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Do You Mean It?

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Great. Now Pete's in the hospital.

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Patrick's POV:

I cried all the way to the hospital. I was horrified of what might happen to Pete. What would I ever do if he didn't make it? I shivered at the thought and pulled my legs up to my chest in the waiting room seat. Andy was next to me on one side and Joe had just arrived five minutes ago and was sitting on my other side.
"That was crazy, dude." Andy said to Joe.
"Hey, Patrick are you okay, man?" Joe asked.
"Y-y-yeah." I replied.
"Dude that must have really messed you up..." Joe said. I just sat and looked forward shaking slightly and sort of whimpering every so often.
When a doctor told us we could go and see Pete now, I practically flew into his room.

There he was.

Pete was laying in a hospital bed looking sickly and so not himself.
"He's going to be just fine. We removed the...erm....bullet...a few inutes ago. He can leave tomorrow but he has to be careful because of his stitches.", the doctor said.
I ran up to the doctor and hugged im around the waist. Why were doctors so tall? But then I ran over to Pete and sat next to his bed.
He didn't budge. I leaned in and put my head on his legs. A tear escaped my eye and Andy and Joe just stood in silence a few feet away.
"Why does everything have to end up so fucked up?" Joe asked nobody in particular.
Why Pete? I thought. Why not me? Pete didn't deserve to get shot. It should have been me.
Later, when Joe and Andy had left to get some sleep, I stayed. They tried to convince me to eave too, but I refused. I was not leaving Pete's side.
I leaned in to Pete's ear. "I-I...I love you Peter Wentz..." I whispered.
One of the worst possible things happened then.
Pete opened his eyes slowly.
"Patrick...?" he said.
"Yes, Pete?" I whispered, with my lips still inches from his ear.
"Do you mean it?"
In a barely audible tone I said, "Yes, Pete."
Pete's body relaxed and he fell back asleep then. I sat up and kissed his lips. Something I had wanted to do for longer than anyone had ever[//] known.
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