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My boyfriend, Evan, is awesome. But when I meet Patrick, things get crazy... Let me know if I should post the other chapters...;)

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"Oh my gosh, I am sooo excited for the concert!!!", I sqeaked out at Bre. I had won tickets to the Fall Out Boy show at the Wachovia Arena. Me, Evan, Bre and C.J. were all going to the concert together. We had front row and I was phyched! We were waiting for Evan to get here, at Bre's, then we'd leave. Fall Out Boy is so awesome, I thought to myself. I especially couldn't wait to see Patrick Stump. He was my love and my idol. He was so cute and his voice was amazing. Just then, there was at the door. Evan came in, and he said, "I can't wait for this concert." We all agreed and then grabbed our money and hurried out the door.

We took Bre's car, which was a green Blazer. We all fit good in there. She drove and C.J. took the passenger seat, which left me and Evan the back seat. We talked about which songs we wanted to hear and how we couldn't believe I got front row seats. When we got there, there was like a million other people there, but it didn't matter since it wasn't general admission. When we walked in, they were selling Fall Out Boy t-shirts that said 'Fall Out Boy tour of All Tours.We all bought one,which was cool. Then we went straight into the arena and found where our seats were. We were literally right in front.
"I can't belive this!!! This is gonna be so awesome, we are right in front!!!", I shrieked happily. We stood there for a while, then finally at about 8pm, music started playing and they announced that Fall Out Boy would start in 5 minutes. We all screamed and laughed. I could not wait! Then, they made their big entrance and started out with Dance, Dance. We all danced and jumped around like crazy. When that song was over, Pete welcomed us all and thanked us for coming, and blah blah blah.Then they played Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet. During that song, I was staring at Patrick the whole time. Then I could swear he looked at me and winked just as he said the line, "Does he, does he know the way to worship, our love." I jumped up and down and freaked out and then during the "Oh darling, oh darling, oh darling" part of the song he smiled at ME and smirked too. Then I ran over and shook Bre. "He smiled and winked at me and I know he did it to me because I could tell, and OMG!!!!!" I screamed at her.
"Okay. Jeez. Thats cool though." she said in reply.

After the concert was over, we stayed in our seats and talked about how great the concert was, and then Evan said, "Hey, is anybody up for Starbucks? I'll buy, plus it's 12 'o clock and I am beat."
"Sure lets go. I need some caffeine in me right now." C.J. replied. Bre drove us all to Starbucks down the road, and I told everyone about how Patrick winked and smiled at me. They all laughed and told me I was just obsessed. When we got to Starbucks, we all ordered cappaccinos and went to sit down. Evan told me how he liked the song 'America's Suitehearts'. Bre talked to C.J. about some kind of math homework we had, and I was pretty content. Then I heard a familiar, perfect, laugh that I'd heard on so many TV interviews before and looked upat the door. There, in the flesh, was Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman, and finally Andrew Hurley walking in the door to this dinky little Starbucks.
I was shocked at first, but then I gasped and everyone else saw what I saw. I got up and walked up to them hypnotically so awed at there appearance. No one else at the table folowed and we were the only other people in the cafe. "Hi." was all I could manage.
"Hey! Were you just at the concert?" the actual Pete asked me. "Yes." I said "It was so awesome!" I said again.
"Oh. Thanks for coming then." Then I waved to Patrick, he waved too and he said, "I saw you. You were in the front row." he smiled. I could hear my friends laughing, apparently my knees were shaking. I tried to stop them, but it didn't work out so well.
"I saw you too." I said to Patrick. "You're my idol, and your voice in amazing!" I said to him.
"What's your name?" he asked smoothly.
"It's Kaitlyn, erm, Kait for short." I mumbled out.
"Well, Kait" he said with a smile and took out a piece of paper and a pen, wrote something on it and handed it to me, "Maybe I can be more than just your idol." I looked up at him, he was still smiling, so I did too,but with a look of disbelief. He laughed and said, "Me and the guys are gonna be recording with Cobra Starship next week, give me a call. I'll figure you a way over to the studio." he winked at me.
I blurted out "Thanks so much." Then wandered over to the table where my friends were sitting.
I heard Bre shout, "What does it say!?" and "Let me see!", and I looked at the piece of paper.
At the top of the small piece of paper was Patrick's signature, then below that was his phone number. Then below the number was a sentence that said:I wanna be a footnote in YOUR happiness. I smiled and looked up at Patrick and whispered a thanks and he nodded and took a sip of his coffee from across the room. Then Bre grabbed the small paper from my hands and before I went to get it off of her, I saw Joe and Pete and Andy giving Patrick slaps on the back and light punches in the arm. I smiled to myself and looked over at Bre. She gaped at me, and I said, "I know!!! Can you believe this!?"
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