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Fangs, Bangs, and Sweet Tangs

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Vampires, werewolves and territory disputes, OH MY! Can Pete live with himself and what becomes of Joe and Andy? Why is Patrick so left out? READ!

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The four best friends sat onthe beat up and stained sofa watching the advertisement that played across the television screen.
The one in the middle, who wore a green and black trucker hat with frayed looking strawberry blonde hair stood up and stretched.
Then he sighed. His name was Patrick, he walked into the kitchen half of his apartment/house. He wasn't really sure whether to call it his house or apartment. It looked like an apartment by now, since the kitchen wall had been taken out by his friend Joe. That was an interesting story. Joe had got a potato gun for Christmas that year, and things got ugly...especially since Andy got out his paint-ball gun....
Now the kitchen was all open, like an apartment's would be. Patrick glanced over at Joe, who had moved over to occupy the space that Patrick had left when he stood up. Joe was a good friend. Despite his big hair, he was an alright guy, just really annoying at times.
Next to Joe on the right was Andy. Andy was a vegetarian/vegan and proud of it. He had long dark hair and glasses, which looked good on him yet were a little too dark for his face. Tattoos also ran up and down his arms.

On Joe's left was Peter.

Peter was Patrick's best friend in the whole world. Though Patrick loved all of his friends, he somehow treated Pete the best. They had known each other longest, after all. But Joe and Andy weren't far behind, a year or two maybe. But Pete was Patrick's favorite, they all knew it. Even if Pete denied it.
Patrick grabbed a Coke from the barely working refrigerator and went back to sit down. He pushed Joe out of the way and sat. By now the old television's signal was gone, and they were staring at snowy blurryness. Pete ran his fingers through his hair and sat up straight.
"Alright we really need to do something else before I die of boredom." Pete declared.
"I'm in!" Joe said standing up. Andy stood up too and Patrick followed suit. Joe and Pete brushed themselves off and then walked into the dining room.
"Lets play some cards, then." Pete said, grabbing a deck of cards from the junk drawer.
Patrick sat down and then Andy and Joe did. Suddenly thunder crashed loudly from outside and Patrick nearly jumped out of his skin.
Pete cracked a smile at him and Joe giggled.
"Oh, shut up..." Patrick muttered under his breath. Patrick layed down a six. Pete a king, Andy a 2, and Joe a 10.
"Damn it, Pete you always win this game!" Joe said with a fake pout on his face. Pete laughed. and Andy sighed as Pete snathed everyone's card. They played like this for at least an hour and a half. After the game was over, and Pete had dominated and gotten everyone's cards, it was storming horribly outside.
"Were we supposed to get a storm?" Andy asked, looking out the window at the dark, wet, and thundering sky. It looked absolutely horrible out there.
"I dunno...possibly..." Pete said, grabbing his coat.
"Where do you think you're going?" Patrick asked sternly.
"I have to get home. My mom'll flip." Pete replied pulling his hood up.
"Oh no, you arent leaving!!! Do you see what it looks like out there, man? Its like the Wizard of Oz or something..." Patrick replied.
"Oh well. Its not all that bad, I have a coat..." Pete said looking out the window at what he knew well enough was one of the worst thunderstorms he had ever seen.
"Dude, there's probably like, 70 MPH winds and hail, you really should just stay the night..." Joe said loooking at the hirrific rain and blackened night sky.
"No, I have to go home tonight. I check back tomorrow..." Pete said finally and opened the door. The three remaining boys were soaked completely after only having had the door open for about three seconds.
"Pete really should have stayed..." Andy said to break the silence after Pete left. Patrick exchanged a glance with him and hung his head in agreement.


Pete pulled his jacket closer to his body. The rain was freezing. It was so cold the water was stinging his face and his hair hung wet and stringy on his forehead. He walked, barely, down the back alleys to get to his house. There was no way he could go back to stay at Patrick's house. There was no way Pete would admit that he was wrong and Patrick was right, once again.
He was almost 3 blocks from his house by now. Or at least, he thought that. Pete could barely see what was directly in front of him. He almost slipped twice but caught himself. Damn rain.
He continued down a dark alley with one street lamp, determined to reach his house. He turned to look behind himself and saw something. A shadow had run across the street.
No, I did not just see that. Its my imagination, its the rain, its the-
Pete thought as his eyes bulged wide. Before he was able to finish his thoughts, he felt razor sharp teeth press against his neck. He fell to the ground under the weigh of the animal as it plunged it's fangs deep into Pete's neck. A surge of electricity shocked his body an Pete blacked in and out constantly before the weight was gone and footsteps flew across the wet pavement back the way they had came. Pete lay there on the ground, probably in a dark alley by his luck, with rain hitting his face and blood gushing from his neck. His whole body was numb from the pain and he couldn't move. His limbs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds, he could barely twitch a finger. His head throbbed and the wound on his neck sent searing, hot, streaks of pain throughout his body. He was sure he could hear himself moan in agony, but wasn't sure if it was just his mind screaming in protest of all of this. He fell unconcious finally and felt pain no more.
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