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I have a choice to make...who will it idol and crush Patrick Stump or my sweet boyfriend Evan?

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Patrick dropped me off at my house the next day. I immediatly ran up to my room and drowned in tears. I felt so guilty. How could I do this to Evan? I am the worst person on the planet! He'll hate me so much....
But wait. He didn't have to know. Yes, how would he know I'd cheated on him? I was safe. But what about Patrick? He said he'd loved me, but what if Evan loved me too? Who would I choose? I had been with Evan longer, so the choice was obvious, but what if I loved Patrick back? I cried even harder into my pillow, and then fell asleep until my cell phone vibrated in my pocket and scared me half to the death. I answered.
"Hullo?", I said groggily.
"Kait?", Evan answered back into the phone.
"Hi Evan.", I said.
"Hey. How was the accoustic practice?" he asked.
"Oh! It was g-great, I had a lot of fun!" I said. Which was true.
"Is something wrong?", he asked suspiciously.
"No, no.", I said sniffling. "Everythings fine."
"Oh okay. Well, what do you say to taking a walk up to the park?" he asked.
"That sounds pretty fun, and it seems like a nice day..." I said glancing out my window.
"Alright then. I'll be over in ten minutes. Bye."
"Bye." I said. I leaned back on my bed again and sat there for a few minutes ridding my eyes of the remaining tears. Then I got up and threww on some clothes other than what I was wearing which I had had on for a day or two. I fixed my hair and grabbed my cell phone and headed out the door to wait for Evan on the front porch. When he parked in front of my house, he crossed the street and greeted me.
"What's up?" he said.
"Hey, lets get going." I said and started walking up the street. We walked up the street in silence and when we turned the corner, he said, "So what did you guys do at the practice?"
"Well, they all had to practice some songs on their accoustics and we talked and we..." I had to think of an excuse. "We had a big party and I ddin't get home until late last night." I finished. Wow, if he belive that, I'll be amazed.
"Wow. I guess that was some party, huh?" he said. Amazed I was.
"Yeah some much fun! Uh...all of the Decaydance guys were there!", I Iied.
"Cool." he said. When we reached the park, we both sat on a swing. After swinging for a few minutes, ten or so, my phone rang.
Probably my mom, I thought. I didn't tell her where I was going. I looked at the caller ID.
Oh crap.
It was Patrick.
"Hello?" I answered. Evan was staring at me, I could tell. He was listening.
"Hi, Kait! I miss you." he said. The words 'I miss you' registered in my mind and I smiled. Evan scowled.
"Yeah me too, that accoustic practice was awesome." I exclaimed.
"Do you wanna do something today?" he asked hopefully.
"Oh, I'm sorry Patrick, I'm kind of in the middle of something right now. Maybe tomorrow?"
"Okay, well I'll text you first thing tomorrow." he said. I agreed and hung up.
Evan asked, "Who was that? Your boyfriend?"
"Actually, he's not my boyfriend, you are. And yes it was Patrick." I said.
"You looked like you missed him, didn't you get in his pants yet?" he said sarcastically.
"You know Evan, you can be a real pain sometimes." I scowled.
"Well, you know what 'Kaitlyn'? If I'm such a pain, why don't you just go and run off to America's sweetheart's house, I'm sure he he isn't such a pain!" he said, raising his voice.
"Evan, you don't know him!" I yelled.
"I don't need to know him to see that you like him better!!!" He shouted back.
"I love him Evan! I am not just going to cut him off!" I screamed, now in his face. Now he looked shocked.
"I'm so sorry Evan, but it's true. I do love you too, but I love him too, and I know he loves me. You have never said you loved me." I said now lowering my voice and finally beginning to cry.
"Fine. I don't need this! You can go and be with that retard rockstar and maybe then you'll be happy with what you have!" he said and strided across the grass heading back to my house for his car, I knew. I ran after him and tried to tell him I was sorry and that I didn't want it this way, but he made no comment. When we finnally reached my house he slammed his car door shut in my face, and then drove away leaving me standing on the sidewalk crying my eyes out al alone.

Fine. I figured. If he wants me to be with Patrick, damn right I'll be with Patrick. I pounded his number into my phone and waiting for it to ring. It rung about three times before he picked up.
"Kait, I thought you were busy?"
"Not anymore, where are you, I'm coming there." I said.
"Oh, uh well, I'm actually sitting on my tour bus now. I was meaning to tell you something, so come on over. I'm parked up at Wachovia cause Cobra is here tonight."
"Okay, be outside waiting for me.See ya soon."
I grabbed my phone and put on my clandestine necklace and headed out the door. Again.

When I pulled into the huge parking lot, the blue and black bus was around back but Patrick was walking towards my car. I turned off the engine and ran up to hug Patrick. He was nice and warm and it felt good.
"Hi Kait. Lets go get on the bus, I have something important to discuss." We walked onto the buss and sat on the couch. I guessed the rest of the band was in the arena helping set up for Cobra Starship tonight.
"Okay, what did you want to say?" I asked.
"Well, as you know, we're on tour, and I can't be here in PA forever. We are leaving tonight for our next show in Toronto, and we are only half way through this tour. What are we gonna do?" he said.
I slumped on the couch, "I don't know Patrick."
"Do you think you can tour with us? You know just for the remaining two months or so?" he asked.
"R-really? You think I would be able to?" I asked
"Well it depends what your parents think..."
"Oh don't worry, I will convince them!" I said and immediatly dialed the home phone.
"Hey mom! Fall Out Boy is still on tour and I love Patrick and I want to tour with them and please can I can I can I!!!" I pleaded urgently.
"Okay, start over. Slowly." she said emphasizing the word 'slowly'.
"Well, Patrick, I mean Patrick Stump, he asked me if I wanted to tour with FOB because if not I won't see him ever again. Please mom can I?"
"Isn't he a little old for you?" she asked.
"Mom, no! Who cares? Can I tour with them? Please, just for a month or two." I said.
"Well.....fine. But you'll have to be home before school starts again and be very careful and call every other day..." she answered.
"Oh my gosh! Thank you mom! Thank you so much!!! I love you and I'll be home to get my stuff as soon as possible!!! Bye!" I said.
I jumped up and down and squeeled a bit. Then I looked at Patrick who was absolutely cracking up, and kissed his lips roughly and truly. His hand went aroung me and resting on my back and mine went behind his neck and around his shoulders and I just kissed him. Then I pulled my lips away for a breath and still holding him said, "She said yes!"
"This is awesome!" he said greatfully.
But the bad part was, how would Evan take this news? He acted like he didn't care anymore, but the truth was that I know he did, and I still loved him. But now I was with Patrick and....I didn't need him.
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