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Hold On To Me, Pretty Baby

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Together, they were starting over. They were re-writing their lives; re-writing their love. (mainly fluff chapter)

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"You two are a fucking roller coaster of drama." Mikey said as he talked on the phone to Frank. Mikey and bob had gone away a week ago but Mikey hadn't gotten a chance to talk to Frank until now. He asked how Gerard was doing so Frank told him about them getting back together and about Emmett's suicide. "Is he busy?"

"Driving." Frank said, holding the phone in one hand and bothering Gerard with the other. "Why?"

"Just wanted to talk to him." Mikey said with a little disappointment. "What's going on with Christmas this year?"

"No idea." Frank said as his hand got smacked by Gerard's. "You have any plans?"

"That's why I wanted to talk to everyone. Bob's psychotic but rich aunt bout us this fucking house in the middle of nowhere and it's fucking huge." He said and Frank heard Bob laughing in the background.

"You chose well Mikey." Frank teased, sitting himself up. "Are you saying we should all chill there?"

"Yeah; me, Bob, you, Gee, Ray, and anyone that Ray brings; if he wants to. I thought it would be fun. I mean, the place is big enough that we wouldn't really bother each other much." Mikey seemed excited and Frank did too.

"Hey Gee;" He removed his hand from annoying Gerard to talk to him. "Mikey wants to know if we wanna spend Christmas with him, Bob, and Ray at some huge house Bob's rich aunt bought them."

"Do you?" Gerard asked, pulling into the doctor's office.

"I think it sound's fun!"

"Then sure." Gerard shut off the car and took the phone from Frank. "Hey little bro."

"Hey Gee!" Mikey said happily. "How you feeling?"

"Better." He said, removing Frank's hand from his waist; again. "When you coming back?"

"Day or two hopefully." Mikey sighed a little. "So you in for Christmas?"

"Sounds fun." Gerard said and got out of the car to make sure Frank's hand's would stay off him. "I'm at the doctors right now so can I call you later?"

"Doctor? What's wrong?" Worry came back to Mikey's voice.

"Nothing Mikey, don't worry." Gerard lied but Mikey believed him; somewhat. "Just want to have my health checked because of all my recent drinking and whatnot." He smiled as Frank came over and put his arms around Gerard's waist. "Bye Mikey."

"So why are we here?" Frank asked, smiling for no reason at all.

"I have a question to ask the doctor." Gerard said, kissing Frank's head. "So go amuse yourself and I'll call you when I'm done." He handed Frank the car keys and Frank's cellphone.

"I don't wanna leave!" Frank whined, trying to give the keys back.

"Well I don't want you here so you're going." Gerard said in a slightly warning voice. "Look," Gerard put his arms around Frank and kissed him again, "I just have to go alone. Nothing personal. Don't worry about me." He continued to smile at Frank who was looking at him with worry and slight sorrow. "I'll be fine Frankie." Gerard let go of Frank and went inside, Frank leaving with no other choice.

Gerard went up to the receptionist who smiled at him so he returned the gesture. "Gerard Way." He told her and she looked on her list then put a check next to his name, telling him to wait while she got the doctor since he was the last appointment. A few moments later the doctor opened the door and led Gerard to his office.

"What can I do for you today, Gerard?" He asked, sitting behind his desk and folding his hands while Gerard sat.

"I was wondering if I could get a HIV test." Gerard said quietly, looking to his feet.

"May I inquire as to why you want one?" His voice was calm and smooth.

"Because I'm a gay guy and it's most commonly associated with us."

"Labels don't mean you have it Mr. Way." The doctor said and Gerard kind of shrugged. "Have you come in contact with any bodily fluids such as blood or semen in which the virus is spread?"

"My boyfriend's positive." Gerard said, looking back up. He didn't speak with shame or regret but with confidence because he didn't care that Frank had it. That was just a minor infraction.

"We could easily get you tested." He said, a heavy sigh following. "The human immunodeficiency virus is very serious. As a gay man it's even more crucial that you protect yourself with intercourse because that, along with blood fusions or sharing needles, is the leading cause of the disease spreading. I am sorry to hear that you want to have yourself tested from what I'm assuming is worry especially since your boyfriend contracts the disease so I'm sure you know of it's risks and dangers." Gerard kind of zoned out as the doctor spoke because he had the 'safe sex' speech too much. It was a simple question about getting a test done. It was 50/50. Could be positive, could be negative.

