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I don't wanna give too much away...but just read!

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The next week was hectic. The tour was in ful swing and there was a show every other night if not every night. It was hard to keep up with all of the rehearseing and practicing the band had to do. And on top of that I was still amazed to be on tour with Fall Out Boy, my favorite band. Me and Patrick spent as much time together as possible and I watched some of the concerts, but not all. Tonight I waited in the dressing room for the show to be over. I was dying of boredom and the security dude who was sitting in the dressing room had fallen asleep again. I decided to take a nap. I curled up in a tight ball and layed my head on the far-from-comfortable throw pillow on the couch. My eyes fluttered closed and I could hear the faint screaming of fans and a continuous bleeping noise coming from the vending machine in the corner across the room. I drifted off into a soft slumber there on the couch and was only awakened by a very loud cheer from the crowd and I figured the concert must have just ended. I sat up and waited for Patrick and the gang. They all walked in jabbering a bunch of different things to each other and it looked like the concert was a good time.
"How was the concert?" I asked.
Joe answered, "It was awesome! The crowd was great!"
Pete added, "Yeah this crowd was great, hey Patrick did you see when I fell!!" he asked
"Chyeah, who would've missed that! That was the biggest wipe out I've ever seen!" Patrick said.
Me, Joe, and Andy laughed and Patrick took a seat next to me on the couch. Pete and Joe changed their shirts and Andy put a shirt on. Patrick sighed and put his arm around my shoulder. I leaned my head onto his chest and he played with my hair a little. Pete had Northern Downpour by Panic At The Disco blasting from his ipod touch. I liked this song, so I didn't care.
That was when I noticed Pete. He was just slumping on the sofa now, looking glumly at the the floor. I so wondered what was running through his mind. Why did he look so gloomy, he just played a successful concert?!
"Hey, guys, I'm going to bed now, anybody else?" Patrick said.
Pete was the first to stand up and agree and then Joe and Andy. I followed them out to their tour bus as usual and we boarded. Joe took the couch in the front 'living room' you might call it, Andy slept in a bunk and Pete picked out a bunk too, and they agreed that me and Patrick could have the back bedroom. We took turns on who got the big bed in the back. We got it tonight only because they didn't have a show tomorrow. They had a day off.
I quickly changed into my pajamas and fell almost instantly to sleep next to Patrick.

Then next day, Andy made breakfast. Then we all sat at the makeshift table and planned what had to be done today. We were on the road by now, on our way to Seattle for the next show tomorrow. We would stop at a rest stop for an hour in a small town in Washington, but otherwise we would be on the road all day.
When we stopped at the rest stop, Patrick, Joe and Andy all went into the place for food. Pete claimed he wasn't hungry and stayed behind with me. once everyone left, Pete walked up to me.
"Can I tell you something that I have never told anybody, and you won't be mad?" he asked.
"Uh problem." I said.
"Okay....well...this might sound really weird, and Patrick have been friends like forever and....and....", he said looking at the floor now.
"I love Patrick." Pete said with a large exhale.

Oh my god, was all I could think.

"Pete, are you...are you...sure?" I said.
"I am so sure. I have kept this locked up inside too long now. I want Patrick more than anyone, no offense. I love him so damn much." he said.
"Oh." I replied.
"I know this is probably weird, because you are dating Patrick and everything, but I KNOW you have another boyfriend, and I don't want to come off as a jackass or anything, but I am willing to tell Patrick about that if you don't tell him yourself."
"Pete....why? Why would you do that?" I asked getting really upset. Pete was not the person that I had thought.
"I don't have anything against you, Kait. It's just that I love Patrick and I'l do anything for him." he said. Somehow, I understood why he was doing this.
"Okay Pete, fine. I like you a lot, so I will help you out. And I will tell Patrick. And the truth is, I do miss my boyfriend, but he broke up with me before I came on this tour." I replied.
"That sucks." Pete replied.
I sobbed, "Yeah, Pete that does suck! I loved Evan so much and he left me! I am so worried about him, but I do love Patrick!!! I do! I do! I do!!!!" I screamed.
"Shhhh....don't...don't cry...everything will be okay..." Pete said and patted my shoulder.
"I just don't know what to do, Pete!" I said, still crying.
"I think you should call your boyfriend, after you tell Patrick, and then make things right with Evan, okay?" he asked.
"Okay. Thank you Pete. But what about Patrick? He loves me....I know it. And I love him, just notlike I love Evan."
"Well, thats sort of where I come in. If Patrick loves me, I can help him out of this."

The guys got on the bus and Patrick sat next to me. I looked at Pete and he raised his eyebrows at me and nodded. I sighed softly and gulped.
"Uh...Patrick, can,...can I talk to you in the bedroom, in private?" I asked nervously.
"Sure no problem." he said with a smile that knawed at my heartstrings. We walked into the bedroom.
"Patrick, I have no idea how to explain all of this to you, but here it is." I said. "Patrick, I-I have a boyfriend...or....or I HAD a boyfriend while I was dating you, we just broke up last week..."
"Why....why didn't you tell m-me?" he said looking so hurt and let down. I felt my heart speed fluxuate wildly and tears ran down my face. His expression was so painful to look at. It hurt me so much to see him upset.
"Patrick I am so sorry...but I-I couldn't.....I couldn't tell you...." I said in barely a whisper. I waited for the snapping sound that his heart would make. It didn't come, I didn't hear anything until almost 5 second later.
"It's okay, Kait. I have a confession to make.....I don't love you."
And my heart ached but I knew that this was the best thing to do...the best thing for both of us.
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