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I guess this did turn out good! This chapter is a little boring but whatever, because the next one is AWESOME!

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Patrick was especially sad to have to see me leave to go home the next week. But my bags were packed and there was no turning back now. Besides, I was going home to Evan now.

I kissed each of them goodbye. First Joe, on the cheek of course, then Andy, then Pete, and finally Patrick. I kissed him passionatly and Andy said, "Oh he gets the tongue action! I feel so unloved!" he said sarcastically.
I looked at him and smirked and rolled my eyes. Patrick laughed and I boarded my plane. The reason I had to take a plane was because the tour ended in Anaheim, CA so I had to get a plane home. Pete had volunteered to pay for it. We were good friends now. In fact we all were. They had each gave me their numbers so we could keep in touch. I found my seat on the plane and sat in it. I put on my ipod and listened to music and eventually fell asleep. Some indie-looking guy woke me up when we had landed in Chicago, the halfway point where I had to catch another plane.
"Huh, what?" I said when he shook me awake.
"Miss! You have to get off now, we've landed."
"Oh." I said sheepishly. I stood up and headed into the airport.

Once we landed again, this time at the Philedelphia airport, I wondered how I'd get home now. Well I could just call a cab I guess. But this is definatly gonna cost. But a man came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder.
"Excuse me, are you Miss.Grey?"
"Uh yeah why?"
The man then said, "A certain Mr. Patrick Stump has arranged travel for you."
I grinned. "Thank you sir. What did he have in mind?"
The man gestured spread eagle towards the large vehicle outside of the wide glass window.
A limo.
"Are you serious?" I asked.
"Why of course! Come with me." he said. I followed him grinning to myself and almost laughing. Patrick never ceased to amaze me.
The limo ride was awesome. When we got to my house I grabbed my bags and gave the driver a tip.

I climbed the few steps to my porch and opened the door to go inside. Once I said hello to my mom and dad again, I went up to my room. Someone was sitting on my bed. It was Evan.
"Well hello! My own personal stalker!" I said sarcastically. Evan chuckled and I ran up to him. He stood up just in time for me to hug him tightly. I stood in his arms for a minute or so before he said, "Welcome back, my little tourist!" I laughed and kissed him. He kissed me back, rougher than I had kissed him and his mouth trailed to my neck. My arms were still around him as he kissed my neck numeros times and his one hand slid down my back onto my butt.
"Evan....not here...." I said in a whisper.
"Why not?" he rasped.
"Evan my parents are here!" I said urgently.
"Then where!!! I can't wait much longer." He said with a smirk.
"Your house." and he grabbed my arm and half dragged me down the steps.
"Mom, I'm goin to Evan's house! Be back later!" I said and hastily walked out the door.
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