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I Need You More than I Ever Needed Myself...

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Patrick in the hospital? What does Pete think....

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Pete's POV:

I stroked Patrick's cheek gingerly.
"Is he asleep?" I asked the nurse next to me.
"Yes. I gave him an anesthetic. I am pretty certain he got overheated. I don't know how, it's such a chilly night..." she said.
"We just played a concert, and I think it was pretty hot in there." I said in realization. No more humid arenas for Fall Out Boy.
"Is he gonna be okay, though?" I pleaded to the nurse.
"Yes, of course, but we'll most likely need to keep him over night. Just in case it turns out as something other than a case of heat."
she replied. I sighed in relief and patted Patricks shoulder. "Everthings gonna be just fine Trick, just fine..." I whispered into his ear.
When we arrived at the hospital they wheeled Patrick into the building on a gurney and put him into a room. They moved him to the bed and attached his IV to a different machine. Then the paramedics or doctors or whoever they were left. The lights were dim and Patrick wasjust lying there on the hospital bed, sleeping like an angel.
Then oe and Andy walked in---no ran and Joe asked, "Dude is he okay?"
"Yeah---well, the nurse said so.", that was all I could manage to say.
"Aw man. This is bad. Poor Trick." Andy said.
"Poor Trick." I repeated.

Patrick hadn't moved at all during the night, which worried me.
"Excuse me..." I said to the nurse who came into the room at around 4am.
"Yes?" she replied kindly.
" he okay? I just---I mean could you get one of the doctors to check his pulse or something? Its just really bothering me to just see him laying here doing nothing and not moving." I said. She smiled and nodded.
"Thank you!" I said and sighed. Finally. If you want something done around here, you gotta make a big deal of it! God!
A doctor didn't come in for another half hour. He checked Patrick's pulse and the IV and his heartbeat. I scribbled somthing onto a clipboard and turned to face me.
"He is doing just fine sir. You may want to think about getting some sleep." the doctor said with a smile.
"Thanks doc." I said, and he left the room.
"Ya hear that Tricky? Doctor says you're doing good!" I said softly and poked his nose. His lips twitched and I laughed.
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