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Tummy Wars pt. 1

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Part one of the epic skits...tch...yeah right...epic

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Tummy Wars pt. 1

Autumn: This is Bob with the evening news.

Devin: Your name isn't Bob, it's Autumn.

Autumn: Shhhhhhhhhhh! They don't know that!

Devin: Yes they do; it's on your profile, stupid!

Autumn: Hmmmmmm...crap, well, it's Bob now.

Devin: No it isn't. Quit being stupid.

Autumn: I am not; you are.

Jordyn: Is this the bathroom?

Autumn: No, it's my recording studio.

Devin: No it isn't; this is my livingroom, so both of you get out; and dude, put some clothes on!

Autumn: I think he looks fine the way he is. Smiles pervertedly

Devin: Well you don't have a say in it. I want both of you out now!

Autumn: But...I don't wanna go...I still have a half an hour left of my show...

Devin: You don't have a show; god damn it Autumn, you are so infuriating!

Jordyn: I can't find the toilet.

Devin: This isn't a bathroom!

Autumn: Here it is! Points to Devin's favorite chair

Jordyn: Walks over and pees in the chair Ahhhhhh! That's better!

Devin: Noooooooooo!

Autumn: Raises arms like a ref 10 POINTS!

Devin: Picks up an ax BOTH OF YOU!!! OUT!!! NOW!!! Lifts it up, ready to swing

Autumn: Well, that concludes the evening news...stay tuned to see more crap! Runs out the door with Jordyn on her heels

Devin: Honestly; where does she get her stupid ideas?

The End (for now)
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