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Tummy Wars pt. 5

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Part 5 just for your enjoyment!

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Tummy Wars pt. 5

Autumn: Alrighty then. Can we get on with this? I'm tired of waiting!

Candy: Hold your damn horses! Not everyone's here yet. You said you needed them all here to do whatever it is you're planning, right?

Jordyn: Horses?!? Autumn has horses?!? Can I ride one?!? Please?!?

Autumn: It's just an expression Jordyn. There aren't actually any horses.

Jordyn: Awwwww man!

Candy: It's kind of funny. I would have expected you to say something similar, Autumn.

Autumn: Hey! I don't have to be the dumb one when we have Jordyn here!

Danny: He is not dumb! He's adorable and smart and hot and...Continues on but no one listens

Autumn: Damn it! Hurry up people!

Candy: Hey...Autumn...I've been meaning to ask you this. How exactly did you escape the meatloaf monster's stomach?

Autumn: Shudders Well, let's put it this way. The meatloaf monsters have fully functioning digestive systems...

Candy: Looks at Autumn questioningly before it hits her Ugh! That's nasty!

Autumn: Yeah...I've been showering 5 times a day ever since. I haven't even seen Anthony yet. I'm sure he was no better off than I was. Shudders again

Jordyn: What's going on now?

Danny: Autumn was pooped out by a giant meatloaf monster.

Jordyn: Ohhhhhh...Laughs until his eyes are streaming Oh my god! That is just too great!

Autumn: Shut up! I still don't feel right...

Danny: You were never right, Autumn.

Candy: Oh. Here they come!

Autumn: Who?

Candy: ...I guess even if Jordyn's here you'll still be dumb sometimes, huh?

Autumn: And just what do you mean by that?

Candy: ...Never mind.

Geta, Zak, Drake, Charlie, Izzy, Kaleb, Rei, both Devins, Cole in her male form, Cyd, Nate, Collin, Calvin, Toran, Dagger, Crash, Satoma, Edward, both Kanes and Fred all show up in manthongs and walk up to Autumn

Candy: Alright. Everyone's here. What did you want us all to do exactly?

Autumn: Wait! Danny! You aren't in a manthong! You can't participate unless you're wearing one!

Danny: What is it that you want us to do exactly anyway?

Autumn: I'll show you all once you're wearing a manthong, Danny.

Danny: Grumbles Well...I'm...wearing one underneath my clothes, but I really don't want to do this.

Autumn: Come on! It's for a really good cause! I swear!

Danny: Sighs Fine, but I feel really uncomfortable about all this...Starts to strip down and hands Autumn his skirt and top

Autumn: Oh. That's fine. It won't take too long. I swear.

Candy: Wait. It's all guys in manthongs here except us...what are you planning?

Autumn: You'll see. You and I are just going to watch, Candy. Believe me. It'll be worth it.

Fred: I really don't like the sound of this...

Autumn: Then why did you even come?

Cyd: Laughs Come.

Autumn: Gives him a look and then turns back to Fred Besides the fact that you left me in the stomach of a meatloaf monster!

Charlie: Looks uncomfortable, but no one notices

Candy: Autumn. You were all impatient earlier, so let's get on with it already. Do whatever it is you were going to do.

Autumn: Okay. Raises her voice so everyone can hear her Now, I want you all to line up side by side in front of me along the street here!

There is a bit of confusion as everyone lines up, but finally it gets done

Autumn: Alright! Now I want you all to cross the street and stand in front of the water fountain there facing the museum!

Once again they listen to her and Candy watches to see what's going to happen

Autumn: Only move if you feel that you're in danger! Otherwize, stand still! Stay there no matter what I say!

A general murmur runs across the crowd, but Autumn silences them and takes out a megaphone

Autumn: Free Ice Cream by the water fountain in front of the museum! I repeat: Free Ice Cream by the water fountain in front of the museum!

A rumbling sound can be heard and hundreds of kids start pouring out of the museum, only to stop when they see all the men in man thongs

Random teacher: Perverts! Children! Cover your eyes! Turn around and go back inside!

More random teachers make their way out of the crowd and start to beat the manthong wearing men away with their purses, during which everyone ignores what Autumn said and they all run across the street to get away from the angry women

Autumn: Laughs until her eyes are streaming Oh god that was funny! Gasps for breath

Candy: Started laughing when the kids started coming out of the museum, and is continuing on

Some of the men wearing manthongs come back angrily toward Autumn while the others hurry home

Fred: Why the hell did you do that exactly?!?

