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Uh oh! Evan is not very pleased.....what will happen between me and Patrick and well....Evan too!?

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Evan looked over Bre's shoulder to read the paper. I watched his face as to see his reaction. He pursed his lips and said nothing. Then he stared out the window distantly. I felt really bad. Evan was my boyfriend, and I had just taken another guys number right in front of him. But what was I to do? Deny Patrick's phone number? Patrick was my biggest idol ever! I couldn't resist.I got up to go and get Bre a spoon, she claimed all of the sugar in her coffee had settled to the bottom, so I gave in and headed to the counter. On my walk up to the counter, Patrick was getting napkins.
"Hello again!" I said to him.
"Hey!", he said. "Pete spilled his coffee, teh..." he said and shook his head. I laughed and he kept looking at my face until I tured to walk away. Then he grabbed a hold of my shoulder and said, "Do you want to come to our accoustic practice tomorrow. Our next concert is only in Allentown, so I could....pick you up..." he said with a grin.
"That would be so awesome! Pick me up at 6pm?", I asked.
"Of course." he said with a smile and brushed his soft, wet lips against my face. A shiver something like a convulsion went down my spine. As I turned around to head back to the table where my friends were, Evan was walking towards the door. Actually more like striding. I heard the bell on the door jingle and then he slammed the door on his way out. I ran outside trying to keep up with his pace. he flung open the car door and slid into the backseat. Then he slammed the car door closed in my face. I got in the back seat with him and he crossed his arms.
"Evan...", I said.
"Shut up." he replied, not even looking at me, those words hurt.
"No please! Evan, I know you're upset, but it was nothing, Patrick is a good guy, he can control himself!" I said.
"Oh really?" Evan said with such hostility that I had never seen before. "Then why is that asshole going around and handing out his number to other people's girlfriends? Please tell me why." he said glaring at me.
"He didn't know you were my girlfriend!" I pleaded.
"It's no excuse. What did you guys talk about up at the counter, huh? Marriage?!" he shouted.
"No Evan! He invited me to FOB's accoustic practice tomorrow, not a fucking dinner date!" I screamed back in his face.
Tears began snaking down Evan's cheeks, and he said more calmly, "I don't want to lose you.", and he looked at wme wth his wide-eyes filled with tears still to come. I hugged him, "Evan, I promise you wont lose me." I said in barely a whisper. Then he hugged me back, and we stayed in the car until everyone else came out and got in the car too. No one saiid a word, and Bre dropped us all off at our houses.

Then next day, after I was dressed and ready, I waited for Patrick to arrive. When he pulled up in his black Honda Civic, it reminded me of Evan. I greeted him with a smile and he ran his finger down my cheek.
"Hi Patrick." I said brightly.
"Hey Kait. You ready?" he asked.
"Yes lets go!" I said excitedly.

When we got to the venue, we made our way backstage to were the rest of FOB was waiting. Patrick grabbed his accoustic guitar and I pulled up a chair to sit next to him. Listening to him sing with no microphone was riveting, his voice was beautiful. After the accoustic practice was over we went back to his dressing room and showed me how he usually prepared before going on stage. It was amazing. Then there was temporary silence. I couldn't resist the look on Patrick's face much longer. I walked up to him and brushed my lips against his. He barely let me finish aross his face before he started kissing me hard on the lips. I backed him against the wall, still kissing him passionatly. He was good, he was really good. His tongue interwined with mine, and he tasted like heaven. We pulled away for a breath then he took me down onto the couch that was in his dressing room. Our clothes came off within seconds and I had definatly forgotton about my boyfriend. My hand moved to Patrick's ass, and then up his back. He shivered and kissed my neck. I moaned his name and he entered me. He was so warm, was what I thought, getting close to the brink. Finally, at the same time we both gasped and his seed flew into my body. He collapsed on my chest, and my chest was heaving. I was breathing heavy and stroking his hair.Only then did I realize that I had cheated on Evan. I felt like such a traitor, for I had never thought I would cheat on anyone ever. But Patrick tasted so good....but Evan did too. All of this was worng, It old myself. A girl is supposed to have one guy and be happy. But I had one wonderful guy and I still gave in to another. What was wrong with me?!
Patrick finally spoke, "Wow, that was great...." he said.
I laughed and temporarily suspended the thoughts of Evan. Why was he too easy to forget?
"Kaitlyn?" Patrick said.
"I think I love you."

And that was when I realized that I had a serious problem to deal with.
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