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Where I Go From Here

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"So Frank," a different girl started, looking curiously at Frank, "are you Emmett's new boyfriend?"

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"Hey Emmett, are you busy?" Frank held his cellphone to his ear, shaking a little. "I could use someone to talk to."

"I'm at the hospital still." Emmett told him and Frank felt like crying. "You could come here though."

"But it's your work..."

"It's cool Frank. If you really need someone to talk to, I'll find time." He said a little enthusiastically. "The kids will love you! I know it!"

"Ok; sure." Frank said with a heavy sigh. "If you're positive you won't get in trouble." He hung up then left a note for Ray, catching a cab afterwards since he didn't have his own car and it was too far to walk. He really didn't want to pay so much for a cab but he really needed to talk to someone who wouldn't push him towards Gerard.

When he arrived, Frank went to the information desk because he had never been to the children's hospital before. The walls were brightly painted in vibrant colors with scenes of animals and cartoon characters. "Can I help you sir?" A girl with brown hair and braces asked from behind the desk. She wore a red and white striped apron with a name tag that red 'volunteer' in big letters under her name and picture.

"Could you please tell me where the burn center is?" He asked quietly, hands in his hoodie.

"Take the elevator around the corner to the fifth floor and follow the blue arrows." She said, smiling and sticking her arm out to the side to direct Frank to the elevators. He followed the girl's directions, taking the elevator to the fifth floor and following blue arrows, ending up at two large doors with a sign overhead which read 'burn center'; a window next the doors with a receptionist reading a magazine.

"Are you a visitor?" She looked up and noticed Frank.

"Yeah." He said nervously as he walked to the window. "I'm here to see Emmett."

"Nurse Emmett?" She asked and Frank nodded. "One moment." She smiled then picked up her phone. "Hey Em," the receptionist turned away from Frank, "there's a really hot guy here for you." Frank blushed because he could hear her though she had her back to him. "Yeah; ok." A moment later, she hung up and looked back to Frank, still smiling. "He'll be right out."

"Thanks." Frank said, still slightly blushing as he waited. It wasn't too long before Emmett came out of the doors, wearing baby-blue scrubs instead of the jeans and shirt he had on previously. "Sorry Emmett." Frank said, smiling a little as he stared at him. The scrubs brought out Emmett's eyes which were already something that you would notice right away when looking at him. Emmett smiled then pushed his light brown hair out of his face because his bangs were a bit long.

"I told you not to worry about it." Emmett told him before walking to Frank and hugging him. "I get off in like a half hour so if you want, you can come hang with the kids while I finish up. They'll love you." He gave Frank this puppy-dog look that made Frank agree. Emmett took Frank's hand and led him behind the doors and down a hall. "It might be a bit overwhelming at first. Just don't make a big deal by sweet talking them or something. They know what they look like and they're fine with it." Frank nodded as Emmett pulled Frank into a large room with two long rows of beds.

There were only five or six children there but the sight still made Frank's heart melt. The kids had tight, discolored skin from being burned; yet all of them had bright smiles and gleaming eyes. Frank couldn't understand how they could be so happy after what happened to them. "This is my friend Frank that I was telling you about. Treat him better than you treat me." There was amusement in Frank's voice and the kids all began to laugh. Frank figured they couldn't have been more than twelve years old.

"H-hello." Frank said nervously, managing a not-so-awkward-looking smile though he felt out of place.

"You're cute!" A little girl said and Frank found himself blushing a bit more. Not that he has really ever encountered any, but small children have never told him he was cute before. "Are you a nurse?"

"No." He said, trying to keep his voice steady so his nerves would die down.

"What do you do?" A small boy, probably eight or nine, asked; sitting on the edge of his bed.

"I, uh, play guitar in a band; kinda." Frank said and they all looked at him with amazement like he was freaking Santa Clause or something. There was a chorus of 'wow' from the all.

"That's so cool!" A boy further down, probably the eldest there, said with a huge smile. "I'm taking guitar lessons!" His face lost some of its gleam. "Well, at least I was." The boy held up his hands which where bandaged so Frank assumed he got burns.

