertheless was there something wrong with the shower. The next second it turned hot again. Burning hot.

“SHIT!” Frank jumped back slightly and started to turn on the handle again. He didn’t get back under it immediately, but stuck his hand out, waiting for it to change again. And it did. Instead of staying at the temperature he had adjusted, it went ice cold again after a moment.

“What the…” he turned the handle again a few times and waited for it to change, but apparently it had stopped. He went back under the water and closed his eyes.

“Stupid shower.” He mumbled to himself, when he finally could let the water flow down his body without further interruptions.

Or so he thought.
Only a few seconds later, he heard someone laugh.

In the bathroom.

“Having problems in there?” Fuck. What the hell was he doing in here??



“Ehm… what are you doing?” Frank began to get nervous and felt a stirring sensation in his body. He immediately thought of where he had laid the bloody towel.

“Getting rid of the make-up.” Gerard sounded concentrated.

“And messing with the water?” Frank replied, mocking annoyance. Gerard laughed shortly.


“It was you!” Frank pointed a finger at the wall, behind which Gerard was standing.

“Sorry! You can have a go yourself, when it’s my turn, if you feel better then.” His turn? Did he actually wait for his turn? Well, of course he would, they all waited. Or had found other showers in the meantime, as they used to do. The thought of Gerard with him in the shower flashed through his mind and he bit his lip, trying to get it away. Well, if he would have been alone, but…

“Better hurry or I’ll come in.”

Holy …

“I’m finished!” Frank said a bit too fast and he hoped, Gerard had not heard the panic in his voice, so he hurried to add something else.

“Do you see my towel anywhere?” he called out, turning off the water.

“Yes.” Came the reply after a few seconds of Gerard obviously letting his eyes wander the bathroom for the item in question. But nothing happened afterwards, so Frank stuck his head out of the shower, to see what was wrong. He found Gerard reading the backside of some stupid shampoo bottle and his towel too far away from him to reach, without getting out.
Damn. If he hadn’t have to be in love with this man, who was teasing him all the time, he would just get out and get it himself.

“Will you give it to me then?” he asked and raised his eyebrows, when he heard Gerard’s reply.


“Why not?”

Gerard started grinning. He opened the cabinet and put the bottle back in, now looking it through and not once looking at Frank.

“It’s getting fucking cold!” Frank wished that were the truth.
And still no reply. At least Gerard had closed the stupid cabinet and turned to lean on the sink, arms crossed, grinning at Frank, who narrowed his eyes, looking askew back.

“Why don’t you get it yourself?” Teaser!! Did he actually know what he was doing to him?

“I… eh…”

“What are you guys doing in there?” Frank was never so happy to hear Ray’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Taking a shower.” Gerard called back. There was a short pause before they heard Ray speak again.


“No, Frank won’t let me.” Gerard grinned again.

“Well then come out finally, we want to go grab something to eat.”

“Gerard, you got a call!” Mikey now shouted. Frank reminded himself to kiss the younger Way some time for saving his ass.

“Too bad.” Gerard smirked to Frank and left, closing the door behind him. He walked towards Mikey and his cell, and thought that at least Frank was still up for a little flirting. Perhaps the kiss on stage was a sign that Frank would get better soon again. How wrong he was.
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