"Over the uh past month or so I have been heavily drinking; to the point where I would black out then wake up in some pretty interesting situations." Gerard was calm as he spoke to the doctor who still hadn't dropped the risks of HIV. "Including waking up in some different beds."

"Are you continuing these drinking habits?" He seemed to be on the verge of a new lecture.

"No sir." Gerard said firmly; shaking his head slightly. "Not since my boyfriend, who was once my fiancé, and I decided to get back together which unfortunately resulted in the suicide of his ex." The doctor gave Gerard a questioning look and Gerard just laughed. "Don't ask."

"I'm assuming you have known your boyfriend for some time."

"Practically all my life." Gerard said with a smile; his mind temporarily snapping to when him and Frank were young.

"How long has he been positive?"

"Uh...well he's 22" Math and Gerard didn't get along to well so it took him a moment to figure it all out. "Four or so years?" He wasn't too sure but Frank was either 18 or 19 when he found out.

"How is his health?" Gerard was slightly annoyed because he just wanted to have the test done and get out. The doctor was set on finding out about Frank though.

"Really good. Except for the scheduled medication intake, you would never know he had it. He hasn't been sick in some time which is really good because even before he learned he was positive, he was sick a lot."

"Well, let's go get your test done." He stood up and Gerard sighed slight relief.

"I don't do needles." Gerard told him as he too stood and they headed for an examination room. The doctor laughed slightly and told him to sit on the exam table while he went to get the supplies.

"There's other means of doing it." The doctor showed Gerard this swab thing and explained it to Gerard but Gerard's mind started to zone out again. In the end it involved the swab thing running around the inside of his mouth then being put in a tight container. "I'll get this to the lab and the result should come in within the next two or so days. I'll call you." Gerard nodded and slid off the table, thanking the doctor and going outside to sit on a bench.

Pulling out his cellphone, he called Frank to tell him to come back. "I'm all set so you can come back now." Frank exclaimed 'finally' then proceeded to tell Gerard about how bored he had been. Gerard just laughed and hung up because it shouldn't take Frank long to get there. Sliding his sunglasses from his pocket and over his eyes, Gerard positioned himself in a somewhat leaning position on the bench; arms crossed and legs before him while he stared at the abandoned building across the street.

Gerard wasn't afraid of the results of the test. He pretty much already knew them. What he didn't tell the doctor, and what he wouldn't ever tell Frank, was he did it on purpose. After the past few years, the last thing Gerard wanted was to lose Frank; again. It happened too much already and he couldn't take much more emotional strain from it happening. The only person he wanted to be with was Frank and he was going to make sure that happened.

Should the test come back positive, which is what he assumed would happen, Gerard would tell Frank it happened when he was getting himself so drunk that he slept with random people. It was half truth. A few times Gerard ended up at random people's places but nothing happened because either him or the other person would be so drunk they would pass out first. No one but Gerard though knew nothing happened. The way he would tell Frank though would have to be carefully planned so Frank wouldn't start blaming himself.

In Gerard's mind, it was the first step to a happily ever after. The next step would eventually be marriage because they already had a house and while engaged once, the two decided to go a lot slower to make sure everything fell properly into place rather than have it crammed there. Maybe one day they would even have a family. Gerard wasn't worrying about that at the moment though. His mind was on the present.

He was so proud and so relieved that Frank was no longer cutting himself. The greatest thing was about two or three days after he and Frank decided to get together again, Frank went through their house (in which he moved back into) and gave Gerard a large bag of blades or other things he would use to cut himself. Gerard almost started crying because it was the best gift he could have gotten. It was a turning point; Frank really wanted to start over so he was giving up the one thing that, in his mind, was his escape. Gerard was also happy that Frank was seeing a therapist and he had his group because the old Frank was starting to come back and Gerard remembered, more than ever, why he had fallen in love with Frank in the first place.