Autumn: Still laughing and trying to catch her breath for air again, her eyes still streaming

Candy: Calmed down by now Wow. No wonder you told me it was going to be worth it. It really was.

Zak: What the hell do you mean by that?!? We probably just mentally scarred all those kids!

Autumn: Still laughing but trying to calm down That was...the whole point! That's what makes funny!

Geta: Wait. us to mentally scar a bunch of 2nd graders?

Autumn: Finally calms down and stops laughing Oh, not just 2nd graders. That group ranged from 1st graders to 6th graders. You all just mentally scarred a bunch of elemantary school kids! Starts laughing again

The manthong wearing men all look mad now, but thankfully, they all leave peacefully and go back to whatever it was they were doing before Autumn called them all out there

Candy: You're lucky they didn't start a riot. That was funny as hell, don't get me wrong, but don't you ever do anything like that again! Idiot! Slaps Autumn in the back of the head

Autumn: Laughs retartedly Well. You know what they say about a guy with big hands and feet.

Candy: Yes, actually. I do.

Autumn: They make great cuddlers!

Candy: ...Yeah...sure, Autumn. That's totally what they say.

Autumn: You know...I've learned something today, Candy.

Candy: Yeah. You shouldn't ever do what you just did again.

Autumn: Noooooo...I learned that I'm half man, half machine, and half mountain dew.

Candy: Ummm...what? That doesn't make any sense.

Autumn: It doesn't have to. I'm just that cool.

Candy: Shut up. This is going to bother me for the rest of the day until I tell you, so I'm just going to lay it out for you. First of all, you can't have three halves of anything, because that would make it one and a half and you can’t possibly be one and a half people. It would have to be thirds. Second of all, you can't be half man because you're a woman. Third, you can't possibly be half mountain dew because it's a liquid, therefore couldn't possibly make up half of a walking, talking solid mass. Fourth, and last, you are not a cyborg, therefore you are not half machine. Have I made this clear enough for your simple mind to understand?

Autumn: Huh?

Candy: What do you mean b?

Autumn: I choose b. It sounds like the best answer.

Candy: You...weren't even listening, were you?

Autumn: No. Not really. I was going to ask what the question was again, but I thought that would be a dead giveaway that I really wasn't listening, so I figured I'd just try to guess the answer and see if I got it right. Apparently I didn't, so yeah...sorry about that.

Candy: You know...I'm just not going to bother anymore. I'm really not. You can just write me out of Tummy Wars right now because I refuse to be subjected to this annoying humiliation anymore.

Autumn: But why? At least I don't make you sound like an idiot. I give you justified least, in the intellect department.

Candy: Yeah, and you also don't write anything about my extreme perverted side either. You write only a little bit into it, and I find that offensive.

Autumn: It never has anywhere to go in the skit! I'm always doing something random, so why should I set aside the time or space to chronicle your perverted ways? I really wouldn't have the patience, Candy.

Candy: Sighs Never mind. I'm going to bed. It may only be like mid afternoon in this skit thing, but in reality it's past midnight and I'm beat. See ya. Walks off in the general direction of her apartment(Which makes no sense why she lives in an apartment. She has plenty enough money to get a house. And where in the hell does she keep her huge lab that contains all of her inventions? The world may never know...tch...figures.)

Autumn: Well...there goes my entertainment for the evening. I'll go try to find Dan since he still hasn't woken up since the last Tummy Wars. I wonder if he's still unconscious. Searches until she finds Dan still unconscious by the minds grocery store Hey! Wake up! Slaps him around until he comes to

Dan: Sits up and groans What happened? The last thing I remember is some huge boobs asking me a question and telling me they needed me. Wait! It wasn't just a pair of boobs! There was a hot woman behind those huge fun bags! I wonder who it was.

Autumn: Oh, that was Candy. She's a genius and a huge pervert too. (Okay, so genius is a little much, but she's smart, and at least I mentioned her pervertedness..jeeze...what do you want from me?)

Dan: Hmmm...a nice combination. Smiles

Autumn: Yeah...anyways, get up. We're going somewhere that no other man has gone before.

Dan: Wait. Where the hell am I anyways?

Autumn: Oh...that's kind of hard to explain. Suffice it to say that you're in my mind.

Dan: Hmmm...I expected it to be a lot more jumbled, crazy, and all round empty in here. Congratulations; you're smarter than I gave you credit for.

