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Patrick's illness

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After the show, Patrick feels a bit sick....

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Patrick's POV:

Finally this concert was over and I took my guitar off of my body and put it in the rack. Joe followed and then Pete and Andy entered the hallway backstage together. Andy was the first one to speak.
"How cool was that audience!?" he asked us.
"They were a good crowd." Pete replied. I felt almost sick being so close to him, yet still too far. I was sweating despite the A/C that ran through the hall.
"I need caffeine, pronto!" Joe announced. Pete cracked up and he unlocked the door to the abnormally large dressing room. We all walked inside and sat down. All except Joe who ran to the countertop and began making coffee. He drak his coffee black. Yuck.
"Hey Patrick! Did you see when I fell on stage! I tried to make it look like I did it on purpose but it didn't work out so good! Hehe..." Pete asked me.
"Oh yeah! Who could've missed that!" I replied. Why was I so fucking nervous? This is Pete here. My best and most loyal friend. I have serious issues. Andy popped in soem video game and Joe joined him at playing it while I sat watching quietly on the couch. Pete was next to me, only about a foot away. The length away he was from me was killing me. Definatly killing me. He moved closer, as if reading my screaming mind which was saying, "Move closer!!! Move closer Pete, PLEASE!!!". I ignored my mind and put my head in my hands.
"You okay, Patrick?" Pete asked leaning closer. Okay, his closeness was not helping me at all. I wanted him, but everybone in my body protested. I meant to reply, "Yes Pete, I just have a headache, okay?" but what actually came out was, "Ngg-ughhh".
"I think somebody needs their beauty sleep!!!" Pete yelled sarcastically and tickled me. I fought back furiously batting his hands away. Why? Why would I do that...but he helped me stand up and walked me to my room, which was in the hotel across the street.
When we stepped out the back door, the extremely cool, night air hit my face and it felt exceedingly good. tried not to lean on Pete so much, but I was beginning to feel dizzy now. Man, what did I eat? My stomach lurched and I almost gave up all the contents of my stomach to the sidewalk. We rode the elevator to the 4th floor where my room was. I shakily slid the keycard into the slot to unlock the door and as soon as the door was open I stumbled and collapsed at Pete's feet.
"Patrick, dude are you okay?" Pete said frantically.
"Pete, I don't feel so...good." I struggled to say.
"Do you need a doctor?" He asked worriedly.
" Pete. Just---no. I hate doctors." I said. I stood up, barely, and made my way to the bathroom . I leaned over the toilet and threw up. Most likely it was everything I had eaten all day, which wasn't a whole lot, but still. I felt a little better after that, but not good enough. My ears were buzzing and my head was spinning and the walls all blended together. Things weren't getting anybetter.
Pete steadied me and sat me on the bed.
"Its okay, Trick, I'm gonna call an ambulance..." he said and dialed the number. heard him talking to the person on the phone, but it was muffled, I could berely hear anything. I couldn't even think straight. Pete walked over to me, I was now laying on the bed, my legs hanging off of it.
He put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Everything's gonna be fine Patrick, you'll see. I called Joe and Andy to come over here and the ambulance will be here soon." he said urgently. His touch was welcomed by all of my senses. He took my hat off and ran his fingers through my hair. He also blew soft, cool air on the top of my head. I absolutely loved it. But I closed my eyes and just layed there. Pete put my hat back on when Andy and Joe walked in.
"I think he is overheated. I called the ambulance though." I heard Pete tell them, though I had to strain to hear them talking.
I decided that whatever was taking over my body right now is definatly winning, and I closed my eyes tightly again until the dor opened once more ten minute later. The paramedics, I figured. My eyes still closed, they walked me out to the waiting ambulance.
Someone helped me up into the truck and layed me on a narrow, uncomfortable bed. Probably like a stretcher or something. I opened my eyes and my vision was slightly blurred, and the ceiling was still moveing in waves. There was a sharp pain in my wrist and I let out a short,high pitched moan. Someone grabbed my free hand and held it. I was sure it was Pete. He must hae decided to ride in the ambulance. I love you Pete, was the last thing I thought before everything went black.
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