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Lost His Marbles

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Bump on the Head


Last night had not gone well since Sasuke woke up around two or three in the morning and decided to get in bed with her.

Tsunade read her like a book, but there really wasn’t anything she could do. The hospital was still packed and she barely even had time to talk.

“How does the device work, Hokage-sama?” Hinata asked sleepily. Sasuke was sitting on a stool, his right leg resting on the top of Tsunade’s thighs.

“I thought you already knew.” Tsunade said blankly. The first day she’d brought Sasuke to Hinata’s house she’d offered to explain it!

“I know.” Hinata answered, her face turning pink with embarrassment. “But I want to know how it works.” Hinata said, putting a bit more emphasis into it. Tsunade sighed and nodded.

“A steady flow of sedative is released into his system according to his height and body weight. I didn’t install it, so I don’t know the exact amount.” Tsunade said.

“As I’m sure you know, when the human body is experiencing certain emotions, the body temperature and heart rate change. As you know, anger results in a higher body temperature and heart rate. The machine reads these changes and administers more of the…medication.” She finished.

Hinata blinked. So it worked like a mood ring? She thought for a minute. Sasuke hadn’t been angry the night before, though. So the machine must have registered the ‘increases’ incorrectly.

“So if he’s happy, his body temperatures increases as well. But the machine can’t tell the difference, can it?”

“No.” Tsunade said, shaking her head. “The machine can’t tell the difference.”

Hinata nodded slightly. Just as Hinata was about to ask another question, a medic swung the door open.

“Tsunade-sama, we need you—“ Before he had time to finish Tsunade was on her feet, flinging the Uchiha backwards off the stool and rushed out of the door.

Sasuke lay on the floor, complete still for a moment, winded. He looked over at Hinata, blinking hard. She just sighed and stood up, going over to help him.

He smiled up at her and fluttered his eyes before taking her hand. When he stood up, he grabbed her chin briefly and kissed her lips. A few medics turned to stare and Hinata blushed, taking Sasuke’s hand and leading him outside.


Tuesday 5:22 PM, Hinata Hyuuga’s Residence

Hinata had finished cooking their dinner and was setting the table for the two of them. Sasuke had been in the living room staring at the wall for the past hour.

The first time he’d done it, it had freaked her out. It was just creepy. But after she thought about it, if his head was so fucked up that he thought she was his wife, it would make sense that he’d stare at walls.

“Dinner is ready, Sasuke.” Hinata murmured. It was almost like he’d fell asleep with his eyes open. After a minute or two he entered the kitchen.

As she set the table, Sasuke stopped her, held her face and kissed each cheek. He moved his bowl from across the table to the chair beside her own and waited for her to sit down.

“It smells delicious, love.” He said, fluttering his eyes as she poured them both a cup of green tea.

“Thank you.” Hinata answered, giving a small smile. She picked up her chop sticks and delicately picked up a strip of beef. It had been five days (counting today), since he’d started living with her.

It was surprising that the more thought she gave the situation, the more relaxed about it she felt. Even though she very much disliked it, she figured there was no point hating him or Tsunade for what they couldn’t help. And even though she didn’t realize it, taking him was a rather selfless and valiant deed.

Hinata glanced over to see Sasuke’s shoveling food into his mouth, smacking happily. At least Sasuke wasn’t worse than before.


Wednesday 11:04 AM, Hinata Hyuuga’s Residence

Hinata had wondered ever since he’d come to her house what the extent of his delusions were. Like who he did and didn’t remember, and what he knew about those people. She’d already been fired from her job at a restaurant downtown, cleaned the entire house (with Sasuke’s enthusiastic help), and cooked their meals’, so it wasn’t like she had anything better to do.

She strolled into the room where the man was staring at the wall and sat down in front of him. He smiled as soon as she sat in his line of view. It was strange, because whenever Hinata wasn’t there, or he wasn’t with her, he seemed to more or less shut down. But of course Hinata hadn’t noticed that, not yet.