Autumn: Shut up! I am very smart, thank you very much! I just don't feel like doing smart things 90% of the time, so lay off. I may make a dumb comment every once in awhile, but most of them are intentional because I know I can get a laugh by saying them. Only some of them weren't meant to be funny but ended up that way. Jeeze.

Dan: Yeah...I'm out of here.

Autumn: Ha ha. Good luck finding the exit. Even I don't know where it is. I think only Anthony knows, and I have no idea where he is either. This place is a mix of my, Anthony's, Austin's, Arica's, and Jazzmen's minds. It's going to be kind of hard to find the way out because the place came into being in Anthony's mind first and he only made one exit, I believe, and only he knows where it is. Knowing him, it could be any number of places. Hell. It could be in Geta's ass for all I know. It could even be in Zak's. Anthony's kinda funny that way, you know?

Dan: Huh? Oh. I stopped listening after about the second word.

Autumn: Grrrrr...Sighs My point is, and I'm not going to repeat myself again, you need to find Anthony to find the exit, so good luck.

Dan: Wait. You aren't going to help me?

Autumn: Nope. See ya. Leaves to go play video games

Dan: Well this is just great. I can't find my way home and I didn't get any meatloaf. What a great day this turned out to be.

Mitch randomly appears and looks around

Mitch: Uhhh…where am I?

Geta comes up to him still wearing the man thong

Geta: Believe me man. You don’t want to know.

Mitch: Okay…ummm...why are you wearing a thong?

Geta: Because Autumn's an idiot and it's actually quite comfortable. It makes a nice hammock for my-

Dan: Yeah! We get it! Anyways, from what I understand, we’re in Autumn’s mind.

Mitch: Hmm…so this is what it looks like. It’s a lot less empty than I expected.

Dan: I said the same thing and she got mad at me. Now I’m trying to find Anthony so I can get out of here. I want to go home.

Mitch: I kind of want to look around a little bit. Maybe I can figure out why Autumn is the way she is.

Geta: That isn’t a smart thing to do. There are some really weird things in this place. This is a combination of Autumn, Anthony, Austin, Arica, and Jazzmen’s minds all mixed into one, so it can get really weird.

Mitch: …

Dan: Yeah. I heard the same thing, but I didn’t want to repeat all of it.

Fred shows up again wearing regular clothing

Fred: So…you’re the infamous red meat man.

Mitch: What?

Geta: Don't mind him. He's somewhat of an idiot. He's a great guy and all, but up here...Points to Fred's head Nothing. Not a damn thing. Empty space.

Fred: Hey! Autumn's the one that makes me sound dumb in this series! I'm actually pretty smart! I'm nowhere near as smart as Candy, but I'm not stupid! Jeeze dude! Lay off.

Mitch: What do you mean Autumn? How does she make you sound dumb?

Fred: Oh, well she's writing everything we say right now and sometimes she makes us say things that we wouldn't normally say and there's really nothing we can do about it.

Dan: In that case...Looks up at the sky Autumn! Write that a portal or something randomly appears in front of us to send us home! I want to go home and work on “Centuria”! Let me out, damn it! Looks up at the sky expectantly but gets no answer

Fred: You aren't going to reach her that way. You need to find Anthony, because apparently he's still the only one who knows where the exit is. I'm warning you right now though; even if you find him, it isn't guaranteed that you'll get out of here. It's more like a maybe, maybe not thing. Anthony thinks that certain things are funny that other people might not find funny. To put it bluntly, he's a dick.

Dan: I knew that. Anyone who knows Seaney knows that he's a dick, but he's also my friend...kind of.

Mitch: Bitch tits.

Geta: Bitch tits? Why did you say that?

Mitch: I really don't know.

Fred: It's Autumn with her mystical ability to make us say and do things that are completely out of character.

Dan: Autumn! Turn me into a hot chick in a bikini!

Fred: She isn't going to do it I bet. She never does what I ask.

A flash of light suddenly hits Dan and he's turned into a hot chick in a small, yellow bikini

Dan: Lets out a "Dan Laugh" and grabs her boobs

Fred: Oh, so you do what he asks, but you won't do anything for me! That's nice!

A bird flys by and poops on Fred's face

Fred: Argh! Ahhhhh! Gross! I've had it! I'm going home! Marches off toward the apartments

Dan: Hey Autumn! Can I go home now? Please? Pouts and trys to act cute

A sudden flash of lightning and a clap of thunder startles the small group

Geta: I guess that means no. Laughs

Dan: Sidles up to Mitch real close

Mitch: Ummm...hi. Get away from me.