Frank was also helping Gerard with his drinking because when Frank started going out with Emmett, Gerard got so upset that he began to drink constantly like he had in high school; when Frank was in middle school still. It was hard but Gerard was determined to do it because if Frank could stop cutting than there was no reason Gerard couldn't stop drinking. Together, they were starting over. They were re-writing their lives; re-writing their love.


"Gonna tell me why you went there?" Frank asked, sitting in the passenger's seat as Gerard drove them from the doctor's office.

"Nope." He said calmly.

"Fine." Frank crossed his arms and looked out the window miserably. He felt like Gerard was hiding something from his as though Gerard couldn't trust him. "Where are we going?"


"I don't want to go home!" Frank was miserable so he was going to act like a bratty child. Gerard was used to this by now and remained calm.

"Where do you want to go then?" Gerard asked, ignoring Frank's miserable mood.

"Anywhere but home." He said a little harshly and Gerard shook his head slightly, knowing it was going to be a long night unless he could change Frank's mood. It could be extremely easy, or extremely hard. It all depended on what Gerard did and what was on Frank's mind at the time.

"I have the perfect place then." Knowing Frank loved nature, Gerard decided to take him to the clearance on the camp site. The car ride was silent which didn't bother Gerard because he didn't want to say the wrong thing and piss Frank off more. Frank was 'ignoring' Gerard as he did when he was upset because Gerard didn't like being ignored. Knowing that he was being ignored though made it seem like he wasn't. Gerard often wondered how he managed to live with the way his mind worked at time. "We're here!" He said once they arrived at the camp ground. "Well, kinda."

"In case you didn't know, it's December and a bit cold for camping." Frank said, still angry but a little confused as well. Gerard just smiled and shut the car off then undid his seat belt and get out; Frank following with a heavy sigh. "It's cold out."

"Shut up and follow me." Gerard said, heading down the path. Frank crossed his arms again, for warmth and because he was still miserable then followed Gerard. "Keep up!" Gerard called, significantly ahead of Frank as he led Frank off the main path and into the woods.

"There are spiders out here!" Frank called, keeping his limbs as close to his body as he could while they walked through the barren forest towards the clearance. "Where the fuck are we going Gerard?"

"Just follow." Gerard called back to him again, stopping when he reached the bushes and waited for Frank. The sun was beginning to set as it was late evening so Gerard stuck his sunglasses on top of his head and waited for Frank to catch up. "Took you long enough."

"A bush..." Frank said with heavy confusion as he stared at the bush before him.

"We're not here for the bush dumbass." Gerard said, rolling his eyes and pulling the bushes apart to reveal the clearance. "We're here for that." Frank's eye's widened and his arms fell to his side as he stared.

"Woah..." Frank walked into the clearance a little, Gerard following and letting the bushes close behind him so the clearance was secluded once again. "It's beautiful!" Gerard laughed then put his arms around Frank's neck and rested his head on Frank's. "How the..."

"Ray and I found it when we were little. We wandered off and eventually ended up here. Ever since, this is where we come to think or be alone when we're upset. It's where I found him and where he found me." Gerard let go of Frank then took his hand and led him towards the tree.

"What is this place?" Frank asked, eyes still absorbing the beauty. The river was still running and the grass was dead looking but it was still stunning. The trees were nothing but trunks and branches yet they were still stunning to look at.

"Heaven on earth." Gerard said with amusement, letting go of Frank and sitting on the ground underneath the tree just like he had when he came to get Ray a year or so ago. "It has no name."

Frank sat down next to Gerard who at this point was lying down and staring at the sky. The sun was almost gone, taking the warmth with it and blanketing the earth in a cold chill. The sky was a navy blue, maybe a little darker, except for the blur of orange and pink around where the sun was disappearing. Tiny white dots, stars, were heavily speckled across the navy color; drawing your eyes across the sky until it landed on the perfectly visible, perfectly round full moon that glowed a eggshell color. "It needs a name..."

"Then give it one." Gerard told him softly.

"Me?" Frank looked to Gerard with confusion yet excitement. "You found it, not me."

"It's special," Gerard said and Frank nodded, "and so are you." Frank blushed slightly and Gerard just smiled. "So you name it. That way, I'll always think of you when I, or we, come here."