“Hello, dearest.” Sasuke greeted her. Hinata nodded slightly in return, giving him a little smile.

“Hello. Um…I had a few questions.” He smiled at her warmly and just nodded.

“You said you had no name?” She began. He nodded, smile still in place.

“Why is that?” He blinked, and after a minute his face twisted up in thought.

“Well….” Sasuke said slowly.


Thursday 1:01 AM, Hinata Hyuuga’s Residence

Asking him anything had almost been incredibly uneventful. Like beating your head against a steal wall and hoping you’ll break through in a couple years, if you don’t die trying first. She may have made the world’s tiniest little dent.

Personal questions were pointless, other than asking about the wedding and what had happened in the past few days. Asking him about anyone was pointless since the only people he knew ‘personally’, were his teammates, his teacher and her. He knew about Itachi, ‘Sasuke’ and Sarutobi, but never met any of them. He didn’t know a damn thing about her teammates or any other team for that matter.

As far as places, he knew about the other Nin villages, where they were and what their village symbols (leaf, wind etcetera), but was fairly clueless to all else. When it came to asking him about herself, though, was when things got bizarre. Of all things to know and not to know, he knew a lot about her.

Her favorite color, her favorite food, her hobbies and as personal as you can get with it. He even knew about her family and quite a bit about the Byakuugan.

Hinata sat calmly, thinking about his answers over and over. She knew enough to know if he was faking, for whatever reason it may be. There was no way in hell.

She sighed, strolled to the couch and laid down, closing her eyes and emptying her head as best she could.


Saturday 6:30 PM, Hinata Hyuuga’s Residence

Quite honestly, Hinata needed to get out of the house. It was becoming unhealthy, always staying there. Of course Sasuke didn’t mind, which made things even more unhealthier. He’d passed out twice Thursday, four times on Friday, and if he hadn’t managed to keep going for so long today, he would have done in twice (if you catch my drift).

She had two bright red hickeys on her neck that stood out on her pale skin. It was embarrassing, and there was no hiding who did it unless she put make-up on. Self-admittedly, she was horrible at putting make-up on anyways, so she’d probably just end up making it look worse than it really was!

Now, Sasuke was out cold on the couch, probably for a full day. So Hinata had the house to herself. Problem was, what was she going to do? There were no games to play and not a single thing to be done around the house (still).

There was only one good thing that came to mind. A nice, hot bath.


Saturday 7:09 PM, Hinata Hyuuga’s Residence

Hinata didn’t like bubble bathes. They were messy and then the bubbles sometimes got in her mouth or something like that. So it was just steaming hot water.

She’d forgotten to turn the lights on in the first place, so they were already out, and the thrum of her neighbor’s extremely loud air condition was lulling her to sleep. Kami, she hadn’t slept well in days, even before the Uchiha came around. It was either work or nightmares, or she couldn’t even get to sleep in the first place.

Her entire body was covered in the dark water except her nose and above. She wished she had a snorkel and some goggles. But despite her drowsiness, her brain wasn’t ready to let her sleep.

She really did need to get out of the house. She was pale enough as it was, and she dressed like an old lady already, she didn’t need to act like one too…But what about Sasuke? What would she do with him?

After a minute of contemplation, she figured, despite how embarrassing it might be, taking him out of the house wouldn’t be such a bad idea. He was human too, after all, insane or not. It wasn’t very humane to lock him up in the house because she was embarrassed so be see with him.

That made her grimace. She felt embarrassed now, the she was treating him. Like the way Sakura used to treat Naruto (and that wasn’t like her at all…). It wouldn’t be so bad, being seen with him, would it? After a while it wouldn’t be too embarrassing. She’d get used to it…

Hinata was out in a matter of minutes, so she didn’t hear the door creak open, or the rustle of clothes falling to the floor. She didn’t even feel the water rippling as someone got in with her or the arms and legs wrapping around her, or maybe just not at first. But she did feel the hand on her chest and the one creeping down her belly, and that had to have been when her eyes popped open like bottle caps.


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