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No More Secrets

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definatly no more secrets....

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Pete's POV:

I awoke laying in a ward on a lumpy mattress.
"Good morning sleepyhead." Joe said looking over the top of his magazine and then setting it down.
"Aw man. I feel like fucking shit." I said and yawned.
"Yeah probably because you got shot last night." Joe said.
Then had a flashback.
The sound.
The pain.
Patrick's tears.
I remembered what Patrick had said to me last night.
I immediatly sat up, but regret it as soon as i did, for my side was still very painful.
"Where's Patrick?!" I said frantically.
"Chill dude! He went to the cafeteria with Andy. They should be back in five minutes." Joe said.
I would not wait five minutes. Five centuries. I tried my hardest to get up out of bed but every bone in my body screamed in protest.
"Dude! Just wait, I'll tell them to hurry up! Jeez!" he shouted. then he took out his phone and dialed Patrick's cell phone number.
The first and only thing he said was, "Pete's awake."
"You didn't even tell them to hurry!" I said.
"Oh don't worry. That will get Patrick up here faster than anything anyone would ever say." he said and laughed.
Just then Patrick walked into the room and Andy was right behind him.
"Pete! You are awake!" he exclaimed. Patrick hugged me and Andy shrugged and hugged me soon after.
"Sorry....", Patrick said.
"No it's okay...." I replied. Then I announced, "Can I talk to Patrick in private?"
"Sure, no problem. C'mon Andy, Petesha and Patricia need their girl talk!" Joe joked.
They both left and we were finally alone.
"Patrick...what you said last love me?" I asked.
"Pete...if you don't....I-I mean...I didn't---I do love you Pete. I'm sorry. This must be awkward for you."
"No Patrick this is definatly not awkward for me! Because you know what Patrick Martin Stump? I love you too."
"Seriously?" he said gleefully.
"Patrick, lets put it this way. I love you so fucking much I'd give my right leg just to see you everyday." I said. It was the truth.
A tear snaked down Patrick's face.
"Aw come here Trick!" I said. He came closer and I hugged him extra tightly. I held him there for who knows how long and then kissed his lips.
"You have no idea how ong I've wanted to---I just wanted to kiss your lips so bad!" I said. Patrick laughed.
"I was afraid to tell you becauuse I didn't want to ruin our friendship." he said, then added, "What does this mean....are"
"God damn fucking right we're dating!" I said a little too loud. Patrick laughed again.
"This is all I've ever wanted Pete!" he said.
"Same here, Tricky, same here..." I replied.
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