Dan: Are you my mother?

Mitch: No...Shakes his head and pushes Dan away from him

Dan: Damn it! Why won't my cuteness work?!?

Geta: For one thing, everybody that you've been trying to use it on knows who you are, and for another, it won't work on Mitch both because he's dating Arica and because he finds you repulsive no matter what body you have.

Mitch: Yep.

Dan: What?!? You're going to hurt my feeling! Stop it! I’ve only got one left!

Geta: And what if I refuse, stripper man?

Dan: What?

Geta: I don't know to be honest. I think Autumn wrote that in.

Dan: Pulls a light saber out of nowhere and turns it on We shall fight to the death!

Geta: Pulls a light saber out of nowhere as well and turns it on Your move holy man! Choose wisely!

Dan: No! I don't want to fight to the death! I just want to go home!

Geta: Neither do I, but it is a challenge and I must accept any challenge that is made to me! I must become a pokemon master!

Dan: Dude. We aren't in a damn pokemon game! Pokemon don't exist!

Geta: In here they do, actually, but I'm not going to get into that. You'll have to ask either Anthony or Autumn about that one because it was one of them that built the pokemon stadium over there in the park.

Mitch: So..we really are in all their minds?

Geta: Yeah...this place is odd sometimes, and you want to watch out for a person that can change shape at will, but other than that, it's pretty nice here. Except for the occasional enemy that we may have to fight, the minds is a pretty peaceful place. I warn you against hanging out with a woman named Candy though. She may have big boobs, and she may be extremely attractive, but she'll test her experiments out on you when you aren't looking. She might leave Mitch alone because she's Arica's friend and doesn't want to make her mad, but you might have some trouble with her, Dan.

Mitch: Speaking of Arica...since it's her mind too, can't she be in here?

Geta: When she wants to be, but I don't think she is right now.

Mitch: But...Pouts I wanna see Arica...Tears up

Geta: You might have to talk to Autumn about that one. Maybe she'll write her in.

Mitch: Autumn...can you please write Arica in so I can see her?

Arica suddenly appears out of nowhere

Arica: And then I said...Hey! Who sent me in?!? I was in the middle of a conversation!

Mitch: ARICA!!! Runs over and glomps Arica

Arica: Mitch?!? How did you get here?

Mitch: I don't know, but I'm scared! A blonde guy showed up in a thong and said it was a nice hammock for his man meat and then a green haired dude called me the red meat man and then Autumn made me say bitch tits and then Dan got turned into a woman in a yellow bikini and then she and that blonde guy pulled light sabers out of nowhere and now Dan wants to fight that blonde guy to the death! I wanna go home!

Dan: Join the club!

Geta: There's a club for that?

Dan: Yeah. We even have jackets.

Geta: Cool! Can I join?

Arica: Will you two please shut up? Sighs Clearly, Autumn got carried away writing this. Autumn! Let Mitch go home please?

Dan: And me! I don't mind being a hot chick, but I still want to go home!

Geta: And I don't want to fight to the death, no matter what Autumn makes me say! She's crazy!

Arica: Oh, and that blonde guy's name is Geta, Mitch.

Mitch: Cool. Uses his baby voice that only Arica usually gets to hear and makes a cute chibi face Now when can we go home?

Arica: Awwwwww...are you going to refuse that, Autumn?

Autumn appears behind Arica and Mitch silently

Autumn: MAN MEAT!

Arica and Mitch: Jump from being startled by Autumn

Geta: Yeah. I would've warned you, but then it wouldn't have been as funny.

Arica: Autumn!

Autumn: Arica!

Dan: Mitch!

Mitch: Geta!

Geta: Fred!

Arica: ...Fred's not even here.

Geta: I know, but I didn't want to say Dan because that girl creeps me out.

Dan: ...Oh yeah. That's real nice. No one wants to say my name.

Autumn: Yeah...well, you are creepy. You told me yourself that you try to be.

Dan: True, but that doesn't mean that you have to be a complete and udder dick about it.

Autumn: I'm not! I'm just saying that even you said that you were trying to be creepy. You were trying, Dan! That means that if you succeed, people are going to call you creepy sometimes.

Arica: Can we move past this please, Autumn? Just let them go home already.

Autumn: Sighs Okay. This is only going to be explained to anyone in this whole skit one more time. Anthony is the only one who knows where the exit is. You have to find him to find the exit. Is that clear to everyone here?

Everyone else: Yeah.

