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Tummy Wars pt. 3

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Part three...this is getting ridiculous

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Tummy Wars pt. 3

Autumn: Hello? Hello? Is the mic on?

Danny: Autumn...that's a stick, not a microphone...

Autumn: Really? I thought it tasted weird...

Danny: What do you mean? You aren't supposed to eat microphones.

Autumn: Ah ha! So it is a microphone! Where's the switch to turn it on?

Danny: No, it's not a microphone! I was simply pointing out that you are not supposed to eat microphones!

Autumn: But why would anyone do that? That doesn't sound very delicious at all...

Danny: Sighs Are you really asking me that question?

Autumn: What question?

Danny: Never mind...Shakes his head and walks away without another word

Autumn: Danny! Where are you going?!? The show's about to start!

Danny: Keeps walking silently

Autumn: Oh well...I guess I'll go interview the homeless... Walks over to Toran with the stick in her hand Hello, sir? Can I have a moment? Points it at his face to make him talk into it

Toran: Autumn...Why are you pointing a stick at my face?

Autumn: It's not a stick, it's a microphone. Anyway, I'm interviewing the homeless? Can you tell me what it's like to be an ugly, dirty, fat slob that nobody likes?

Toran: For one, what would that have to do with being homeless? And for another, I'm not homeless, and your talking into a stick, idiot!

Autumn: Sir, is it true that your own mother tried to run you over in her car?

Toran: What?!? Oh my are such an idiot...go away before I end up hurting you.

Autumn: So you don't deny it?!? You did have sex with a pig in the allyway behind the bar?!?

Toran: Forces a calm voice You're starting to piss me off, Autumn. Leave if you know what's good for you.

Autumn: Sir, just one more question, Please?

Toran: Sighs Okay, what?

Autumn: What?

Toran: What do you mean what?

Autumn: Huh? What were we talking about?

Toran: Never mind...Walks away shaking his head

Autumn: Now why does everyone walk away from me? I just don't get it? My questions are necessary for the good of all mankind. Ha ha...the word eye kinda sounds like pie...Oh well, I'm bored. I guess I'll end the show here. See you next time on the Evening News!

The End (For now)
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