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Soem things may turn out'll just have to read this chapter to find out!

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My heart throbbed in agony, still. I knew this was the best way for it to be....but it caused so much pain.
"Patrick....I love you...but not enough to be with you forever..." I whispered.
"I know...." He whispered back.
"Patrick?" I said.
"Yes?" he replied.
"There is something else too. Something....Pete told me....he....Pete said that....well Pete says that he...oh Patrick please don't be mad at him! Please! Pete loves you Patrick."

Silence. Patrick gaped. A tear ran down his cheek.

"Patrick, I am so sorry that he didn't tell you before I did, but he really does love you Patrick."
"No...its okay."
"Really?" I said and wiped the tears from my own face.
"Yes. Because....I....I love Pete too." he said finally.
"Oh Patrick! This is great! You can be with Pete now! I'll get him!"
I ran out into the hall and shouted, "Pete, come here!"
Pete entered the bedroom and Patrick stood up and smiled at Pete. Pete smiled back but was confused.
He must have been even more confused when Patrick kissed Pete right there on the spot. He kissed Pete meaningfully and passionatly. They really did love each other then.....
"Pete....I love you, I really do..." Patrick told him.
"Oh Patty I love you too!" Pete exclaimed and he wrapped his arms around Patrick.
"I'll leave you guys alone!" I said and sniffled but wiped away my tears and laughed when they began shedding their clothes.
I sat on the couch next to Joe and he asked, "Where's Patrick and Pete?"
"'s a long story....but they'll tell you." I said with a grin.
We sat in silence watching TV when we heard a loud bang and a moan about ten minutes into MTV Cribs. I giggled and Joe and Andy just looked at each other, they were confused. Then they got up about to go and investigate the noise. I grabed their shirts.
"Oh no you don't!" I said.
"What! Let go! I think somebody just hit the bus!" Andy said.
"Far from it! Pete and Patrick are in the back bedroom! DUH!" I said.
"Are you fucking kidding me?" Joe said.
"No. Leave them alone." I said plainly.
"You have got to be kidding me!!! Are they-" Joe tried to ask but I interupted "Yup." I said and smiled.
Andy and Joe exchanged looks of disgust and shook their heads.
"Are you guys cool with that?" I asked.
"Yeah no problem. Its totally cool if they are together, but we don't need to hear THAT, that's just gross." Joe replied.
I laughed and said, "Wanna hear something better? I know which one was the one that moaned too! Hehe..." I said.
"Ew....thats disgusting." Joe said.
"Hey! They love each other...besides....after that show in Phoenix I heard you with that girl! Every 'Oh fuck, Joe!', thats right!" I told Joe and laughed. he blushed and Andy agreed. So we were all friends and this was going to work out perfect.
Then my cell phone rang.

An imperfection. I answered.
"Kait! Oh thank god you answered! I have been trying to call all day and night but your phone was off!"
The voice was familiar, but I hadn't heard it in a while so it seemed different. A change.

"Evan?" I replied. "Is that you?"
"Yes! I am so worried about you! Kait I am so sorry and I don't mean the things I said!
Please forgive me!!! Please.....come home.", he pleaded.
"Its okay Evan. I've sorted things out. And....I will come home. But not for another week or two." I said.
" soon as possible?" he asked.
"Evan, the tour will be over soon. And I'm not leaving in the middle of it, so I'll be home soon, when the tour is over." I said.
"Okay." he said.
"Okay?" I said to make sure.
"Yes. I love you Kaitlyn." he replied.
I smiled and replied, "I love you too, Evan."
"Bye." he said, and hung up.
I sighed and leaned back on the couch.

Just then, Patrick and Pete strolled out of the bedroom.
"Guys, we have something to tell you!" Pete exclaimed.
"Yeah, we know. We heard you. We heard every word. It sounded like somebody rear-ended the fucking bus, but no. It was you two fuckin each other up!" Joe said and laughed.
Pete and Patrick exchanged embarrassed looks and Patrick giggled. I cracked up and they filled in the empty seats.
It looked as if everything was going to work out just fine.
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