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The Fangs

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What happens after the terrible storm? ....

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Patrick awoke with a start. He gasped as he sat straight up in his bed. He was breathing heavily. He read the clock.
Shit. He thought. I should have slept longer, but I had the freakest dream...

Indeed he did.Patrick's dream recapped in his head: Pete walking alone down a dark alley, a man tackling him to the ground, paleness consuming Pete's face, Pete dying in the street...

No, it was just a dream. That didn't happen, just a dream....
Then Patrick slid off of his bed and headed for the kitchen. There was no way he'd be able to fall back asleep now. He threw a piece of bread quickly into the toaster. He leaned against the counter and listened to the muffled snores coming from the other side of the room. He glanced over only to be reminded that Joe and Andy had stayed the night. Then he remembered the terrible storm last night and how Pete had left late and walked home. Patrick rushed to the phone and immediatly dialed Pete's number.
Pete lifted his head reluctantly. He grunted and moaned and rubbed his throbbing head.
Pete lifted his body off of the floor with his arms.
Ugh, what the hell? I feel fucking horrible. He thought. Then he glanced around. He was in a room which was lit with the white light of day and stood up.
He was in his basement. He pondered how he had gotten there, but saw the opened window and figured he had made it home last night.
Last night.
What the hell happened last night? He asked himself.
How the bloody fuck did I get home in that storm....?
Pete stumbled up the basement steps and opened the door. He limped into the living room and picked up the phone.
"Hullo?" he said into the reciever.
"Pete? Pete! Oh thank god!" Patrick said.
"Hi Patrick..." he said.
"Are you okay Pete? That storm was horrible last night!!! I knew you should've stayed the night!" Patrick exclaimed as if he was Pete's worried mother.
"Yeah, yeah Patrick I'm fine..." he said. Fine was the complete opposite from what Pete was right now. It felt to Pete as if he'd been drained of life completely and refilled with helium. He reached his hand up and felt the two holes on his neck and gasped.
"Patrick I gotta go! Bye!" Pete said and hung up. He ran up the stairs to the bathroom. He looked at his neck in horror at the two holes that punctured his neck. The he noticed the black rings around his eyes and gasped.
HOLY SHIT! Pete's head screamed.
In the mirror he saw two giant fangs protruding from his upper mouth. After getting over the shock, he touched one of them, and his finger immediatly began to bleed from the contact. Pete grabbed a band-aid from the medicine cabinet above the sink and put it on his finger.
Pete sprinted downstairs and threw his arms into his coat. Then he stopped.
What would happen if Patrick knew about this? He'd think I was a freak! He'd never speak to me again! I'd never see any of my friends again.....I can't tell them. I have to keep this a secret....but how?
Pete removed his jacket and paced the room. He found a note on the refrigerator from his mom:

Dear Peter, I left for the grocery store. I found you on the basement floor this morning. Don't let me catch you sneaking out again. Love Mom ♥

Pete put the note down and continued pacing.
What am I? I'm a monster....I'm...I must b-be....
Pete recapped the fangs, and the blood and two pierced holes on his neck.

"Vampire...." he said aloud to the empty room. His voice echoed off the kitchen
walls and bounced around the room until it came back to mentally punch him in the face. The blow hurt terribly even though nothing had really touched him but realization.
What do vampires hate? Onions, no thats Garlic....wooden stakes, crosses....

Blood. Oh god wait I will have to drink blood! No! I wont. I wont! I wont!!!

Then a thought crossed his mind.
What if I could make my own elixor to satisfy my vampy ways and then I'd never have to harm anyone!
Pete immediatly ran to get his hoodie and rushed out the door.

It was time he went to buy some.....ingrediants...
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