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MEETING A DREAM 7 (finale!)

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Well...this chapter is exciting and I have an important realization that ends the series!

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We walked into his bedroom and he shut the door behind him.

"Finally....we're alone!" he said.
He backed me onto the bed, and I fell backwards onto it. We were nose to nose and chest to chest now and he began kissing my lips and my tongue brushed the roof of his mouth and then acroos his teeth, his braces felt weird on my tongue. I cocked my head upward and he kissed my neck. I felt him go hard against my inner thigh. I smiled to myself and it was my turn. I pushed him off of me and stripped him down to his boxers, once I was free of my clothes of course. Then he looked at me with amusement and I began pulling his boxers off with my teeth. As my teeth ran down his leg he shivered in pleasure. I pulled his boxers off of his ankles and moved up to his area. I trailed my lips from his belly button on through his pubic hair and placed a kiss on his shaft. He moaned loudly and I said, "Shhh..."
I took him into my mouth. He was warm and I'll admit he tasted good. He moaned again and I used him as my own personal lollipop :) until he was at the brink, and he moaned loudly again and his load poured out into my mouth and I swallowed.
His chest was heaving and I felt really good about myself.
"Are you a virgin?" I whispered seductively.
"Yes..." he said with a smile but was still gasping for air. "Not for long..." he laughed and I giggled.
He pushed me off of him, and he glided in me easily. 'We fit like a fucking puzzle!' I thought to myself. I moaned in pleasure, But I was interrupted as he thrust his hips towards me, and out hips clanked together. Then again. And that was enough for me. And apparently for him. He shivered and bucked his hips before collapsing onto my chest breathing heavy again. I followed shortly after with a convulsion and a gasp.
He layed next to me, under the blanket that we now covered with. We still weren't fully clothed, but at least we had our underwear on. My head was on his chest, with my ear against his chest listening to his heartbeat. The radio was on and 'How You Love Me Now' by Hey Monday was playing on it. Since Evan was sleeping, after all, I could sing along. So i did and when the song was over, Evan muttered, "You're a really good singer."
"Y-you heard m-me?" I said with embarrassment.
"Yeh. The whole thing. You're pretty good." He said. I blushed and replied, "Thanks." He laughed and I looked up at his face. He had themost irrisistable look on his face. I placed a soft kiss on his nose. He kissed my forehead.

School was starting again and I'd be in my senior year. My last year. Wow. Time flies. Especially when you spend your summer meeting a dream.
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