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This is The Center Core of Dead Wings in A Hospital....

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Patty's in the ICU....again. Another story in narrator's POV. Its the last one tho I promise!

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Joe and Andy scrambled out of their cars and into the hospital. They couldn't ride with Patrick to the hospital, so they had driven.
They burst through the double doors of the waiting room and demanded to see Patrick.
The receptionist told them that they couldn't see him yet, and they'd have to wait. Joe cursed under his breath, but they found a seat and sat looking flustered.
After what seemed like an eternity, a doctor came out and announced that they could see Patrick now. They both rushed into his room, tripping over their own two feet. Then they saw poor Patty, just lying there on the bed in the ward, asleep.
They walked over to him slowly, only to hear a steady, rhythmic beeping noise coming from the heart moniter. They stared sadly at him, he was too innocent and young for this to have happened to him. If only Pete had stayed with him.
Pete! It was all Pete's fault!
He should never have left Patrick....and this was the out come!!!

They both thought this as a tear escaped Joe's eye. They were literally looking at their best friend, lying here in the Intensive Care Unit.
Andy looked at Joe, and Joe looked at Andy. They both knew what they had to do.
"Andy...we have to call Pete and tell him about...this..." Joe said.
"I know..." Andy replied wiping a few tears away.
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