Autumn: Good, because it's already been explained 3 or 4 times, and I don't want to have to do it again. Now please people, get on with it.

Mitch: Pulls down pants and does the Macaraina

Geta: Frowns

Arica: Mitchell!?

Mitch: I can't stop!! Begins to sob

Arica: Oh, honey, it's okay! Tries to embrace Mitch Autumn! Knock it off!

Autumn: I'm not doing anything.

Arica: You know exactly what you are doing!

Autumn: Sighs Okay, okay!

Mitch: Stops and pulls up pants

Dan: Ohhh, but I wanted to see mo--

Arica: Slams Dan across the face Don't you dare finish that sentence!

Mitch: In the baby voice Rrriiikkaaaa...I wanna go home...Can we go hooooommme?

Arica: Autumn, let us go home now.

Autumn: I’ve explained that, Arica. I can’t.

Arica: You could write in that a portal or something suddenly appeared that led home or something. I don’t know.

Autumn: Sighs Look. I can’t make anything happen that goes against the laws of the minds. It just can’t be done. The only solution is the one I explained earlier, so go find Anthony. Besides; you can go home anytime you want Arica. You know that.

Mitch: What? What does she mean? Why do you get to go home anytime you want?

Arica: It’s kind of hard to explain…Gives Autumn a dirty look

Autumn: Well…I’m off to see the wizard…Tries to walk off, but is grabbed by the back of the shirt by Arica

Arica: Oh no you don’t! You’re helping us look for your boyfriend.

Autumn: But why meeeeeeee?

Arica: Because you started this all and you’re going to help us finish it or so help me I’ll make you pay!

Autumn: Okay! Jeeze! Calm down Arica! Take a chill pill.

Jordyn: Marches out into the middle of the street in nothing but a pair of socks Ahhhh...fresh air!

Danny: Stomps out after him Jordyn! What have I told you about going out into public naked?!?

Jordyn: But I'm not naked! I have socks on!

Danny: That doesn't matter! The part that's not supposed to be naked is!

Jordyn: You like me being naked at home...

Danny: Blushes That isn't the point! Go back inside! Points at the apartments

Jordyn: But...I wanna stay outside! Pouts

Autumn: Awww...Danny. You should let him stay outside.

Danny: No! Inside! Now!

Jordyn: sighs Okay...Trudges inside

Danny: Gives Autumn a dirty look and follows Jordyn inside

Autumn: Man. What's with all the dirty looks I've been recieving lately? Am I doing something wrong?

Geta: You do everything wrong, Autumn.

Autumn: Oh yeah? Well you can go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut for all I care!

Everyone else: All look shocked

Autumn: Sorry. I don't know what came over me. Scratches her head, chuckles and sweat drops

Cyd: Appears from nowhere and laughs retartedly Came.

Autumn: Will you shut up?!? You do that every time I say that!

Cyd: Say what?

Autumn: Came!

Cyd: Laughs again Ca-

Autumn: Hits Cyd in the face with a feather pilliow that she pulled out of nowhere before he can finish the word Shut up! Don't say it again!

Dan: Pillow fight!

Autumn: Oh cool. We're going to watch pillows fight? Where will this splendid event take place?

Dan: Ummm...I mean know...hitting each other with pillows.

Autumn: Well that's dumb. Who ever came up with the name for that was a dumbass. I was looking forward to some real pillow on pillow action too. You know, like ultimate fighting kind of stuff. Pillow vs. Pillow. The kind of stuff you can only get on pay per view.

Arica: I've said it before and I'll say it again Autumn. You've lost it. I always think I have a grasp on just how crazy you are and then you go and shatter my whole perspective on you by doing some shit that's on a whole other level of crazy. Just what are you really? Are you even really human?

Autumn: Mayyyyybe...

Mitch: Okay. You've already lost me. What's going on now?

Geta: It really doesn't matter. Trust me. It's just incoherent babble that they'll forget in a few minutes anyway. They always have random conversations like that.

Autumn: Fish?

Geta: See. She's already gone. Knocks on her head and sips on a cup of tea that randomly appears in his hands

Mitch: Where did that cup come from?

Cyd: Laughs Come.

Everyone else: Will you shut up?!?

Cyd: Fine! Stalks away

Geta: Anyways, I really don't know where it came from. Pauses, waiting for Cyd to show back up Okay. Good. He's actually gone. The truth is, I don't even like tea. That's Zak's thing. I like beer better, but apparently Autumn thought I should have tea.