"Don't let that stop you." Frank told him, walking towards the boy, his nervousness gone. "All you need is passion for the instrument; everything else falls into place." He lifted his sleeves to reveal his bandaged arms. "I'm not going to stop."

"Will you play something for us?" Someone, Frank didn't know who, called.

"I don't have my guitar with me."

"Maybe next time." Emmett said, looking to Frank with admiration.

"So Frank," a different girl started, looking curiously at Frank, "are you Emmett's new boyfriend?" Frank felt his cheeks glow with embarrassment again as they all looked at him, waiting for a reply.

"Alright;" Emmett intervened, walking to Frank and putting his hands on Frank's shoulders. "You all just lost your privileges to talk to him." The kids all moaned and Emmett led Frank out of the room. "Sorry about that. They can be a little straight forward sometimes."

"It's okay." Frank said, still a little shocked from the question. "They're really nice. I don't know if I could have their spirit if I was in that situation." He pulled his sleeves back down and looked to the floor.

"Sure you could." Emmett told him with faith. "I have to take care of something, but first I have someone I want you to meet." Taking his hand again, Emmett led Frank down another hall to a room with a sign on the door reading 'Brianna'. "Brianna is my niece. Her parents, my brother and his wife, died in a house fire. Brianna was the only survivor. She's the reason I got into this field." Emmett pushed the door back to reveal a bright pink room looking just like a normal little girls room except for the medical equipment.

"Is that you Em?" Brianna chimed as he walked in. Frank wanted to cry when he saw her. She was probably the cutest little girl he had ever seen. Her long blonde hair was in a bunch of loose curls which were tied into pigtails with pink ribbon. She had very pale blue eyes and a large smile which showed her crooked teeth. Frank didn't even notice how heavily burned her skin was because she just looked like any ordinary little girl to him.

"Hey brat." Emmett said gently as he walked to her, sitting on the bed and giving her a hug. "I brought a friend." He said as he let go, pushing a few strands of her hair out of her face. "Can you keep him company while I take care of a few things?"

"'course I can!" Brianna said, giggling a little. "What's your name?" She asked Frank, smiling away.

"Frank." He said, looking around the room after wards and admiring all the stuffed animals on shelves along the wall.

"I'm Brianna." She said happily as Emmett got up. "Uncle Em calls me brat though."

"Because you are one." Emmett said, ruffling her hair a little then kissing her forehead. "I'm counting on you to keep Frank company." He stood and walked past Frank with a smile. "I'll be back in no more than ten minutes." Frank nodded and Emmett disappeared.

"Are you Em's friend or boyfriend?" Again, the shock came to Frank. He couldn't understand how Emmett could be so open about everything when Frank was petrified to show the slightest sign of his sexuality because of what happened at his prom.

"I-I'm his friend." Frank said, a little awkwardly because he was still shocked.

"I didn't like Chris." Brianna made his unpleasant face and crossed her arms. Frank couldn't help but smile because it made her look even cuter. "He didn't treat Uncle Em right."

"Your uncle is very nice." Frank said, trying to find a topic of conversation. "He talks to me when I'm sad and helps me feel better."

"Uncle Emmett loves to help people." She said, her face becoming happy again. "When he can, he comes to talk to me."

"He talks to me when he can too." Frank said, still a little unsure of what else to talk to. "I don't feel so lonely when he talks to me." Though Frank had only known Emmett for a few days, they had talked on the phone a few times because Frank would be freaking out about one thing or another; especially with Gerard in the hospital, which is what he wanted to talk to Emmett about.

"I have all my friends around the room to keep me company." Brianna said merrily and Frank assumed she was talking about the stuffed animals. "I don't like to feel alone."

"I don't either."

"Here." Brianna suddenly reached under blanket and pulled out a really ratty looking bunny plushie who had patches, stitches, and even a missing button. "I want you to have Pokey."

"I couldn't take your friend from you." Frank said, shocked again because he figured that since the bunny was so beat up, it was probably her favorite stuffed animal.

"I want you to have him though!" She sounded stressed now because Frank wouldn't take it. "Pokey always makes me feel better when I'm upset."

"Then he should stay here with you."