"You think about me anyway." Frank's miserable mood seemed to set with the sun and he now was in a calm, slightly childish mood.

"That's beside the point." Gerard said with a bit of laughter. "Go ahead. It's the only way it will get one."

"Fine." Frank put his arms to his back to prop himself up as he stared at the sky. "Eden."

"Biblical much?" Gerard was still amused with the whole situation and Frank smacked him.

"You're the one that said it was 'Heaven on earth' so don't start." Frank said, slightly laughing as he spoke. "Plus, the bible describes 'Eden' as this amazingly beautiful, tranquil garden like area that was supposed to be everything Adam and Eve needed until they fucked it all up." Gerard started laughing again. "Well Eve fucked it all up."

"Women." Gerard mumbled and they both instantly burst into laughter, Frank falling completely to the ground and clutching his abdomen as he hysterically laughed. "Don't get me wrong; I love my mom and everything but I can live without women."

"Lucky for me." Frank said as he started to calm down. Gerard nodded, pulling Frank close to him and wrapping his arms tightly around the guitarist's body. "It's cold." He said a little while later once he was completely calmed down.

"I'll keep you warm." Gerard whispered, clutching Frank tighter as both stared at the sky. The back of Frank's head was on Gerard's chest and his arms clung to Gerard's arms like people on roller coasters cling to the bars holding them in. The moon was higher in the sky now and it produced a substantial amount of light that illuminated Eden, as Frank named it. "I love you." Gerard said softly but passionately.

"mmm, same here." Frank said and Gerard could tell he was falling asleep. Gerard just smiled and continued to stare at the sky until it started softly snowing. He knew it was time for them to leave.

"Frankie, it's snowing. We got to go." He said softly but Frank just replied in a moaning noise of some sort because he had basically fallen asleep. Gerard sat up, still holding onto Frank who whined at being disturbed. "Come on pansy." Gerard said with a little amusement but Frank shook his head.

"'m comfortable..." He mumbled and Gerard laughed.

"Want me to carry you?" Instantly Frank nodded and Gerard sighed as he let go of Frank and got onto his knees to give Frank a piggy back ride. It wasn't that Gerard couldn't carry Frank because he was practically nothing it was that Gerard wasn't all that much either. Still, he had to get Frank back home and out of the cold before either of them got sick.

Frank stuck his arms around Frank's neck and when Gerard stood, pulling Frank off the ground, Frank wrapped his legs around Gerard's body. Gerard balanced them then put his arms under Frank's legs to hold him up a little as he began the trip back to the car. Frank's head rested against Gerard's back and slowly increased his grip on Gerard until he was almost suffocating him. "How you doing?" Gerard asked when they were almost to the car again. Luckily, the full moon provided enough light for him to somewhat figure his way back to the car. It took a bit of time but he eventually found the main path.

"'m really tired..." Frank mumbled right as Gerard reached the car, slowly setting Frank back onto the ground then helping him into the car.

"Then sleep Frankie." He said softly, buckling Frank up because Frank was on the verge of passing out; again. "I'll take care of you." Gerard kissed Frank's head and shut the door, grabbing his keys then getting into the driver's seat; starting the car and pulling onto the road. Frank leaned his head against the window, sliding down in the chair a little. "I'll always take care of you." Gerard said softly, pushing the hair from Frank's face as Frank passed out again while Gerard drove them home.


A/N--- I know I know, heavy on the fluff. But I'm having the worst week ever. I even skipped school today. So I just needed a pick me up. My mind kept going 'let them lay in the clearance where they die in each others arms' but I was like 'SHUT THE FUCK UP MIND' because I don't want to kill them; yet (IF I do at all).

the sad thing is I can make this super sappy and get a third story out of it xD

question though; for those of you who comment + give me suggestions (thank you btw), what should happen with everyone else. I have planned out whats going to happen with Frank and Gee. But what should happen between Mikey/Bob and Ray?

lemme know

xoxo Tabi (has to go do term paper now.... >.> )

p.s. wonderfully disturbing movie: Hard Candy. I LOVE Ellen Page but that's not why I love the movie. you should watch it. -wink-

((Title comes from "Le Disco" by Shiny Toy Guns))
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