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Bump on the Head


Tsunade rubbed her eyes as she listened to Shizune.

“I think that Sasuke is better off this way, honestly. I mean, this saves so much time and effort.”

The older woman stared at her blankly and struggled to contain the drool.

“You’ve been going on for hours. What’s your point?” Shizune blushed at the comment.

“Look. I know you’ve tried to look into ‘fixing’ Sasuke. And…well…” Tsunade motioned to her with her hands.

Shizune growled. “I don’t think you should do it.”

Of all the funny and weird things that her little apprentice had said, that fell into the absolute mega weird. Shizune had always been for helping the patient, and for the patient’s rights.

“Why not?” The young woman glared at her. Tsunade reworded a more specific question.

“Alright, I’ll consider it. But first, I need to go through all the pros and cons of this.” Shizune smiled happily.

“Consider it.” Tsunade warned.


Tuesday 11:34 AM, Ichiruka Ramen Stand

“Why are we here again?” Sasuke asked.

“To see Sakura and Kakashi-san.” Hinata explained. She knew better than to refer to them as his teammates. That was begging to get in another long and drawn out debate which would end up with him out cold on her lap for the millionth time.

They ducked under the flap and their guests were already waiting for them. It almost made her laugh that Kakashi had beat them there. But she knew she was extra late. But that really wasn’t her fault. Sasuke had practically cornered her when she was in the shower. But she still blamed herself anyway.

“Sorry for being late.” Hinata said, blushing bright red. Sasuke just smiled and bowed his head politely as they took a seat. To say the least, it wasn’t much of a meal.


Thursday 10:17 AM, Hinata Hyuuga’s Residence

Like I said, it wasn’t much of a meal. Sakura had offered to take Sasuke off Hinata’s hands, which she gladly would’ve if he hadn’t been sitting there with them. But it was rude, and Sakura had been annoyingly persistant. She’d gone from offering, to begging and then bribing. She didn’t even lower her voice, either, so it wasn’t like Sasuke couldn’t hear her.

Before she could get to threatening, Sasuke slammed his fists of the table and started yelling at her. Sakura wasn’t too fazed until he flipped the table, latched on to Hinata in a lip-lock and then passed out. It was incredibly embarrassing, not to mention all the money it was going to take to repair the damage!

After it was done, Kakashi very politely took her aside and offered to take Sasuke off her hands. Once again, Hinata gladly would have, but thought better of it at the last moment. It would be selfish of her to dump Sasuke on him, when it would be so much easier for her to take care of him herself. Not to mention the fact Sasuke would wind up passed out with Kakashi more than he would with Hinata, which wouldn’t be fair to him, either.

Whenever Hinata declined, he also offered to get her and job and pay for the damage at the ramen stand.

So now she was going to work at a little store down town for seven fifty an hour. It wasn’t much, but it was the only job she could handle with a spot open for the hours she needed (she’d already worked in ever restaurant in Konoha). Not saying she was lazy (or a bad worker), but with her bad timing, clumsy tendencies and now Sasuke, her job options were incredibly limited, because she had to be careful about the hours she worked.

And so she started today, working from 5 PM to 1:30 AM, when it closed. She had to do, what she had to do.


Thursday 10:15 PM, Work

In the long run, Hinata decided it wouldn’t be too bad a job. The other girl that worked with her was nice enough, and willing to help her around. Her boss didn’t seem to be as much of an ankle biter as her last one. But then again, that was probably because he kept trying to sneak peeks at her ass. One of the main draw backs about working there was that it was a store of variety. It sold a little of everything, from some exotic candies, to clothes, health products and then to adult materials.

Really, it didn’t bother her as much as you would think. But that was probably due to the fact she hadn’t gone anywhere near that section of the store yet.

The hours weren’t too bad, all she needed to do was change her sleep schedule around a bit. So in the long run, it had been a good idea working there. Why? Because if she worked daylight, Sasuke would be awake and alone, which, no doubt, would end very badly. Working graveyard meant she might be asleep during the day, but she would be home, and he’d most likely be asleep by the time she went back to work again.

Not to mention Hinata’s job was pretty easy. Or it would be when she started it. For now, she followed the other woman around and watched her. In a week she’d be done and on her own, helping customers around the store.


Friday 1:56 AM, Hinata Hyuuga’s Residence

By the time she got home, Hinata was dragging ass. She was so tired. She’d been awake since 6:30 the other morning fixing breakfast, and hadn’t even taken a nap. She felt terrible.

She rubbed her eyes and unlocked her apartment door. Sasuke was still out cold from that day’s escapade from when she was leaving for work. It was almost surprising that he hadn’t woken up and tore up her apartment before he passed out for a second time. She wondered if he’d ever understand the concept of his excitement was what caused him to enter the virtual coma. Most likely not.

Maybe she should ask to get Sasuke’s drug dosage lowered instead of increased. It wasn’t really fair to have him sedated for most of the day. Of course, he needed the sedative to at least drain his energy, or make him take a short nap. She had no objections against that.

But Hinata was too tired to even care at that point. Maybe she would pay a visit to Tsunade tomorrow…or today….or whatever it was.


Friday 11:23 AM, Hinata Hyuuga’s Residence

That morning when Hinata woke up she wasn’t all that surprised to have Sasuke in bed with her. She was getting used to it, and it bothered her less and less each morning. No matter how many times she got up and put him on the couch, she’d always wind up with him again. But it was a mistake telling him about her plans to lower his sedative. He was wearing no shirt, arms wrapped around her and his face cuddled between her shoulder and neck when she very lightly hinted at it. He caught on almost instantly.

As soon as the words popped out of her mouth, Sasuke practically jumped on her. It happened too fast for her tired eyes to focus on, and he had her hips successfully straddled in seconds. He was grinning from ear to ear, a pink blush on his cheeks and an impish gleam in his eyes.

He pinned his wrists and latched on to her mouth. His tongue pushed into her mouth and he ground his chest against hers. He was incredibly pale all over, and he was bonier than he was muscle. Since his heart rate had already been sky rocketing from the excitement, it didn’t take long.

Hinata gave a guttural grunt as she rolled Sasuke off of her and looked him over. He was incredibly skinny. She could see a little definition in his chest and abs. But she could make out his ribs and the sharp ridges of his hips. His arms had wiry muscles, but were pretty skinny too, now that she thought about it. Even his face seemed worn and weathered. His cheek bones looked a little sharper, and the circles under his eyes had seemed to have gotten darker (how that was possibly with all the sleep he got, she’d never know).

Hinata sighed quietly and ran a hand through her dark hair and stood up, walking to the kitchen.


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