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Whats In A Name

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Another chapter told at a third person POV.

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Not long after Patrick had collapsed, Andy pulled into Patrick's driveway. He walked up to the door, and hesitantly knocked on it three times.
No answer. But someone was definatly home, the TV was on.
Andy knocked again and peeked his head in the door.
"Hey Patrick, it's Andy...where are you? Andy said. His voice echoed eerily off of the walls.
He walked inside and shut the door behind him. He walked into the kitchen and looked aroung.
In the corner there was a huge steak knife...covered in blood.
Andy gasped, "Oh my god, Patrick are you here?" He looked around and saw a bloody handprint on the post of the steps. He ran up the stairs as fast as possible. He saw the bedroom door wide open, and a heap laying in the doorway just inside the room. He ran up to the heap only to see that it was Patrick. He rolled Patrick over. His eyelids were shut and he was barely breathing.
Andy pulled out his cell phone and dialed Joe's number, his fingers could just barely hit the numbers, he was shaking so bad.
"Joe? Joe! You gotta get down here! Patrick's lying on the floor and theres blood!" Andy said sounding terrified, to Joe.
"Okay! I'll be right down.!!!" Joe said and hung up.
Andy called the ambulance too and explained his situation. The paramedics said they'd be there as soon as possible.
Andy sat on the bed and glanced down at Patrick again. He saw Patrick's bloody frearm.
There were a series of cuts, all in order to spell out one name:PETE
Andy's eyes grew wide and he heaved Patrick up and onto the bed. He layed him there, it was better than the floor. Andy looked around the room hastily. A guitar was in the corner of the opposite side of the room looking very much broken as if it has been deliberatly thrown there.
On the night stand was a bottle of pills.
"Oh no. Oh no, Oh no, OH NO!" Andy said to the empty room, or to himself since Patrick was in fact in the room just unconcious. He grabbed the pill bottle and read the label.
Sleeping pills.
HOLY FUCK! The bottle was empty! Patrick had taken all of the pills. Every one of them.
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