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The way Pete feels...

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Pete does have feelings for Trick! Hmmm...I wonder if Patrick will know! Sorry horrible chapter name! lol

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Pete's POV:

I started towards Patrick during the song and put my head on his shoulder as I usually did. He felt so warm and it made me all jittery inside to lean my head on his shoulder. I could feel every note of the song he was singing just by touching him. I love him so much, I thought. If only you would give me some sort of sign that yu love me back... I walked back across the stage away from Patrick. This show was turning out to be a pretty good one. We had a good crowd tonight. But all I thought about all night was Patrick. we had been friends for almost six years now. The first day that I'd met him, and how I had fell in love with him the moment I saw his perfect and beautiful face, and his eyes. The first show we ever played together, and the crazy days we had on tour in that crappy old white van. I also thought about when we were so happy when we heard 'Sugar We're Goin Down' on the radio for the first time ever. I almost told him that day. But I held back. And now, how I feel about him, at this very moment. All of these memories rushed back into my mind. I glanced back over at Patrick, singing his heart out in the middle of the stage. I looked away, sure not to stare too long. Te song ended and we immediatly began to play 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"'.
This show was getting very exhausting and I can't wait to just be off this stage and nearer to Patrick.
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