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Chapter 03

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“You’re sitting on me,” Gerard stated.

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A/N: thank you all for the reviews, i'm so glad you guys like the story so far! =)
the fic here is going to be about 20 chapters, more or less (no... actually not less) and i hope i can update soon again, my beta has disappeared... hm


Chapter 03

Soon they were all sitting in a tiny car on the way to some party Brian invited them to. Some guy he knew from a production team was having his birthday party, but the loads of food and beer were what truly convinced the group to go.

So now Ray, Gerard, Frank and Bob were squeezed together on the backseat, while Mikey could spread out on the passenger seat, Worm of the crew driving.

Frank was thinking that part over: Why was the skinniest of them allowed to sit in the fucking passenger seat, while the rest were squashed together in the back? Worm had actually apologized for it getting tight in the back, since they were four, but he remembered Mikey hurrying to be the one sitting in front, saying something like ‘That’s alright, dude.’ Yeah. Funny guy. So now Frank was squeezed between Bob and Gerard, but he didn’t mind. For obvious reasons. So maybe he should stop complaining to himself and after a minute of looking outside the window, he yawned.

“Tired?” Gerard had turned his head, speaking quietly, so only Frank could hear, as the others talked and listened to some music on the car radio. Frank just nodded and slid further down in his seat, trying not to move his knee, which was touching Gerard’s. He liked the feeling of being so close to him, but then again it made him insane to not being able to…

“We’re here.” They pulled up to a house and they heard music emitting from it as the group walked up to the door.


They had been at the party for about two hours and Frank had discovered that not even a few beers could wake him up tonight. He was so tired he could sleep on the spot. Maybe fresh air would help.
He exited through the front door, trying to find anybody he knew amongst the drunken horde. He heard Ray laugh somewhere nearby, and tried to make his way through, but ended up in the back garden. It was nice back here; there were only a few people and they were much quieter than those inside. For a minute or two. Suddenly he heard a loud laughter and some people emerging from the house. Frank looked over to check what was going on.

“Looks like Mikey has had enough for tonight,” he mumbled to himself and watched Mikey stumble around the garden with some others.

Okay, fresh air was not helping. Beer was not helping. Either there was coffee inside or a willing Gerard to drag him somewhere cosier.

He was betting on the coffee.

So inside again he headed, passing Mikey, who hugged him and continued on with whatever he and some of the guys were laughing at.

The living room was not as filled as it had been before; apparently a lot of guests had left or were lying on the floor somewhere, passed out. He looked around for anyone he knew, and his heart got faster when he saw who was lying on the couch with his eyes closed. Ah, perfect chance. But should he really push his luck? Whatever the right answer was, he just couldn’t let this chance slip and was glad that alcohol made him braver… or careless.
Frank hurried over to the couch and sat down on top of Gerard’s stomach. Of course, he opened his eyes at this.

“You’re sitting on me,” Gerard stated.

Frank pointed a finger at him.

“That’s true.” Why was the man always right? Frank managed to slip behind Gerard, pushing him slightly toward the edge of the couch.

“Is there any coffee?” he asked, but knew that if there was, Gerard would not be lying here, almost asleep.

“All gone.” Gerard eyed his friend, who was starting to make himself comfortable, lying down in the almost non-existent space between the back of the couch and Gerard. Frank cuddled up to Gerard, laid his head on his chest and placed an arm around his waist.

“You’re not going the get the couch,” Gerard declared, but put an arm around Frank nevertheless. He was just glad that Frank was apparently back to normal.

“It’s not the couch I want…” Frank mumbled, hoping Gerard hadn’t heard.



“Are you drunk?”

“Just a bit. I’m fucking tired though.” Frank yawned again and closed his eyes.

“I could try to find something to keep you awake,” Gerard started and Frank felt him move. He was so not going to get up! He needed to be close to him and he had never lain better.

“STAY! I need this!” Frank clutched Gerard by his shirt and let his leg intertwine with Gerard’s, not allowing him to move another inch.

“Alright! I’ll stay. …You look like you need it.”
What??! Oh, he thought, he was probably just talking about sleep. Yeah, he might need that too.

“Lying good?” Gerard stroked him slightly on the back.


“Thought so.”

They were silent for a few minutes, the music was still playing, thought not so loud as when they arrived and apparently the party had been moved to outside. At least they could hear Mikey’s voice coming from the garden sometimes. A few people passed them, either leaving or just stumbling around for something.

“Hey faggots! Watch it, you’re not alone,” some guy suddenly shouted from somewhere behind them.

“Damn shame. I could do much better without you waiting for some action,” Gerard shouted back and Frank had to chuckle.

“I thought you were asleep?” Gerard asked when he felt Frank grin against him.

“I am.”

“Then why are you talking?”

“Well I was and I still would be asleep, if you would finally shut up!”
There came no reply.



“Why aren’t you talking?”

“You just told me to shut up.”

“Do you do every thing I order you to do?”


‘Well then drag me to the next bedroom and … DON’T THINK!’ Not good! Gerard was lying close, or rather he was lying close, and he would notice if Frank enjoyed a certain dream too much… Then there would be no choice but to run for the bathroom and leave this beautiful man here all alone, finishing business off by himself.

“Something special on your mind?” He could hear the playful tone in Gerard’s voice.
Yes, Frank thought, letting himself have a few daydreams, careful not to push it too far, which wasn’t easy.

“Mmmm…” He growled sleepily after a few seconds. He was really almost going to fall asleep, when:

“AWWWW! LOOK AT THAT!” Mikey had obviously found them. Frank opened one eye carefully and saw Mikey pointing at them, making some weird face. He closed his eye again and spoke or rather grumbled:

“Mikey, go away.”

“You look so cute!!”

“And you’re drunk,” Frank mumbled against Gerard’s chest, but loud enough for Mikey to hear.

“You’re drunk too!” came the quick reply.

“So what?” Frank half-opened his eyes. Bob had joined them and let himself fall into the nearest chair.

“Nothing. You started this!”
What was he talking about? This kid made no sense.

“What are you talking about?”

“I have no idea.” Mikey swayed, then looked at Bob, grinned, and turned around suddenly, leaving the room again.

“Where’s Brian?” they heard him ask out loud.

“Oh man,” Bob mumbled from his chair and Frank closed his eyes again.
After an everlasting moment, because he couldn’t tell how long he had lain still, cuddled up to Gerard and almost asleep, he noticed the worshiped scent from Gerard. Why hadn’t he noticed before? God, he could drown in it.

“You smell good.” He really did.

“No thanks to you though, as I would almost not have gotten the chance to take a shower.”
Ah yeah, the shower scene. The shower and Gerard… The shower and Gerard! WONDERFULLY BAD SHOWER SCENE was forming in his head!!! Fuck, go away!! Think of something… No, shit! It was not helping and he was getting… Bathroom, now!
Frank groaned and got up, climbing over Gerard, who raised his head and looked at him with a surprised expression. Frank nearly stumbled over his own feet as he reached the floor, but managed to steady himself before heading for his relief.

“Where are you going?” He heard Gerard shout after him.

‘And it would be nice, if you’d join me, but I guess I shouldn’t have too high expectations’, he thought, when he found the bathroom and locked the door behind him.
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