Autumn: I just imagined you sipping tea out of a coffee cup while explaining our conversation for some reason. Don't ask why. I also imagined you wearing a sweater and warm pants, but I didn't write that in because you look better in a manthong.

Geta: Umm...thanks... Mumbles under his breath Creepy...

Autumn: What was that?

Geta: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.

Autumn: Okay...So...Who besides me wants to kick a door in?

Arica: Didn't you do that in the last "Tummy Wars"?

Autumn: Yeah, but I never made an event out of it.

Arica: And now you are?

Autumn: Yep! Lets go kick some doors in!

Everyone except Arica takes off with Autumn toward the minds apartments

Arica: This definantly will not end well. What ever happened to just finding Anthony and going home? Sighs Well, I guess I'd better go stop everyone before Autumn has to pay an arm and a leg out of her bank account for collateral damage.

A huge crashing noise can be heard from around the block

Arica: Sweat drops Too late. They must've started on the first floor.

Autumn: Carries a baby over her head out of the huge double doors of the apartments Onga chonga onga chonga! Lifts the baby up and down over her head

Arica: Autumn! What the hell are you doing?!? Who's baby is that?

Autumn: Looks at the baby like she just realized what she was carrying ...Beats me. Wanna play catch? Holds the baby like a football, ready to throw it and the baby starts to cry

Arica: NO! Now hand me the baby. Gently. Walks toward Autumn, her arms outstretched

Autumn: Fine! You always have to ruin my fun. Pouts and hands the crying baby to Arica

Arica:'s okay. Calm down. Bounces the baby to calm him down and the baby stops crying

Autumn: With a laugh, removes a small remote from her suddenly slutty dress Die!

Arica: What?

Baby: In a robotic voice Count down to self destruction. 3…2…1

Phones rings in Dan’s ass

Dan: One sec I have to get this. Removes the phone and answer Hello? Oh hi guys, yeah we're still looking for fat ass and he’s nowhere to be found. Nope, I still have breasts. Yeah they are really nice, they float!

Mitch: What the hell man?!?

Dan: Oh sorry, I thought sticking it into my “you know” would have been a little sexist so my ass was the next best place.

Autumn: Ok… back to explosives!

Baby: Explodes and covers Arica in black ash.

Arica: Cough What the hell?!?

Autumn: It’s the song that never ends!

Cyd: It goes on and on my friends!

Geta: He’s back… It seems that my penis has been stricken stiff.

Arica: What the hell are you all on?!?

Anthony: Randomly appears Well it’s more to the fact that I have taken the reins of Tummy Wars Five so I kinda decided to throw in a couple curve balls.

Arica: When the hell did you get here?!?

Anthony: Actually I have been with you guys the whole time but no one listens to me half the time. I tend to spew out bull shit so I guess I cannot complain.

Cyd: Starts to pole dance in a man thong Oh yeah spank me!

Dan: Oh god…

Mitch: We can go ho… Anthony is nowhere to be found

Dan: Where’d he go?!?

Anthony: Appears randomly I haven’t left.

Dan: How in the hell do you do that?!?

Anthony: Easy I am GOD! Struck by lightning Never mind…

Dan: As I have stated before in my best selling book "Retards do Great Things", I am the greatest man on earth! Better then Jesus himself! blah blah blah blah blah… Gets struck by lightning as well

Anthony: Ok…

Arica: I told you he’d take over the world one day.

Cyd: Fuck him! Look at me! Now naked and sticking something in Geta’s ear

Geta: This is mildly erotic…

Arica: It’s a Q-Tip…

Dan: What’s a Q-Tip? What’s in his ear or Cyd’s penis?

Autumn: Hello Austin.

Austin: Randomly appears with a controller in his hand How the hell did I get here?

Anthony: I don’t know but I need to go get some air, see ya guys. Disappears into thin air

Mitch: How the hell?!?

Dan: Hey let him leave. Drools over her breasts

Arica: This is just sick…

THE END!!!!!

Autumn: What the hell?!? This is my skit! Who the hell do you think you are?!?

God: I don’t know really...I just sorta went with the flow.

Arica: Yeah? Well, mister flow; we still need to get the hell out of here!

Mitch: No, no we don’t. *Plays with his now DD breasts.

Dan: No fair! Grabs Mitch’s breast Mine are only C’s!

Arica: Kicks Dan to the moon

Autumn: Goal!

Dan: Team rocket is blasting off again!

THE TRUE END!!!!....for now
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