"I don't really get upset anymore." Brianna still held her arm out with the stuffed animal but her voice dropped a little. "I'd rather him go help you then to the trash." Hesitantly, Frank took the stuffed animal from the girl and held it in his hands. Something about it made him feel better inside and he smiled as he looked at it, sticking it in his hoodie since it wasn't too big.

"Thank you very much Brianna." He said softly. "That's very kind of you." Brianna smiled widely at him and nodded.

"Alrighty Bri;" Emmett suddenly appeared again, wearing his jeans and t-shirt again. "It's time for me and Frank to go home." He smiled to Frank as he walked to Brianna and sat on the bed again. "Did you have a nice time talking to him?"

"I like Frank." She said with a smile, sticking his head up with dignity. "Much better than Chris." Brianna whispered and Emmett rolled his eyes, ruffling her hair a bit more. "Stop it!" She said with laughter, smacking his hand. "You're going to ruin my hair!" Frank started laughing a bit because Brianna was reminding him of Gerard; they both were definitely divas. "Can he come back?"

"If you're good." Emmett kissed her forehead again. "I'll be back tonight to tuck you in and read you your story." He promised her, pulling the blanket up to her chest as she leaned back against the pillows again. "Love you Bri-bear."

"Love you too!" She chimed as Emmett stood up and left with Frank. Neither really spoke on the way to Emmett's car because Emmett was busy making sure his beeper was set and his ID was put away.

"Was she nice to you?" Emmett asked as they got outside into the employee parking lot.

"She's really sweet." Frank said, hands in his hoodie and holding the bunny.

"I don't know what I'm going to do when she goes." He said, his mood becoming stressed and afraid. "I've taken care of her since the fire which was when she was a baby."

"Where's she going?" Frank asked, opening the car door and getting in as Emmett got into the driver's seat.

"You didn't notice?" He asked with a little shock, sticking the key in the ignition while Frank buckled.

"Notice what?"

"Brianna is blind and crippled. Her body isn't going to last much longer." Emmett said, shock and pain in his voice.

"W-what?" Brianna looked like a perfectly fine little girl to Frank; except for the burns at least.

"Wow. You're either blind or you have a heart of gold." Emmett smiled a little as he backed out of the parking spot and pulled onto the road. "Bri's body grows slowly, but her organs remain on a normal pace. Her heart is getting too large for her chest. Eventually, it won't have enough space to function." He said very quietly and Frank could tell he wanted to cry. "That should be pretty soon."

"I'm really sorry." Frank said softly, feeling like he wanted to cry himself. "Why does God do this to children?"

"I know I'll miss her, but it will be good for her to be with my brother and her mom again. She asks about them a lot." Emmett said, trying to make the situation happier. The air still remained heavy and grim though. Emmett took a deep breath and put a smile on his face. "Sorry to put that on you."

"Whenever you need to talk, just call." Frank told him and Emmett nodded in appreciation.

"What did you need to talk to me about?" Emmett asked, following Frank's directions back to Emmett's apartment.

"It's nothing; I just needed to talk." He lied and Emmett nodded though he didn't fully believe Frank. Emmett pulled up to the apartment building and Frank undid his seatbelt. "Thanks. I would love to go back and play guitar when my arms heal." Frank said with a smile. Something about being around the children made him feel better. He opened the door then looked back to Emmett. Before he knew it, his lips were against Emmett's. "I'm sorry!" Frank said hastily when he pulled away, shocked with himself for what he just did.

"Frank...?" Emmett said with confusion and shock.

"I have to go." Frank said, shutting the door and running inside the building, his head spinning with emotions. He couldn't believe he had just kissed Emmett; especially when he didn't feel that way about him. Frank opened the door and shut it, going to his room and laying down on the bed; throwing the note out on the way. He curled up on the bed and pulled Pokey out; holding the ratty bunny closely to his chest. Sure Emmett was sweet, thoughtful, compassionate, kind, gentle, cute, helpful and a great nurse but they were friends. Frank was in love with Gerard; right?

A/N----- HEHEHEHE. What shall happen? You'll have to wait and find out won't you.

I was going to put a small part involving Gee in here too but I thought that would take away from the dramatic ending of this part; though the idea I have in my mind involving Gee would have created a whole new dramatic ending.

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