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Lights Are On, But No One's Home

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Bump on the Head


“Breakfast is absolutely delicious, dear.” Sasuke chirped enthusiastically.

“Thank you.” Hinata mumbled groggily. Her eyes were bloodshot, and her hair looked like Oprah fixed it.

She flopped down at the table and stabbed her eggs and crammed her ham down. Sasuke watched her lovingly all the while.

“You look ravishing this morning.” He said, smiling. Yolk ran down her chin and bits of ham fell out of her mouth. She ignored the compliment.

“I’m going back to bed.” Hinata grunted and stumbled down the hall.


Saturday 2:45 PM, Hinata Hyuuga’s Residence

Hinata’s eyes fluttered open sleepily. Something big and heavy was pressing into her back, and she couldn’t figure out what the hell it was. Every time she pushed it away, it snuggled right back.

She rolled over and found a pair of black eyes staring right back. With a squeal she shot out of her bed.

“Good afternoon, my dearest love.” Sasuke called as she scrambled down the hall.


Saturday 4:08 PM, Konoha Grocery Store

After a quick shower, Hinata got dressed and ready to go out. (She very much would have liked a long relaxing bath, but was too scared that Sasuke would find her and jump in, too.) Sasuke had been happy to get out of the house.

“Did you get a shower?” Hinata asked him warily; afraid he’d suggest they take one together when they got home.

“No, I took one when you were asleep.” He answered. “I hope you don’t mind, I used some of your soap. I guess we ran out of mine.”

Hinata sighed and nodded. They walked through the door of the market and she pulled a list out of her back pocket. She grabbed a basket and went on her way. Sasuke grabbed his own basket and then Hinata’s.

“Let me, dear.” he smiled. A couple heads turned and Hinata blushed.

She grabbed a small carton of milk and eggs, and bought cheap cuts of beef and pork. It was miserable. How did Tsunade expect her to feed Sasuke? She barely had enough to feed herself!

“Sakura will be back from her mission in a couple days or so. Would you like to visit her when she gets back?” Hinata asked softly. She wasn’t sure if Sasuke even remembered who she was, but it was worth a try.

“Only if you want to. She rather annoys me, really.” Sasuke answered. Hinata frowned slightly and glanced at him over her shoulder. Funny, why did he remember Sakura and not Tsunade? Was it because he’d been closer to her? But that made no sense at all. He’d at least associated with Tsunade. He’d never even glanced at Hinata before.

She sighed and rubbed her temples. So confusing. “What about your sensei? He’ll be getting back soon, too.”

“Kakashi?” Sasuke asked. “I might. But I bet he would be late like always.” How strange the Uchiha’s delusions were getting.

Hinata led him to the ‘hygiene’ section. Hinata made to take the baskets from him, but he shrugged away, smiling.

“Would you please pick them out for me?” he asked her. Her face started to heat up with embarrassment as a woman and couple turned to gape at them. It felt so wrong that she was picking out his soap for him. Like they really were married. What next? Was she going to dress him? Probably…

She grabbed two bottles of soap and set them in the basket. In the end, she wound up buying him his own tooth brush and deodorant, as well as a man’s T-shirt and pair of mesh shorts. She would have liked to buy him his own toothpaste and comb and even towels, but she couldn’t afford to spend anymore money than absolutely necessary. If she could’ve, she would have let him use her own shampoos and body washes and deodorants and clothes, but the thought of Sasuke smelling and looking like a woman was just too disturbing and wrong.

The woman checking them out was no help either, to Hinata’s embarrassment. She gaped like everyone else, and being that close up made it all the worse. Her eyes were wide, and she kept looking between the two as if she couldn’t believe it.

Hinata guessed that she couldn’t blame the woman. Sasuke had only been in the village for a few days, and had jut now been seen by the public. Being seen with her had to be even more of a shock.

“Paper or plastic?” She muttered.

“Plastic.” Sasuke grunted, glaring at the woman. Hinata flushed as the woman scrambled to shove their purchase into dinky little plastic bags.

“Have a nice day.” She called dully, and Hinata fluttered her free hand awkwardly.

Once they were outside, Sasuke looked even more upset by the second. “How rude.” He huffed. “Staring like she was.” Hinata just nodded and kept her head down, keeping as fast a pace as she could without jogging.

“Hinata?” He asked. “Hinata, what’s wrong?” More heads turned to stare as they walked down the street. She should’ve taken the other route.

“Nothing.” she answered softly, embarrassed by all the attention. She knew this would happen. She didn’t want people at her front door asking about Sasuke, and what he was doing at her house.

He frowned, unconvinced, but stayed silent the rest of the way home. Only when they got inside did he bring it up again.

“Hinata, something is wrong. Tell me.” He said sincerely as they sat their bags on the counter. Hinata just sighed.

“Nothing is wrong.” she said softly as she pulled groceries from their bags. She busied herself putting things away. Sasuke picked up the carton of milk and put it in the fridge. Hinata grabbed his things and began putting them in the bathroom. He followed her.

“You were quiet all yesterday and today. You’re acting like something is bothering you. Please tell me. What is it? What’s wrong?” Hinata sunk her teeth into her lip. She really was a terrible actor, wasn’t she? Her frustration was boiling over. What was she going to tell him? ‘You busted your head on a rock and I’m not your fucking wife, you ruined my chances with Naruto and I want to tear your damned guts out’?

She was in the middle of setting his shampoo down on one of the shower ledges when she felt his hands grab either side of her hip. She probably could have reacted if she hadn’t been so stunned. No, not probably, could have, and should have.

He was plastered on her, so close that their noses touched, and he had both arms wrapped around her. He leaned backward and pulled her with him until he rested against the wall. Hinata’s face was scarlet with embarrassment, and he leaned down and pressed his warm mouth over hers.

In all the books Hinata read, women were usually stunned and outraged, and their eyes widened and popped out of their heads. Instead, hers felt droopy. His lips were hot and moist, only a little chapped. She felt his hand begin to rub her back and she relaxed a little bit.

When she felt his tongue against her lips, Hinata parted hers without thought. The only problem was that she didn’t know what the hell she was doing.

Hinata felt Sasuke’s moan before she heard it, and her face burned. He drew back for air and then pulled her to him again. He moved a bit more sluggishly this time, and she realized that the drugs were coming to affect. Then Sasuke’s arms flopped limply away and he began to slide down the wall. Had the moan been out of pleasure, or because he was fainting?

Hinata barely managed to hook her arms underneath his armpits before he knocked his head into the sink. She halfway wondered if he had hit his head, if it would knock any sense into him. She grunted from the strain, and dragged him across her apartment onto the couch. He was pure deadweight.

She struggled to haul him up onto the furniture, but he was too heavy. In the end, he wound up halfway on the couch, halfway on the floor. Hinata put a neck pillow under his head and a sheet over his legs before she made her escape to finish unpacking the groceries.

She wondered how much of the drug had been injected into Sasuke and how long it would be until he woke up. She also wanted to know when she would have to get it refilled, because Hinata didn’t want to imagine just what the outcome of the previous situation would have turned out if it hadn’t been for that nifty little device around his ankle.

Oh well, at least she had her bed tonight.


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