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Bump on the Head


Hinata walked tiredly into the hospital, Sasuke bouncing happily at her side. She rubbed at her eyes as she walked, tired from another sleepless night.

She really wished she hadn’t mentioned lowering the sedative to Sasuke before checking with Tsunade first. From the time he had woken up the day before until now, he’d been begging her to take him to the hospital.

As she asked around for Tsunade, she finally found her resting on a bench. She looked like she hadn’t slept in days, judging by the circles underneath her eyes.

“Hokage-sama…?” Hinata asked attentively. She didn’t respond at first, but then her eyes slowly made their way to her face.

The younger woman blushed slightly and shifted under the other woman’s annoyed gaze.

“Um, I was…if we could…lower...Sasuke’s medicine?” She asked awkwardly, her facing turning scarlet as the bemused expression on Tsunade’s face. It looked like it face was sagging.

Hinata played with her fingers, utterly embarrassed.

“Hinata…when I first asked you to keep him, you begged me to take him back. And now you ask about lowering his dosage?” She asked incredulously.

Hinata really didn’t want to stand there and give her the whole story.

“He’s asleep all the time.” she mumbled. “I don’t think it’s healthy.”

“It’s not!” Sasuke chipped in. Tsunade glared at him like a mad dog, and he puffed up like an angry cat.

“Just lower it. Not stop it completely.” Hinata said quietly.

“Fine.” Tsunade said, shaking her head. She stood up and grabbed Sasuke’s arm, hauling him off. The young woman was left standing in the hallway blinking.


Sunday 4:44 PM, Hinata Hyuuga’s Residence

In the long run, Hinata didn’t regret lowering the dose. It had been a very good idea. Rather than being passed out for hours at a time, Sasuke simply became so exhausted that he had to lay down for a while until he could see straight again.

He was much more helpful that way. Usually, when she left for work, he’d be passed out on the couch after attempting to persuade her to stay home. When she got home later, he had the house spick and span. He even had her meal cooked and her bed made. Where he’d learned his culinary skills, she had no clue.

And it got easier to let him sleep in her bed with her. She started enjoying it a little bit more every night. The weather got a bit cooler everyday, and Sasuke radiated heat like a furnace.

Though, she was beginning to notice Sasuke getting quite restless. Hinata wasn’t an innocent idiot like most people would like to think. She knew the lack of sex killing him; even if they’d never actually been intimate. Unless you count the millions of thwarted attempts.

Hinata was not a virgin, but had never had a problem with abstinence. She didn’t feel the need to have sex after six months without. She could wait for someone. So knowing and understanding Sasuke’s predicament was a totally different thing. She knew that sexual abstinence for a man was very different for a man than it was for a woman.

She could clearly see him becoming more and more stressed as the days passed. He was never angry or aggressive or violent, not at all, like she would have expected. But she noticed a change in behavior, nonetheless. He was very suggestive, and very whiney.

But there was really only one worry that Hinata had. Sasuke would undoubtedly be awake and running around while she was at work.


Sunday 9:00 PM, Hinata Hyuuga’s Residence

Sasuke lay on the couch, still drowsy, waiting for his wife to get home. Before she’d left, while he was sagging limply across her bed, she had a talk with him about staying in the house while she was gone.

He looked around, bored. The house was clean, and he had a few hours to wait before she got home.

It took an hour before he finally got up and went looking for something to do. He drew about six pictures of before he went looking again. He found a chest in Hinata’s closet. It wasn’t locked, so it didn’t seem very private.

When Sasuke opened it he choked on the dust. A bunch of old blankets were on the surface. Dark blue and white like most of Hinata’s blankets. Spares for when guests came over, he assumed. He pulled them out and dug around some more.

Underneath were books and scrolls, thick and thin, newer and older. He pulled them out by the arm full and began to sort through them. The majority were books on form and techniques, some on weapons. But he found a book on flowers and plants, one on bugs and another on dogs. Then there was an old story book.

And for some reason, among the selection was a book called “Itchi Itchi Paradise” or something to that affect. It looked like it’d never even been opened once.


Monday 1:14 AM, Hinata’s Hyuuga’s Residence

Sasuke was on his knees, his nose shoved in the story book. He was on the fourth story, over two hundred pages in, and not even a quarter through the book. He just happened to look up and notice the time.

He jumped to his feet, struggling to clean up his mess, hastily placing the books back in the chest and mashing blankets on top. He took the other five books he planned on reading and sat them on Hinata’s bedside table, then darted into the kitchen to start cooking.

Hinata got in ten minutes later, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and leaning heavily on the wall while she kicked off her shoes. She walked into the kitchen and glanced at Sasuke, who was scrambling to fix her something.

“You didn’t have to do that.” She muttered. He glanced back at her and smiled sweetly. Hinata just shook her head and rubbed her chin.

She sat down at the table, resting her chin on her arms, shutting her eyes. When she started to doze, there was a clink on the table and the smell of food. She opened her eyes and felt Sasuke kneel behind her. Before she started eating, Sasuke turned her head and pressed a kiss to the side of her face and then the mouth. He was soft and warm and comfortable.

She fell asleep with their faces mashed together.


Monday 1:54 PM, Hinata’s Hyuuga’s Residence

After he had carried Hinata to her bed, undressed her (much to his pleasure), tucked her in and ate the meal that she hadn’t touched, he read. He was almost halfway through, after reading sixteen more stories.

Hinata woke up completely naked, Sasuke cuddled at her side with her old story book resting on his face. She raised her eyebrows and picked it up. She glanced over at her bedside table, looking over the other four books before setting it down.

Sasuke’s breathing was even and peaceful, his arms crossed over his chest. Hinata stood up and went to her closet, taking her clothes and going to the bathroom to get a shower and get dressed.


Monday 1:57 PM, Tsunade’s Office

Tsunade’s face was stuck in a massive book as she snored loudly. The door opened and Shizune came through, slamming the door a bit extra hard. The Hokage’s eyes cracked open, bloodshot, and she nearly bared her teeth and growled.

“So what do you think? Did you consider it?” the young woman asked hopefully.

Tsunade thought about tearing her apprentice’s face off and gnawing on it. She woke her up to ask about that? It couldn’t have fucking waited?

“I considered it.” She snarled. “I’m leaving it up to Hinata.”

“What?! If you leave it up to Hinata, we both know what’ll happen! He’ll just get up, and walk out! Kami knows how many people he’ll kill trying to get out for a second time!”

Tsunade just shook her head. “Hinata is caring for him. It’s up to her. That’s my final answer. Go.” She finished flatly.

“But Tsunade-sama—“

“Go!” she repeated.


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